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AdHang will help you to be found on internet searches, multiple sites, devices, and reach millions of Nigerians online faster and easier.

Hire AdHang for a widest internet advertising coverage; online viral and massive exposures all over the internet.

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Using over ten years experience, AdHang creates online adverts and campaigns for companies, event organizers, public figures; and institutions such as schools, churches, and government agencies to massively reach millions of Nigerians on the internet via all channels.

AdHang will ask questions, listen, study and evaluate your target audience, digital marketing goals, and online advertising objectives to understand your need. Based on initial learning, and then draw an actionable roadmap with focus on key performance indicators. AdHang will develop headlines, digital marketing campaigns and online advertising formats to effectively engage the audience, and achieve your objectives and goals – for a business to increase customers and sales, for an institution to create awareness and public enlightenment, for an event to attract participants and ticket buyers, for a public figure to attract supporters and influence masses, etc.

The methods AdHang uses to achieve above results are many and varied – online ads links, banner advert in sizes, and strategic integrated digital marketing using two or more digital marketing components such as search engine marketing, social media marketing, online display, content marketing, influencers marketing and mobile marketing. With these, your adverts will be showing on thousands of online sources and platforms, such as Google and its partner websites, Bing search engine, as well as Yahoo and its partner websites.

Advertisement can also be seen on Facebook sponsored ads sections, Twitter, Nigerian Vanguard newspaper online, Cokoye sponsored banners, Linkedin advert sponsored sections, Cokoyes banners sections, Nigerian Tribune newspaper online, top Nigerian online forums, and much more.

An additional campaign may be required – depending on situation analysis and insights. AdHang may write enlightenment posts on internet top discussion forums. Also, short videos may be produced such as an explanatory, educative, or demos using animations, whiteboards or a live spokesperson, and the videos will be published on over 80 video sharing websites. In addition, a press release will be written and published on major online press release websites, and much more.

Finally, AdHang will employ sophisticated internet digital marketing elements to keep all target audiences consistently focus on you.
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