AdHang manages divergent internet digital campaigns, and has been serving all kinds of clients – from major corporations, universities, start-ups, event organizers, government agencies and nonprofits, politicians and public office holders, to small and medium businesses of all shapes and sizes.
Also, AdHang has been helping entities around the globe to specifically produce videos, write headlines, design online banners, social media fan pages, websites, distribute online press releases, write online media strategies, and so on.

Why hire AdHang?

Below are 12 reasons companies and agencies choose AdHang:


1. Saving Time: Hiring an AdHang internet advertising agency means that you and your staff do not need to spend time developing an advertising campaign, creating a banner, placing online ads, managing ads, researching keywords, clicking triggers, configuring ads links, negotiating with online media owners, etc.


2. Do what you know best. you don’t have to know or worry about internet advertising jargons that are required in most stages of setting up internet campaign/commercials such as PPC, PPM, Trick banner, CPM, Wallpaper ad, PPA, Pop-up, Pop-under, Map ad, Interstitial ad, Polite ad, Expanding ad, Floating ad, etc. AdHang removes all the stress, confusion and takes care of all these by employing the best being the agency’s job. Subscribing to AdHang for internet advertising lets you focus on attending to people, your business, organization and what you do best.


3. Expertise: turn to AdHang for its expertise and specialized knowledge in online advertising, it helps you increase revenue and improve brand recognition, and reach target Nigerian populace with your message, idea, and views.


4. Multiple professionals: over 25 dedicated and talented professionals will work on your digital marketing with focus to outshine your competitors, oppositions and win attention away from your rivals.


5. Media platforms’s rules adherence: terms, condition and legal requirements of all the online media owners and platforms are taken care of by AdHang’s online marketing administrators. AdHang follows highest digital space ethics, complete spam free, international best practices and standards. You need not to bother about all the digital media platforms’s rules and conditions, because AdHang will save you the stress and headache.


6. Digital marketing experts: AdHang has managed to pull in the most creative and innovative minds in the digital marketing industry; and all will be dedicated to your success.


7. Leading the field: AdHang will invite many journalists to write about you, product or brand and have it posted on their various websites and online platforms which can go viral. This is publicity and more trusted by the masses than advert, therefore, will increase the chances of you becoming the preferable choice in your field by your audience as people like dealing with the leader.


8. Saving money: Hiring AdHang online digital marketing agency to run your online marketing will save you a lot of money on ad placement. Ad Hang runs multiple publishers’ ad platforms to expose your offer/message to millions of customers or audiences, so can save you money. This will save dealing directly with all these publishers, one by one. can also easily redesign online commercials to be more effective, hence, saving you more money.


9. Focus: AdHang is an online marketing agency with online marketing being its core expertise has an upper advantage on over other companies/organization that are preoccupied with other dimensions of day to day business activities and processes, thus their attention is divided. AdHang online advertising agency gives the benefit of an experienced online advertising team with expertise in the field of online advertising. Since AdHang focus is narrowed, AdHang will be able to generate more prolific results compared to the company/organization itself.


10. More popularity: AdHang increases your product or brand popularity because your brand will be found in multiple digital searches, when target audience use their devices such as smart phones, laptops, desktops, feature phones, etc.


11. Reaching greater height: increase your sales faster and easier than you ever thought possible.


12. All media works, multiple platforms and online sources under one contract: media tools are included in the plans, and also AdHang displays your advertisement in multiple internet platforms and sources under one contract such as Google ads display, Yahoo ads networks, Facebook sponsored section, Microsoft adcenter and partners, online article directories, Cokoye, Vanguard newspaper online, Youtube, Africans local websites, Linkedin ads sections and many more.


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