mobile app marketing agency in NigeriaMobile Apps marketing agency in Nigeria AdHang can help you reach a target audience in Nigeria, create awareness, encourage downloads, educate the target users, establish the App’s brand in Nigeria, and generate traffics, or achieve any online advertising goal.

AdHang understands in and out of App marketing in Nigeria

Using more than 10 years experience in digital marketing in Nigeria, AdHang will carry out situation/SWOT analysis to know where your App stands among other Apps targeting Nigeria and where it should go.  Virtually all Apps undergo different stages: introduction, growth, maturity and decline.  An App can be in a maturity stage in UK, decline stage in US, growth stage in India and introduction stage in Nigeria, as a result will be marketed different ways in these countries.

There are five general objectives of AdHang’s App advertising

# 1. Inform: this involves awareness, educating the target audience about the App and establishing the App brand in the minds of the potential users in Nigeria.

# 2. Persuade: this involves stimulating actions such as App’s download, web based signups, and increasing demand.

# 3. Remind: this will encourage repeat usage, ensure people who are yet to use it do so, and reduce chances of users switching to competing Apps.

# 4. Reinforce: this will emphasize the benefits of the App, and positive experience, etc, to millions of Nigerians.

# 5. Optimize: search engine and App store optimization that ensure that your App ranks high when users search for the App in App stores and search engines such as google, yahoo, bing and AOL.

Why App marketing in Nigeria by AdHang?

AdHang has seasoned Apps’ marketing experts in Nigeria to accelerate your App’s brand recognition, signup and download in Nigeria, or across Africa.  With advanced App digital marketing strategies and tactical approaches, AdHang will establish your App brand; fend against competitors, accelerate the business growth, and achieve the App’s advertising  goals  in Nigeria – depending on what the KPIs are (profits, downloads, rate of enquiries, sales, signups, etc).

AdHang will make your mobile App in Nigeria dominates its market/industry and become popular in the country.  

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Whether desktop or mobile application, AdHang can help you achieve your promotion goals in Nigeria or entire Africa’s continent. Choose a plan through the above link;  It does not matter whether Windows, Apple, or  Android App, etc. 


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AdHang’s Apps marketing Promise

AdHang’s Apps’ digital marketing tactical approaches and strategies are designed to protect you, every cent/kobo will be counted for and your App promotion objectives will be 100% achieved, if for any reason the goal is not met at the specified contract’s period which is unlikely (depending on the budget and time frame though).

If the later is the case, there is nothing to worry about, because we will only stop display advertising at the end of advertising period, and then  most of the marketing works will still be working for the company and promoting the App for years, such as videos, press releases, promotion and educative contents, reviews, recommendations, etc; on thousands of sites/platforms across the internet such as online forums, App niche platforms,  tech blogs, alternative App stores,  news portals, video sharing sites, search engines, and so on.

Not just advertising, AdHang’s Apps’ promotion in Nigeria is created to be a marketing investment, similarly done by popular Apps: UBER, Whatsapp, etc. To choose a plan click here.

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