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Search engine optimization company in Nigeria (AdHang) for over a decade has been optimizing the internet world, helping businesses large and small with their search engine optimization efforts in Nigeria.  AdHang has a team of highly skilled SEO experts in Nigeria that will ensure your business’s website, name and brand always stay on top search engines’ results in Nigeria.  Strategic search engine optimization improves your business rankings on popular search engines (Google, Yahoo and Bing) by building traffic on your website and helping your business to achieve success in Nigeria faster and easier.

AdHang is the top SEO company in Nigeria, and best place to get professional SEO services in Nigeria, i.e., getting SEO strategy to set your business above competitors.

What does Search engine optimization (SEO) include?

On-site optimization

  • Website analysis
  • SEO audit
  • Keywords/phrases selection
  • Perfectly optimizing for target search terms

Off-site optimization

  • Industry keywords analysis
  • Competitors analysis
  • Content creation
  • Relevant back links building

Why is SEO Important and what can AdHang’s SEO experts achieve?

  1. AdHang’s SEO provides a business best internet visibility.
  2. Top ranking in search engine for important keywords.
  3. Branding through search engines.
  4. More web traffic.
  5. High ROI.
  6. Online promotion that leads to high credibility.
  7. Insight into customer behavior.
  8. All AdHang’s SEO campaigns are meant to help companies make sales and retain customers.

According to top 10 digital marketing review sites, “AdHang is the One of the best Digital Marketing agencies in Nigeria that is devoted to offering high-quality services to Nigerian companies looking for visibility in Search Engines”.

Three examples of websites/pages ranked by AdHang in Nigeria:

No 1. Ranked Webpage

Top SEO Companies in Nigeria

No 1. Ranked Webpage

Nigerian search engine optimization service

No 1. Ranked Webpage

Best Nigerian seo company

AdHang team has had numerous successes for search engine optimization of websites and brands for companies and organizations across Nigeria and Africa – from zero to top ranking, bottom to No.1 in search engine ranking  for divergent strategic keywords. Therefore, AdHang guarantees 100% top ranking delivery in the search engine, and all optimizations follow search engines’ guidelines and best SEO practices to get an appearance on top search results.

SEO Packages

What are the SEO packages(costs)?

AdHang generally has two categories of SEO packages: monthly and one-off package.

1. One-off package with a maximum of two pages and ten keywords/phrases. Cost: N150, 000 ($ 414). It will take 7 working days to complete all the SEO works outlined above.

2. Monthly package with a maximum of six pages and thirty keywords/phrases. Cost: N390, 000 ($1, 078).

SEO’s report included in all.

Case Study

SEO Case Study

Atlasitalianigeria LTD is a leading manufacturing and construction company based in Lagos Nigeria. The company’s MD contacted AdHang to help them in search engine optimizations of their Nigeria’s website.


1. Not ranking well in important keywords potential clients are searching in search engines
2. Competitors are ahead of the company in strategic online advertising fronts
3. Constantly moving down on google and yahoo searches in Nigeria
4. Low traffics to the company’s website
5. Rate of prospects inquiries decreasing

What AdHang did

1. Website audit
2. Competitors analysis
3. Keywords/phrases selections
4. On-page optimization of the website which includes Meta tags, contents, etc
5. Off-page optimization and meticulous website online promotion


1. Top 10 ranking in Google, and Yahoo search engines on strategic 8 competitive keywords and phrases
2. Site unique visit increased by 102.90%
3. The number of visits increased by 85.11%
4. Page view increased by 79.70%

How to Get Started

How to get started

  1. Your website, or page you want to rank in a search engine in Nigeria(maximum of two pages for the one-off package, or six pages for a month package, and pages should relate. For example, if your company is in the digital marketing industry, the two or six pages can be social media marketing, mobile marketing, influencers marketing, internet display advertising, search engine marketing, and content marketing).
  2. Keywords/phrases you want to rank in Nigeria. These are words people are using in search engines to find your company’s product/service, or industry in Nigeria. For example, if you are in the search engine optimization industry, the keywords/phrases can be the following:
  • SEO companies in Nigeria
  • E-commerce SEO
  • Top SEO agencies in Nigeria
  • Best search engine optimization companies
  • Nigerian SEO experts
  • SEO consultant
  • Nigerian Search engine optimizations
  • SEO services in Nigeria, etc

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SEO frequent asked questions:

What is the meaning of the term SEO
It means search engine optimization

What is search engine optimization
Search engine optimization is a new media advertising technique focused on ensuring visibility of contents (website, video, name, article, etc) on search engines (non-paid) such as google, yahoo, bing, etc.

How long does it take to rank high on search engine?
There is no one answer to this. It can take 3 months to 2 days, depending on many factors such as your budget, competitors’ activity, your type of website, etc.

What are the sides of search engine optimization?

Search engine optimization general has two sides: off-page and on-page optimizations.

What is the recommended pace for search engine optimization campaign?

