Hudibia is an integrated healthcare solution that leverages emerging technologies to alleviate the challenges of delivering optimum health in a resource-challenged environment.

It was founded by healthcare professionals whose experiences span both developing and developed economies. Their intimate understanding of the obstacles in health care delivery in low resource environments coupled with accomplished careers in Europe and North America affords them unique perspectives and experiences to implement cutting edge healthcare services.

Hudibia is an innovative health system that uses emerging technologies such as mHealth, Telemedicine and wearable technologies to deliver sustainable, high quality and cost-effective healthcare.

Founder, Dr. Ahjoku Amadi-Obi knew the right digital marketing strategy would yield positive results, but needed to find the right marketing agency to rely on. When he discovered AdHang, Dr. Ahjoku seized the opportunity to work with us.

“We looked into hiring other digital marketing agencies, but found AdHang befitting and well-equipped to help us achieve our goals.” Says Dr. Ahjoku.


Thriving as a new player in a crowded and competitive market can be challenging, even for Hudibia. Being a newly developed app and website requires layers of strategy in areas such as awareness, educating the prospects, establishing the trust to download the app, download, drive more engagement (increase app visits, in-app activities, etc), boost app user retention, increase down-funnel conversions, app store optimization, etc.

Hudibia wanted to set up a successful digital marketing strategy that will propel the app and website for success in the healthcare sector.

In all the digital marketing strategies needed to make Hudibia successful, the developer and AdHang agreed at this stage to work on AdHang’s standard plan which includes awareness, educating the target audience, search engine ranking of its contents, and establishing the trust that would lay a foundation for extensive use of the app and its site.


AdHang started the campaign by running ads display which involved creating headlines and designing internet 7 banners’ adverts and placing them on multiple platforms for 30 days.

Also, AdHang team of experts created classified ads to publish on 20+ classified websites.

To complete our marketing strategy, our team of experts implored top-notch content marketing, which involved;

  • Published a sales piece about the solutions provided by Hudibia on Nigerian forums
  • Created engaging and SEO optimized posts that were published on
  • Published the app’s review on a tech blog
  • Published press releases on over 300 websites (blogs, news sites, forums, amongst others).


Weeks after implementing our marketing strategy, Hudibia could boast of the following results;

  • Awareness: a large number of Hudibia’s target audience was now aware of the app, and why they need it.
  •  Ads generated millions of impressions/hits
  • Permanent promotional pieces about the app were now online from multiple sources.
  • Educating the users now and in the future
  • Top Search engine ranking of its numerous contents this help users who want to know more and choose to search the name on search engines
  • Backlinks to the app and its website
  • Foster potential users’ confidence as they search online, and the different positive contents about the Hudibia will be seen, etc.