Background AtlasitaliaNigeria LTD is a partner of AtlasItalia of Italy, a leading manufacturing and construction company based in Lagos Nigeria. Over the years, they have established themselves as a trustworthy Coldroom manufacturer, seller, and supplier of Portacabins in Nigeria. They are highly recognized for their design standards, and superior finish portable cabin products on time… Read More

Background The Justice Court is a nationally syndicated courtroom television series based on Alternative Dispute Resolution procedure. The Justice Court offers free mediation and focuses on civil disputes. It’s a reality show which discusses the issues of all classes in Nigeria to resolve their issues. It accentuates and streamlines to forefront contemporary issues facing society.… Read More

Background ShedamHost is a United States-based web hosting company, developed to give people easy and affordable ways to get their ideas online. The company provides affordable domain registration, SSD Reseller Packages, SSD Web Cloud Hosting, and cloud services to customers. Recently, to further ensure growth and market share in the web hosting industry, ShedamHost decided… Read More

BACKGROUND Dr. Nader Salti is certified (1999) and recertified (2008) by the American board of surgery. He is an associated fellow of the American College of Surgeons and a member of the American medical association. Dr Nader Salti received his college and medical degrees from the prestigious University of Chicago, Chicago, USA(1989, 1993). He completed… Read More

BACKGROUND Edge Breaker Global Business Investment Limited is a Construction and Real Estate Company that has been in the Nigerian Construction and Property Industry for over five years. Identifying construction and building opportunities is their primary focus. They conduct feasibility analysis, project design, and project management. CHALLENGES The construction and real estate industry is a… Read More

BACKGROUND The Nigeria Map Jigsaw is a game that lets players learn about Nigeria (Culture, History, politics), the game is educational and fun, suitable for all ages. There are two aspects to the game, which makes it fun for players. There are map jigsaw and general knowledge. CHALLENGES Creating a fun and exciting game is… Read More

BACKGROUND Besides the sale of Accurate Fuel Testing devices and provision of Drilling and Completion Fluid services, Zone Petroleum Limited offers the following Fuel & Storage Maintenance services: Fuel Monitoring (real-time on the web via Mobile Devices & Computers). Fuel Sterilization (using a mobile or permanently-installed machine). Fuel Tank Washing (using Steam Pressure of up… Read More

BACKGROUND Obymart is a Nigerian reliable e-commerce site launched in October 2017 with a mission to provide the best quality products at competitive prices with a commitment to give customers the most satisfactory shopping experience. Obymart offers both retail and wholesale products on various categories which include children’s toys, children’s fashion, children’s educational tablets, adult… Read More

BACKGROUND Hudibia is an integrated healthcare solution that leverages emerging technologies to alleviate the challenges of delivering optimum health in a resource-challenged environment. It was founded by healthcare professionals whose experiences span both developing and developed economies. Their intimate understanding of the obstacles in health care delivery in low resource environments coupled with accomplished careers… Read More

BACKGROUND Mabwe, operated by Mabwe LLC, is a social networking website recently launched in Africa. It is an African space carved out of the need to not only connect Africans but also promote African idea-generation and curation in a unique way. And according to its about page, Mabwe is not reinventing the wheel but merely… Read More