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Mobile Apps marketing agency in Nigeria (AdHang) can help you reach a target audience in Nigeria, create awareness, encourage downloads, educate the target users, establish the App’s brand in Nigeria, and generate traffics, or achieve any online advertising goal.

AdHang understands in and out of App marketing in Nigeria

Using more than 15 years of experience in digital marketing in Nigeria, AdHang will carry out a situation/SWOT analysis to know where your App stands among other Apps targeting Nigeria and where it should go.  Virtually all Apps undergo different stages: introduction, growth, maturity, and decline.  An App can be in a maturity stage in the UK, decline stage in the US, growth stage in India, and the introduction stage in Nigeria, as a result, will be marketed differently in each of these countries.

Five general objectives of AdHang’s App advertising

# 1. Inform: this involves awareness, educating the target audience about the App, and establishing the App brand in the minds of the potential users in Nigeria.

# 2. Persuade: this involves stimulating actions such as App’s download, web-based signups, drive app engagement, and increasing in-app conversions.

# 3. Remind: this will encourage repeat usage, ensure people who are yet to use it do so, increase App visit, and reduce chances of users switching to competing Apps.

# 4. Reinforce: this will emphasize the benefits of the App, increase down-funnel conversions, boost App user retention, and foster positive experience, etc, to millions of Nigerians.

# 5. Optimize: search engine and App store optimization that ensures that your App ranks high when users search for the App in App stores and search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, and AOL.

Apps advertising and promotion agency in AfricaWhy App marketing in Nigeria by AdHang?

AdHang has seasoned Apps’ marketing experts in Nigeria to accelerate your App’s brand recognition, signup, and download in Nigeria, or across Africa.  With advanced App digital marketing strategies and tactical approaches, AdHang will establish your App brand; fend against competitors, accelerate the business growth, and achieve the App’s advertising goals in Nigeria – depending on what the KPIs are (profits, downloads, rate of enquiries, sales, signups, etc).

AdHang will make your mobile App in Nigeria dominates its market/industry and become popular in the country.  

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Whether desktop or mobile application, AdHang can help you achieve your promotion goals in Nigeria or the entire Africa’s continent faster and easier than you ever thought possible. It does not matter whether Windows, Apple, or Android apps, etc. 

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AdHang’s Apps marketing Promise

AdHang’s Apps’ digital marketing tactical approaches and strategies are designed to protect you, every cent/kobo will be counted for and your App promotion objectives will be 100% achieved, if for any reason the goal is not met at the specified contract’s period which is unlikely (depending on the budget and time frame though).

If the later is the case, there is nothing to worry about, because we will only stop display advertising at the end of the advertising period, and then most of the marketing works will still be working for the company and promoting the App for years, such as videos, press releases, promotion, and educative contents, reviews, recommendations, etc; on thousands of sites/platforms across the internet such as online forums, App niche platforms,  tech blogs, alternative App stores,  news portals, video sharing sites, search engines, and so on.

Not just advertising, AdHang’s Apps’ promotion in Nigeria is created to be a marketing investment, similarly done by popular Apps: UBER, WhatsApp, etc. To choose a plan click here.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How many installs do you think I can get through this App’s campaign?

Definitely there will be installs; however, it is hard to say exactly the number of installs to get. The app’s advertising in Nigeria will create awareness about the app and its benefits, educate Nigerians about the app and its features, and put different angles of the app’s developer/owner and the app in search engines, and all the contents that will be created will remain online forever in the platforms listed in the package (even when you stop advertising the promotional contents will be online forever promoting the app, and its name, benefits and features across Nigeria and beyond).

 How do I measure if the App’s advertising was successful or not?

It depends on the parameter you want to use to measure.  Results which you will get when AdHang runs the App’s advertising are traffics, download/install, backlinks to the app, name mentioning in online places, in-app activities, users retention, ASO, permanent promotional piece online, and higher general search engine ranking of the App’s name and website.

What are App marketing strategies AdHang employs to make an App a success?

AdHang employs different layers of App marketing strategies which come in phases, below are some of the phases:

First Phase

Top app promo Lagos
  1. Awareness strategies that target 3 different levels of people: those who do not know they have this problem, those who know they have the problem but not the solution, and those who know they have the problem and there are solutions out there but not yours. These require different marketing campaigns and creatives to reach these different people and position your App as the solution at this awareness stage.
  2. Then drive traffics and interactions on your landing pages (website, fanpage, etc).
  3. Search engine optimizations, and App store optimization (ASO)

Second Phase

  1. Educative campaign strategies demonstrating the App’s benefits, solutions, features, and capabilities.
  2. Boost down-funnel conversions such as evaluations, downloads and installs.

According to a research 22% users who install an App use it once and abandon it, and about 78% will uninstall the App within 3 months. These statistics and other reasons informed the AdHang’s third phase of App marketing strategies.

Third Phase

  1. Increase App user retention such as increase App visit frequency, decrease switching to competing Apps, etc.
  2.  Boost in-app conversions, sign-ups, purchases (if you sell something), etc.
  3. Stimulate more App engagement such as increase App visits, and in-app activities.

App Marketing Projects & Case Studies

Case study 1 : Mabwe

About Mabwe

The platform mainly targets the city and seeks to bring the Youths together as political leaders work on the other end AFCFTA etc,…mabwe\’s main categories/filters are – Career, Connect, Mabwe411, and MarketPlace Africa.

