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AdHang is the leading manufacturing digital marketing agency in Nigeria and among the top digital marketing agencies in the world, with about 15 years of experience in digital space; and recently received an award from CV Magazine UK as the “Best Digital Marketing Agency”.

Are you a manufacturer? AdHang can help your manufacturing company in Nigeria to create online advertising, design its social media profile to look professional, and manage the digital marketing campaigns in Nigeria to achieve your objectives and goals.

Manufacturing Digital Marketing Objectives in Nigeria Based on our expertise

There are a lot of digital marketing objectives the agency can help your manufacturing company in Nigeria achieve, these include but not limited to the following:

  • To inform the public about the manufactured products – awareness, establishing the brand names, and enlightening the target buyers in Nigeria
  • To persuade prospects to buy the manufactured products – stimulating demands in the marketplace and increase sales in Nigeria
  • To remind prospects/buyers about manufactured products – create brand perceived activeness in the marketplace and encouraging repeat purchase Nigeria
  • To reinforce the brand positioning of your products as a manufacturing company – making potential buyers belief in the products, fostering trust, and encouraging recommendations across Nigeria (Lagos, Abuja, Anambra, etc)
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Manufacturing Digital Marketing Audiences to Target for Your Company in Nigeria

As the No.1 manufacturing digital marketing agency in Nigeria, AdHang will strategically target below categories of buyers and achieve the results needed for your manufacturing company:

End users

  • Create awareness about the products in any region in Nigeria or across the country
  • Encouraging repeat purchase of your different products
  • Stimulate tries among nonusers to try the products in Nigeria
  • Attracting switchers from competitors’ products
  • Get leads and sales from different states in Nigeria


  • Persuading retailers to carry the products and to have higher levels of the inventory
  • Encouraging off-season buying in Nigeria
  • Encouraging stock of the products
  • Offsetting competitive promotions and building brand loyalty
  • Gaining entry into new wholesalers, distributors, and retailers outlets
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Manufacturing Digital Marketing Campaign Standard Daily Works by the Agency

 Works includes:

  1. Products Situation/SWOT Analysis and Digital Marketing Planning.
  2. Digital Marketing Strategies.
  3. Digital Marketing Campaigns Setup.
  4. Your Profile Integration in Social Media Campaign.
  5. The Online Advertising Management.
  6. Campaign Performance Reporting to the company.

The Aims AdHang Will Achieve For your Manufacturing Company

  1. Reach tens of millions of potential customers monthly in Nigeria.
  2. Create awareness that will increase brand recognition nationwide.
  3. Increase leads and sales of the products across cities in Nigeria.
  4. Beat competitors in brand recall and branding effects in the industry across the country.
  5. Active social media campaigns that give your company a competitive edge in the marketplace in Nigeria.

Why Choose AdHang as Your Manufacturing Digital Marketing Agency In Nigeria

  1. AdHang’s manufacturing digital marketing gets results faster & easier.
  2. Within 48 hours of running your manufacturing company marketing in Nigeria, people will start responding.
  3. AdHang has digital marketing experts in Nigeria that will work for your manufacturing company around the clock.
  4. No matter the results your campaign is getting, you will not pay any additional fee.
  5. The agency’s advanced knowledge in digital data and statistics will be of use for the best re-targeting in the market and getting you results.
  6. AdHang’s digital marketing experts would assist your brand to find the right audience for the right objectives it wants to accomplish at the right time in Nigeria.
  7. With the agency’s premier manufacturing companies’ digital marketing techniques, most social media marketing clicks and impressions will be meaningful.
  8. AdHang has about 15 years of experience working for companies across the globe and the usage of the latest technologies in the market gives you a competitive edge over competitors in the manufacturing industry in Nigeria.
  9. Digital marketing campaigns are monitored, adjusted, and constantly optimized for the best performance.

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