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AdHang will help you to be found on internet searches, multiple sites, devices, and reach 100 million+ Nigerians online faster and easier.

Hire AdHang for a widest internet advertising coverage, online viral and massive exposure all over the internet.


Providing a full rage of advertising services for entities across the globe

For more than 10 years in the new media, AdHang’s seasoned experts have built reputation and demonstrated capacity in creating online adverts and campaigns for companies, event organizers, public figures like politicians; and institutions such as schools, churches, and government agencies to massively reach millions of Nigerians through the internet.
AdHang can be your digital marketing consultant, planner, manager, and serve as your digital marketing department with responsibilities of achieving the entity’s objectives and goals.


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AdHang Employs Proven Result-driven digital strategies that work.

AdHang will ask questions, listen, study and evaluate your target audience, digital marketing goals, and online advertising objectives to understand your need. Based on initial learning, and then draw an actionable roadmap with focus on key performance indicators. AdHang will develop headlines, digital marketing campaigns and online advertising formats to effectively engage the audience, and achieve your objectives and goals – for a business to increase customers and sales, for an institution to create awareness and public enlightenment, for an event to attract participants and ticket buyers, for a public figure to attract supporters and influence masses, etc.

Online Advertising Agency in Nigeria

How AdHang is different. Better.

The methods AdHang uses to achieve above results are many and varied – online ads links, banner advert in sizes, and strategic integrated digital marketing using two or more digital marketing components such as search engine marketing, social media marketing, online display advertising, content marketing, influencers marketing and mobile marketing. With these, your adverts will be showing on thousands of online sources and platforms, such as Google Nigeria and its partner websites, Bing search engine, Yahoo Nigeria, as well as Nigerian local sites and blogs.

Advertisement can also be seen on Facebook sponsored ads sections, Twitter, Nigerian Vanguard newspaper online, Instagram advert locations, Cokoye sponsored places, Linkedin advert sponsored sections, NigeriaOnnews banner sections, Nigerian Guardian newspaper online, top Nigerian online forums, and much more.

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Massive Exposure that keeps getting better

In some cases (depending on situation analysis and insights), an additional campaign may be required. AdHang may write enlightenment posts on internet top discussion forums. Also, short videos may be produced such as an explanatory, educative, or demos using animations, whiteboards, or a live spokesperson, and the videos will be published using 100+ top video sharing websites in the agency’s database. In addition, an online press release may be written and published on major online press release websites, and much more – all depends on the budget, goals, and SWOT analysis.

Certainly, AdHang will employ a combination of sophisticated digital science to keep all target audience consistently focus on you.
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Client Testimonials

Hear what clients have to say about their experience working with AdHang.

Felix Nwankwo

Felix Nwankwo MD – Atlas ItaliaNigeria LTD

AdHang was recommended by a consultant, and we hired the agency since 25th March, 2009. We have been using them from content marketing, search engine marketing to website design and social media services. For over 10 years the agency’s expertise has been contributing to our bottom-line, this is the main reason we retain the agency all these years; they're the best digital marketing agency in Africa.

Ashok kumar

Ashok kumar MD – Jaimaiwa LTD

We have been using AdHang's services for years; the agency has helped our company established a strong online presence in Nigeria and Ghana. As a multi-national company we are, AdHang has served as our new media department for over 8 years in Africa, and always quick to respond to issues whenever the needs arise, therefore, allowing us to focus on our main business.

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6 AdHang’s Important Facts


Fact 1
AdHang runs compliant digital marketing campaigns, and balances imagination with principles that govern any industry.

Fact 2
AdHang is a goal orientated agency, and does not work on pay per click (PPC),etc. Because, it will be useless for your company if it has one million advert clicks and no sales; it makes no sense for government’s enlightenment campaigns to generate one billion clicks and masses do not take actions; it will be a failure for a politician to have two billion campaign clicks and loses an election; and it will be embarrassing for an event advertising to generate millions of clicks and nobody comes to the event other than the organizers.
AdHang focuses on achieving goals, and understands that a technology is for an acceleration of purpose not a purpose itself.

Fact 3
AdHang has managed to pull in the most ingenious and strategic minds from across the digital marketing industry. These digital marketing experts will help your entity reach the most relevant audience that matters.

Fact 4
AdHang follows global best practice and standards in every online advertising of foreign/local product and service in Nigeria/Africa, and respects all the applicable laws – from the country of origin down to Nigeria/Africa and completely maintains advertising conditions. Irrespective of your country of origin, AdHang has you covered and will save you from a lot of advertising legal trouble your team may not know exist. For example, in Sweden and Norway an advertisement may not be targeted at children less than 12 years; comparative advertising is allowed in United States and Canada, unacceptable in Japan, Illegal in Brazil and India, etc. Understanding the global online advertising best practices makes AdHang the No.1 agency in Africa for local and foreign companies.

Fact 5
AdHang represents game-changing opportunities in online advertising in Nigeria and acting on them right now will be your biggest weapon against competitors.

Fact 6
AdHang has more than 10 years experience in digital marketing in Nigeria,and the first internet public enlightenment agency in Africa.

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Think Smart and Advanced Digital Marketing in Nigeria, Think AdHang


Online marketing companies in NigeriaAdHang is a full service digital marketing agency in Nigeria with over 10 years experience in digital marketing, trusted by many organizations, and companies in Nigeria and around Africa. AdHang has built its reputation in exceeding most of the clients’ expectations in digital marketing in Nigeria by helping them achieve their goals, and objectives faster and easier. Clients’ aims are achieved in Nigeria by engaging millions of Nigerians using search engine marketing, social media marketing, content marketing, mobile marketing, online display advertising, and influencers marketing strategies. These include:  online sponsored ads or banners, short internet videos, and press release, search engine optimization (SEO), forum posting and email marketing, etc. AdHang’s digital marketing solutions in Nigeria can help companies, event’s organizers, government’s agencies, churches, and public figures to strategically achieve their objectives – online awareness, promotion of services, products internet advertising, brand positioning, public enlightenment, influencing a target audience, message reinforcement, etc.
AdHang is based in Lagos Nigeria, Africa; manned by some of the biggest optimization and conversion experts in the digital marketing industry, equipped with most advanced, and comprehensive set of latest technologies and tools. Companies around the globe get their Nigerian digital marketing problems solved by AdHang. Click here to see steps and find out how AdHang can increase your business revenue via online in Nigeria.


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