Career – probably a more informal version of LinkedIn where users can share information about jobs within the continent – seekers and employers

Connect – creates a big African community to share experiences

Mabwe411 – seeks to engage communities and have them share news about their communities say, interesting events in Kampala, innovations, inspiring stories, corruption stories – anything that may escape the wide lens of news media will be shared here
MarketPlace Africa – mostly inspired by DJ Sbu and others’ posts and reposts on Twitter about people seeking opportunities, markets etc…..this is where buyers and sellers meet and can post whatever they are selling to the market.


  1. New African social networking
  2. Low traffic to the site and app
  3. Not user friendly
  4. No search engine ranking in its mean name


  • Recommendations on site contents and  UX design
  • Facebook and Instagram marketing
  • Fanpage design
  • Online forum marketing
  • Press release writing and distribution across hundreds of news portals and platforms
  • Bulk email sending
  • Promotional piece write up


  1. Top search engine ranking.
  2. Awareness across Africa’s continent and beyond.
  3. Good online presence.
  4. Saturation of contents about Mabwe across the internet from different sources.
  5. Estimated 2, 000, 000+ people reached.
  6. Better user-friendly site.

Some of the creatives

African mobile app marketing plan
mobile app marketing campaigns

>>One of the press releases

Case study 2: Nigeria Map Jigsaw

About the App

Nigeria Map Jigsaw Puzzle is a newly-launched game on the Playstore about Nigeria’s Culture, History, and Politics. It is fun and suitable for all ages. The Nigeria map jigsaw is a game that let players learn about Nigeria (Culture, History, and Politics), the game is educational and fun, it’s good for all ages. There are two aspects to the game which makes it fun for players. There are map jigsaw and general knowledge.


  1.   Newly developed game.
  2.   Marketing of the game to be successful requires layers of strategies in areas such as awareness, educating the prospects, establishing the trust to download the game, download, drive more engagement (increase app visits, in-app activities, etc), boost app user retention, increase down-funnel conversions, app store optimization, etc.
  3. No ranking in search engine for the app’s name (Nigeria Map Jigsaw).

In all the digital marketing strategies needed to make the game successful, the developer and AdHang agreed at this stage to work only on awareness, educating the target audience, search engine ranking, and establishing the trust.


Creation of headlines and designed internet banners’ adverts and place them on 5 platforms below for one month (30 days) and the advertising banners displayed on many sections of the sites and posts.


 Content marketing

  • A promotional write-up and publishing one of the sites above
  • A press release writing and publication on 11 websites permanently which consist of blogs, news sites, forums, etc


  • Awareness (generated millions of impressions/hits)
  • Backlinks to the app’s play store page and website
  • Educating the users now and in the future
  • Number one in search engine ranking for the app’s name (Nigeria Map Jigsaw) and top first page google search ranking of its play store page
  • A permanent promotional piece about the app online from multiple sources
  • Foster potential users’ confidence as they search online and the different positive contents about the app will be seen, etc

Some of the creatives

consumer app marketing in Africa

>>The press release

Case study 3: Hudibia

About Hudibia

Hudibia is an integrated healthcare solution that leverages emerging technologies to alleviate the challenges of delivering optimum health in a resource-challenged environment.  It was proudly founded by healthcare professionals whose experiences span both developing and developed economies.   Hudibia is an innovative health system that uses emerging technologies such as mHealth, Telemedicine and wearable technologies to deliver sustainable, high quality, and cost-effective healthcare, it has both App and Website.


  1. Newly developed app and website.
  2. Marketing of the Hudibia to be successful requires layers of strategies in areas such as awareness, educating the prospects, establishing the trust to download the game, download, drive more engagement (increase app visits, in-app activities, etc), boost app user retention, increase down-funnel conversions, app store optimization, etc.
  3. No a good ranking in search engine for the app’s name.
  4. No education of the target audiences through content marketing.

In all the digital marketing strategies needed to make Hudibia successful, the developer and AdHang agreed at this stage to work only on awareness, educating the target audience, search engine ranking of its contents, and establishing the trust and laying a foundation for the kick-off of the massive use of the app and its site.


Ads display

  • Creation of headlines and designed internet 7 banners’ adverts and place them on multiple platforms for one month (30 days)
  • Classified Ads where written and published on 20+ classified sites

 Content marketing

  • Sale’s piece about the solutions the app/site offers was written and published on Nigerian forums
  • Post about the app/site was written and published permanently on
  • A review of the app and publication on a tech blog
  • A press release was written and publication on 300+ websites permanently which consist of blogs, news sites, forums, etc


  1. Awareness (generated millions of impressions/hits).
  2.  Backlinks to the app and its website.
  3.  Educating the users now and in the future.
  4.  Top Search engine ranking of its numerous contents this help users who want to know more and choose to search the name on search engines.
  5.  Permanent promotional piece about the app online from multiple sources.
  6.  Foster potential users’ confidence as they search online and the different positive contents about the Hudibia will be seen, etc.

Some of the creatives

ios app marketing in South Africa

>>One of the press releases

Note: AdHang's App marketing services are not for Nigeria only; the app marketing services are offered around Africa, mostly English speaking countries, these include  Uganda, Kenya, South Africa, Liberia,  Sierra leone, and Ghana.