Top companies in Nigeria for marketing services

AdHang is for the following entities:
A Manufacturer that wants an effective and rapid change in the habits and attitudes of Nigerian consumers, eliminate or encourage middlemen, acceptance of new products by Nigerians, recruit new distributors and dealers in Nigeria. Click here to see the approach.


A Politician/Political party that wants to campaign to Nigerian masses, attract voters, bring about a favorable change in the habits, and positive attitudes of Nigerian people towards himself/herself and party. Click here to see the approach.


A Hospital owner or Medical doctor/director that wants to fill waiting rooms with patients, increase revenues and boost his/her medical career.  For hospitals marketing click here, for medical doctors/directors marketing click here.


An Event organizer that wants to increase participants’ response, attract more masses faster and easier than ever to an event. Also, events’ organizers that want to ensure that online coverage continues in the run-up to an event, and to help create a sense of occasion around an event. Click here to see the approach.


An Institution such as school, church, or government that wants to run internet public enlightenment. Whether a private or public institution that wants to awaken the interest of Nigerian masses on any issue by reaching Nigeria’s dynamic populace. Also, for institution’s reputation management, and positioning in the minds of Nigeria’s masses. Click here to see the approach.


A Business/Company that wants to increase the sales volume of product, or service signup in Nigeria, sales of entire line of products, retain the loyal customers, subscribers, and reducing lost customers. Click here to see the approach.


An App developer/owner that wants to establish a brand, increase download, revenue and loyal users in Nigeria. Click here to see the approach.


A Government or its agency that wants a change in the living habits of the masses, awaking interest or correcting a certain wrong perception, or educating Nigerian masses, and people living in the state about any concern. Building up a favorable image of the country or state. Click here to see the approach.


A Minister or Commissioner that wants to build and repair public opinion, educate masses, increase awareness about any concern, etc. Click here to see the approach.


A Public figure that wants to build favorable, and positive image, showcasing contribution/impact to the masses or stake holders, and publicizing accomplishment, project(s) going on, etc. Click here to see the approach.


An Organization that wants to manage public relations crisis or reputation through monitoring, tracking, responding, and influencing online conversations. And raising the organization’s profile, and to bolster and protect the hard-earned reputation that is so essential to the brand, image, and success. Click here to see the approach.


A Traditional Advertising Agency running traditional promotional elements, and wants AdHang to partner with the agency to execute its client’s campaigns online. Read more.


AdHang can work with:

  • A Public relation officer.
  • A Traditional advertising firm such as outdoor advertising company, below the line advertising agency, TV advertising organization, and radio advertising outfit, etc.
  • Any organization’s marketing department to increase effieciency.
  • A Spokesperson of an organization or institution.


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