Background Atlasitalianigeria LTD is a partner of AtlasItalia of Italy, a leading manufacturing and construction company based in Lagos Nigeria. Over the years, they have established themselves as a trustworthy Coldroom manufacturer, seller, and supplier of Portacabins in Nigeria. They are highly recognized for their design standards, and superior finish portable cabin products on time… Read More

BACKGROUND Besides the sale of Accurate Fuel Testing devices and provision of Drilling and Completion Fluid services, Zone Petroleum Limited offers the following Fuel & Storage Maintenance services: Fuel Monitoring (real-time on the web via Mobile Devices & Computers). Fuel Sterilization (using a mobile or permanently-installed machine). Fuel Tank Washing (using Steam Pressure of up… Read More

BACKGROUND Obymart is a Nigerian reliable e-commerce site launched in October 2017 with a mission to provide the best quality products at competitive prices with a commitment to give customers the most satisfactory shopping experience. Obymart offers both retail and wholesale products on various categories which include children’s toys, children’s fashion, children’s educational tablets, adult… Read More

BACKGROUND Hudibia is an integrated healthcare solution that leverages emerging technologies to alleviate the challenges of delivering optimum health in a resource-challenged environment. It was founded by healthcare professionals whose experiences span both developing and developed economies. Their intimate understanding of the obstacles in health care delivery in low resource environments coupled with accomplished careers… Read More

BACKGROUND Mabwe, operated by Mabwe LLC, is a social networking website recently launched in Africa. It is an African space carved out of the need to not only connect Africans but also promote African idea-generation and curation in a unique way. And according to its about page, Mabwe is not reinventing the wheel but merely… Read More

BACKGROUND With the mission to provide lasting solutions to the bakery industry in Nigeria, Smart Bite Equipment is a bakery equipment company. Not only do they provide wide varieties of bakery equipment for leading and startup Nigerian bakeries. Smart Bite Equipment also provides bakery enthusiasts, access to solutions that will facilitate setting up of bakery… Read More

Background Xplore Universe Is a Youth Talent Hunt Program in Nigeria which focuses on Acting and Singing. This program is managed and controlled by Save Pay Multi-Business Enterprise. Xplore Universe brings youth to stand in the limelight of the creative arts, thespian, and musical areas of specialization. It gives a great opportunity to Individuals to… Read More

AdHang, helped Top Natural Healthcare create customers for its herbal medicine for shrinking and eliminating fibroids. The client had a very tight budget and had no effective marketing campaign to attract customers to its natural medicine. The Problem Top Natural Healthcare suffered from lack of sufficient customers, or even awareness of its natural herbal fibroid… Read More

Background The Rose of Sharon Glorious Ministries is an interdenominational Christian fellowship in Nigeria whose overseer is the prestigious Mrs. Folurunsho Alakija, the servant leader. The Ministry organized a 3-day crusade in October 2018, to be held at the National Stadium in Surulere Lagos and preparations were in top gear to accommodate the massive crowd… Read More

Background Dynamo Delay is a U.S.-based personal products company, poised to launch its products in the African nation of Nigeria. The Challenges The Dynamo Delay team was looking for a high-quality promotional campaign for the launch of its product in Nigeria. The problem was, the company’s current website was not Africa-focused at all, and didn’t… Read More