Atlasitalianigeria SEO Case Study


AtlasitaliaNigeria LTD is a partner of AtlasItalia of Italy, a leading manufacturing and construction company based in Lagos Nigeria. Over the years, they have established themselves as a trustworthy Coldroom manufacturer, seller, and supplier of Portacabins in Nigeria. They are highly recognized for their design standards, and superior finish portable cabin products on time and on budget.

The problems

AtlasitaliaNigeria encountered a problem: they lost their position on search engine results and were in dire need of how to enhance their ranking in important keywords, both on Google and Yahoo. This problem obviously resulted in low traffic to the company’s website and a decreased rate of inquiries for their services. To make the problem worse, their competitors were getting ahead of them.

Atlastitalia Nigeria

AtlasitaliaNigeria LTD was looking to hire a content marketing & SEO company in Nigeria with vast experience in the field, and they settled for AdHang. So, the company’s MD contacted to help them in search engine optimization of their Nigeria’s website and other digital marketing services in Nigeria.

The MD, Atlas Italia Nigeria, Felix Nwankwo, said: ” Atlas gets proposals from lots of SEO companies, but we chose AdHang, the agency is the best in Africa, having been working with the agency for over 10 years,”

Our Solutions

Upon taking on the job, AdHang embarked on a website audit. This was to help the agency understand the performance of the various elements of their webpages. The audit provided insight into their website’s traffic ranking, bounce rates and search percentages, and a couple of other factors. Next was to put in place effective strategies that would provide them with a distinct advantage, and make their website works better.

Conducting a competitor analysis was our next point of action. This analysis was aimed at discovering the strengths and weaknesses of the competitors within their market. This helped in creating a marketing strategy that will generate an asset or skill their competitors did not have and thus provided them with a distinct and enduring competitive advantage. With this, together with our extensive research, we came up with highly competitive keywords/phrases to bring the website back on the map.

We also improved the different elements and content of their website (on-page SEO) in order to meet the requirements for effective search engine optimization. We also implemented various promotion methods outside the boundaries of their website (off-page SEO) such as press release, forum marketing, etc.

The Outcome

After the successful execution of AdHang’s strategies.

  • There was an improvement in their ranking on both Google and Yahoo
  • They ranked No.1 on both Google and Yahoo search engines on strategic competitive keywords and phrases. This resulted in an increase in the number of visitors per day
  • Their website registered a 102.90% increase in site unique visitors
  • The number of visits increased by 85.1%
  • Page view increased by 79.70%
  • Consequently, this increased the rate of inquiries for their services

The company is excited by the results they get on a daily basis.

Working with Atlasitalia Nigeria ltd was just another opportunity to prove that AdHang is your one-stop destination for SEO and content marketing solutions in Nigeria and of course Africa’s continent. And AtlasItalia Nigeria LTD has been with AdHang since 2009.

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