It depends on the niche: If you are in a competitive niche, or have aggressive competitors, you need to do search engine optimization weekly (using AdHang’s weekly SEO’s package). If you have a little or no competitors/aggressive rivals, you need a monthly SEO campaign (AdHang’s SEO monthly package is for you), or at least every 3 months. This will help keep your company, brand, service, product, or website on top of search engines in Nigeria because non-competitors can equally take top positions on search engines.

What other things come with SEO?

Search engine optimization services by AdHang come with numerous online content promotion of whatever you want to promote online. You will not only be getting SEO works; you will be promoted online in different platforms through contents: press release, infographic, articles, etc.

14 Benefits of SEO

14 Benefits of SEO in Nigeria

It is no longer news to most digital marketers and business owners in Nigeria that a critical factor when it comes to driving traffic to any website is local SEO. Any site and content that isn’t properly optimized, for both mobile and desktop users will undoubtedly find it difficult to attract traffic from organic search. However, there are more to the benefits of SEO in Nigeria other than increasing website traffic. Contains herein are 14 other benefits of making sure your website is properly SEO optimized in Nigeria.

1. Better User Experience
This is one essential signal for ranking top on search engines in Nigeria. One of the things SEO does for any site is improving the website and maximizing the user experience. By providing relevant integration of content in text, image, and video formats, together with a responsive website, better user experience is provided to your audience and visitors.

2. Lead generation
It has been reported that one of the primary sources of lead for organisations (whether B2C, B2B, or non-profit) is tied to inbound strategies. Among these inbound tactics, SEO stands out. So if you’re not playing on SEO in Nigeria, your competitors are definitely having your share.

3. Higher Close Rates
One of the major benefits as an inbound strategy is that since the customer is the one making research about your product/service, as opposed to outbound strategy, the rate of closing such leads is very high. It is believed that as customers begin the search for products/services, they are ready to buy. So positioning your brand online during these periods sets you up higher close rates.

4.Cost effective
Leads gotten by inbound strategies like SEO have been reported to lower the cost of generating a lead by about 60% as against outbound lead generation strategies. There is little or no cost associated with SEO in Nigeria. and if properly, there would be no need for advertising like PPC; as long as you maintain your high rank in search results.

5.Brand Credibility
Usually, when customers find you in top search results, it gives the impression that your brand is one of the top players in your industry. Generally, everybody knows Google, and so if Google sees you fit rank top, it definitely means they recommend you. The higher your ranking on searching the more credible you’re perceived to be.

6. Brand Awareness
Brand Awareness simply refers to the extent to which your target market is familiar with your brand. Search engine optimization, on the other hand, ensures that your brand is always in front of your customers when they are looking and searching for you. That is how priceless this strategy can be.

7. Improves Mobile-Friendliness of your Website
The activities involved in SEO help to implement a recent ranking signal included by Google search – mobile-friendliness/responsiveness. This means that whether visitors are using a desktop or mobile device, they can easily have access to your site. As this happens, your visitors are bound to enjoy a better user experience and as such, there is an increased chance that Google will keep you ranking high in Nigeria, or any part of the country, for example, Lagos.

8. Improved Website Speed
It is no longer news that the speed of your website goes a long way to affect your rankings on search engines like Google, bing, yahoo and the rest. Even as little as a two-second delay in your site load time can cost you as much as 4.3% of the sale? Google is not happy anytime a visitor spends too much time trying to gain access to your site. SEO in Nigeria ensures your website speed and load time is at its best.

9. Boosts your Social Media Presence
Any SEO optimized website is likely to be on the first page of search engines; and as this happens, more and more people are likely to know about you. The more they come in contact with your brand, the more it sticks on their minds. This impressions goes with them to social media and increases the chances that when they come in contact with your brand again, they would interact and engage with it.

10. Gain Market Share
SEO service in Nigeria gets your website found by people using the internet. As this happens, they are likely to become leads, and probably turn into customers. All of these increases your chance for conversion by making a purchase, subscribing to a newsletter or signing up for a membership. The end result of this is a further market share gain.

11. Increased Website Referrals
A properly SEO optimized website increase chances of referrals. These referrals are going to come not only from search engines but from your website visitors, as they are likely to refer your brand website to their family and friends. Whether literally or figuratively, this works.

12. High Conversion
Every digital marketer knows the feeling of attracting traffic that doesn’t convert simply sucks. SEO doesn’t just attract traffic, but “quality” traffic. Compared to other sources of traffic, SEO traffic has a high tendency of converting. As you position your brand on search results, you are setting up your brand to win more conversions.

13. Contributes to offline sales
In recent times, most customers go online to perform research before they visit your store. Search engines are the primary way people do research online, and then get your contact information and either call you or visit your store. With an SEO optimized site in Nigeria, you increase your chances of making sales even offline.

14. They last for a long time
If properly done, it is extremely difficult, although not impossible, for SEO rankings to be screwed up. An exception to this can be black hat SEO practice. This is why it is usually for a long-term strategy. It may take some time to get to the top, but once there, the rest is history.

SEO is simply not a myth. The benefits of having a website that is SEO optimized cannot be overemphasized. It is just limitless when it comes to brand equity and awareness. This is one strategy that will help any online presence in Nigeria to be outstanding in the midst of competition. Brands that take advantage of this strategy always end up at the top.

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