The Justice Court is a nationally syndicated courtroom television series based on Alternative Dispute Resolution procedure. The Justice Court offers free mediation and focuses on civil disputes. It’s a reality show which discusses the issues of all classes in Nigeria to resolve their issues. It accentuates and streamlines to forefront contemporary issues facing society. Justice is dispensed in a balanced and fair manner.

To achieve the program’s aims, the Justice Court team needs to create awareness across the country; also Nigerians need to be educated that this is not a movie, being that many Nigerians are familiar with seeing Judges in movies and music albums.   

The Justice Court team searched for program online marketing agencies, and the crew selected AdHang, the agency met their criteria and stands out as an expert in program promotion in Africa. Therefore, AdHang was hired to create awareness and achieve brand positioning for the TV reality show.

The executive producer, Victor Aluko stated that “Searching for through the internet and going through the reviews of those that have made use of AdHang services, I got convinced that the company with the right experience and reach that meet what we need is AdHang. So, the Justice Court chose to leverage AdHang quality services and we are not disappointed.”

The Challenges

While the objectives are clear, during the situation analysis by AdHang, the following were uncovered:

  1. AdHang is saddle with the responsibility to create awareness, brand positioning and reach millions of Nigerians to hook to the program as quickly as possible.
  2. There is another reality show coming up called big brother naija which might compete for attention.
  3. Enlighten millions of Nigerians that this is not a movie but a TV reality program, i.e., what they see is REAL.
  4. Also potential viewers need to know that this reality series entertains and educates viewers on real-life legal matters typically encountered in everyday living.


AdHang came up with numerous strategies, these include but not limited to the following:

  • Public communication development– messages and creatives strategies to convey the benefits
  • A promotional piece about the program was developed and published permanently on many Nigerian online forums
  • A press release was written and published permanently on many online outlets and news sites such as,,,,,,, and so on.  The PR was further shared on Facebook and Twitter, etc
  • Creation of  headlines and ad copies displaying the TV Channels, Show Time and Day
  •  Designed professional internet banners that incorporated the major information about the show

Displayed internet banners on the following Nigerian local websites:

  • online news site (sponsored banner advert), i.e., every minute
  • classified site (sponsored banner advert), i.e., every minute
  • online forum (sponsored banner advert), i.e., every minute
  • social networking site (sponsored ads), i.e., every minute.


Just 6 weeks at the time of writing this case study; The Justice Court is able to achieve these:

  1. Reached millions of people through the awareness and brand positioning campaigns.
  2. 13+ million impressions/hits generated within weeks.
  3. The published press release in the 11 online platforms remains permanently online.
  4. The published promotional piece on 10 Nigerian online forums remains permanently online.
  5.  Millions of people are educated about the program constantly through all these contents in the respective places online.

Program Name: The Justice Court.
Country: Nigeria.
Online Awareness Focus: Courtroom television series.
Works Done: press release writing and distribution, online banner designs, campaign strategy and management.