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Provide enough information to work with so that AdHang will have an understanding of the key issues, purpose, timelines, target audience, outcomes, and measures of success your entity requires from its investment. 

Look at it this way: when we visit a doctor for health issues, we provide everything we know so the doctor knows what to do or treat; when you go to a lawyer for a case, you give full details about a situation so the lawyer knows what he/she is up against.

As an award-winning agency, AdHang expects well-detailed information so as to serve you better and get you a great ROI.

Below are the kind of information needed, and examples of why AdHang requests details before working on any project.

1.      Your type of service, event, company, institution, or product, etc., will determine how it will be marketed online. For example, over-the-counter drugs will be marketed differently from prescription drugs, low-price products will be promoted differently from high-price products, etc.

2. Is it a one-off or frequently purchased product? Digital marketing for frequently purchased products like recharge cards, foods, sports betting, etc., will be different from one-time-purchase products like engagement rings, retirement homes, etc.

3.       Your target audience? Digital marketing targeting businesses and institutions like government and schools are different from digital marketing targeting masses, etc.

4.       Where is the target audience located? Digital marketing targeting Lagos alone will be different from digital marketing targeting nationwide (36 states in Nigeria + FCT), or the globe.

5.       What objectives do you want the digital marketing to achieve? awareness, get leads, educate the target audience, get sales, build or repair public opinion, establish your expertise or trust, etc.  Each of these requires a different digital marketing approach to accomplish it.

6.       What is your digital marketing budget? $50, 000 monthly digital marketing works will be different from $10,000, monthly digital marketing works.

7. What is the duration or timeframe of the campaign? Digital marketing for one month is different from digital marketing for 12 months with the same budget. For example, 60, 000 USD can be used under one month or split to run for 12 months with much lesser campaign work.

8.       When would you want the digital marketing to commence? Digital marketing planning of the campaign starting today will be different from one starting in the next 12 months.

At this stage, AdHang has basic information to work with. The agency can gather more information on its own to achieve your goals, and then will reply you with the strategies, and digital marketing scope of reference; after your approval and payment, the digital marketing will commence.

While the above is relatively enough to start, you can further provide the following details (because each response will lead to certain digital marketing approaches, and again serve you even better):

9.       Is your name or the category of this product/service obvious to the target audience? When people see a house (real estate) obviously they know what it is; while some services/products are not obvious, e.g., Dog psychiatrist, Soap package looking like perfume, using a coined name, etc.  Therefore, the digital marketing approach for an established category of product/service will differ from one not yet established.  

10.       Is the product/service new in the industry? Every industry has what it is known for, however, when you are introducing a new product in that industry or doing something differently, i.e. not done before in your industry; then the Digital marketing approach will differ as well.

11.       Is the firm behind this service/product popular or an unpopular one?  A popular firm is already well advertised and trusted, the new and unpopular one is not, therefore requires a different digital marketing approach. Note, your firm might be popular and established yet is not known for this line of product/service.  

12.   Who are the competitors? And what is their SWOT? Who your competitors are will determine AdHang’s digital marketing approach, e.g., competing against Coca-Cola, your digital marketing strategy will be different from competing against one-man shops in the streets or latent competitors. You need to be clear about who else offers the same solution, otherwise, you may be running adverts and competitors will be making the sales.

13.    Is the product/service life cycle stage in the chosen region/country obvious? Is it in the introduction, growth, maturity, or decline stage in the market?  A product can be in the “introduction stage” in Nigeria, the “growth stage” in India, the “maturity stage” in the UK, the“decline” stage in the USA. Therefore, AdHang has to market it differently in these countries.

14.    Is the product/service new to the company? Promoting the existing line of products digital marketing strategies will differ from a new line of products your company is just introducing in the market.

15.   Anything on the way that may hamper the success of digital marketing? Evaluate it using PESTLE (Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Legal, and Environmental) factors.  For example, certain religions may not accept Insurance policy because it is against their belief, as a result, they will be marketed differently.

Let us stop here. So provide at least from the 1 to 8, and email them to

 Feel free to let the agency know if you have further questions.