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Hire AdHang to help you create awareness, publicity; increase traffics, leads, sales and revenue.

From social media, search engines to blogs and news websites – anywhere your prospects are, we reach them.

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AdHang shortlisted as one of the Most Innovative SEO Companies in USA 2022

– FindbestSEO Awards 2022

How AdHang Works

Step 1

You tell AdHang team about your entity, what you want to advertise/market, the target audience, objectives, budget, country/region to market in, competitors, and marketing time frame.

With these initial details, the agency will carry out a situation analysis to know where your brand stands and the direction it should go.

Step 2

Then we do the media planning, develop strategies, select platforms to achieve your objectives, create all the communication creatives such as internet banners, videos, info-graphics, headlines, promotional texts, images, press releases, online presentations, links, contextual adverts, etc; and send all these works to you for review and approval.

Step 3

Deploy the communication creatives and the digital marketing will begin, at this point, you begin to see your campaigns/advertising all over the internet. While we manage all the campaigns and relationships with media owners and ensure your objectives are achieved. And report to you weekly/monthly or at the end of the campaign.  

Our Digital Marketing Strategies

Digital marketing agency

AdHang has 100+ strategies in its arsenal, and will select and employ the best to achieve your aims; depending on the niche, marketing goals, budget, competitors, and data insight, etc.  Listed below are a popular few:

  • SEO, this includes onpage optimization, backlinks, barnacle SEO, etc., which helps you rank no.1 in big search engines, increase online visibility, beat competitors, etc
  • Content Marketing, this includes the creation and circulation of press releases, infographics, promotional articles, whitepapers, videos, etc., which helps you educate your prospects, support SEO campaigns, make you recognizable online, foster prospects’ confidence to buy,  nurture leads,  etc
  • Social Media Marketing, this includes organic and sponsored promotion through social networking sites, online forums, photo sharing sites, wikis, etc., which AdHang helps you to create awareness, increase publicity and sales, maintain an active online presence, etc
  • Search Sponsored Advert, this includes creating contextual ads, placing your ads on the bottom and top of searches perform by your target audience, etc., which will reinforce value proposition, increase brand equity, traffics, conversions, etc
  • Internet Display Advertising, this includes writing headlines, designing online banners, and placing them on blogs, news portals, and niche sites, etc., which helps you creates brand awareness, reminder campaign, reinforcement ads, and support traffics and sales, etc
  • Online Assets, this includes redesigning or creating website, social media handles, pages, hosting business contacts and communication materials online, etc., which helps you have active digital presence, foster public confidence you are real, maintain reference points online, demonstrate value to your audience, etc

AdHang achieves your online presence and marketing goals fast while saving you the stress, time and money.

Objectives AdHang helps you to achieve

SEO Services

Depending on your needs, product life cycle, and anything in between; listed below are categories and some of the objectives AdHang helps you to achieve:


  1. Increase conversion by placing content in strategic places online.
  2. Make it easier for the supporters and public to recommend you.
  3. Showcase your products/services on different platforms online.
  4. Expose your website, brand name, pages and vision to millions of prospects.
  5. Awareness of your vision, position and better online presence.
  6. Educating millions of prospects about your products, platforms or services and what they stand to benefit.
  7. Top 10 ranking in big search engines (Google, Yahoo, and Bing).
  8. Thousands of backlinks to your name, social media pages and website.
  9. Massive visitors and traffics to your pages and website.
  10. Increased number of likes and followers to your name, social media pages and website.
  11. Recommendation of your platform, products or services from hundreds of online sources permanently.
  12. Get enquiries, leads, sales and enhanced chance of constant customers.
  13. Make your name respected and foster trust for prospects, customers and the general public.
  14. Move ahead of rivals across the streets and enhence your reputation as the authority.


  1. Create a stunningly beautiful website.
  2. Create a responsive, fast-loading website.
  3. Increase website traffic by creating SEO optimized website.
  4. Active social media presence.
  5. Improve your brand’s positive perception.
  6. Great user experience for visitors to your site. This encourages word-of-mouth marketing.
  7. Increase online visibility, brand equity, and recognition in the country.
  8. Have systems that make it easy for customers to be part of brand advocacy.
  9. Have a dedicated virtual center for information about your products/services for customers, prospects, journalists, and interested groups.

Awards Received

SEO and Email marketing services

> Best Digital Marketing Agency – Nigeria

Business Excellence Awards

> Best Digital Marketing Agency

FindbestSEO Awards (People’s Choice Awards)

> 2021 Winner in Advertising, Marketing Strategies and Content Marketing Services

TechBehemoths Awards

> Best End-To-End Internet Advertising Agency – Nigeria

MarTech Awards

> Digital Marketing Agency of the Year

CorporateLiveWire Global Awards

> Best Social Media & Email Marketing Specialists – Nigeria

MEA Markets Awards