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AdHang is a world-class online political campaign agency based in Nigeria and the first internet public enlightenment agency in Africa.  In today’s political campaign battlefield, a political online campaign is a key to winning an election, no matter whether at the federal level for a presidential, national assembly or house of commons, gubernatorial, or state house of representative. Wherever electorates consume information online…via desktop, laptop, phablet, tablet, smartphone…in social media, news sites, search engines, blogs… we reach them.  AdHang has campaign veterans with over 15 years of experience in new media engagements, strategies, and achieving campaign milestones.

AdHang Wins Elections; No more, No less!

AdHang agency is equipped with a comprehensive political campaign system, most advanced, robust set of technologies and tools to inform, persuade, remind, and reinforce. AdHang will help you embark on a strategic electorates’ campaign advertising; design and create political campaigns from start to finish and achieve your objectives, such as massive awareness, attract voters, remind, and reinforce political aspiration, and win the election. Hire AdHang to help your party triumph on political campaign battlefield, win attention away from opponents, and accelerate your recognition among voters using advanced new media strategies and digital science.

  • AdHang’s Campaigns’ Frequently Asked Questions and Their Answers

Campaign Types

What are the political campaign types by AdHang?

Before the campaign types, first and foremost; AdHang team will carry out a situation analysis using your manifesto, media, and other sources to determine whether the campaign is about change or maintaining the status quo —do most voters want to keep the current officeholder or elect a new one?—or it is a contest between different versions of the future, the one you offer voters versus that of your opponents; as well as analyzing prior voter history and voter registration statistics to pinpoint how many votes you need to win, etc. This will be coupled with a strong SWOT analysis to know the top opponents’ strengths and weaknesses; and your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, etc. Then AdHang will develop winning strategies, and campaign types below will follow.

Some of the AdHang’s campaign types are as follows.

The Name ID campaigns: this will introduce you to all eligible voters, and focus on fostering party’s logo, your name recognition and recall in the minds of the public, and to make electorates relate to you and letting voters know the office campaigning for. It generally does not talk about any issue in-depth (it is normally used at the start of a mass campaign). Why The Name ID campaigns? Apart from promoting the names, party, and political office campaigning for; all contending parties’ logos put together in polling units can confuse typical voters. The Name ID campaigns clear all the confusion, and make the logo/office/party sticks in the minds of voters and differentiate you from the cloud as voters head to the polling units.

The Bio campaigns: the bio campaign will focus on the aspects of your personal, professional, and political biography — the rationale behind your candidacy, reasons you are the best option, the most qualified and right person for the office, etc.

The Issues campaigns: here AdHang will focus on all positive angles of your candidacy, and educating voters about your election’s promises and issues you want to address when elected into the office (your manifesto you will email to us will extensively cover all these). These are primary reasons electorates will be voting for you — capability and readiness to meet their needs. For example, good roads, adequate healthcare; constant electricity, gender equality; having a voice in the government, job opportunities, etc.

The Comparison campaigns: these political campaigns will be comparing you with your toughest opponents, and highlighting important factors, and what you believe, have done, will do, and so on. The goal here is to make voters clearly see why you are the solution, best and suitable for the office than opponents.

Micro/Unstructured campaigns: AdHang will research, observe, extract and promote selective and favorable fights, comments, and happenings from political atmosphere emanating from influencers and public figures such as religious leaders, public office holders, socio-cultural groups, celebrities, political analysts, traditional rulers, etc. These campaigns are used to reinforce one or more of the other campaigns at different stages, and rely on stories, narratives, and other depictions that will favor your candidacy.

Negative campaigns: the campaigns will focus on opponents; showing voters what opponents stand on issues are and implications; most especially issues voters care most in the state/constituency. These will be designed and carried out professionally and will be issues-based.

The Get-Out-the-Vote campaigns: AdHang employs these campaigns at the end of campaigns allowed window by INEC, or final day of the election’s date. It focuses on reminder: reminding electorates again and again to vote you – the polling units, how, logo, color, when, etc.

For online platforms/sites that will be used see the next tab, for costs see the 3rd tab, for requirements see the 4th tab.


What are the elections’ campaigns communications methods by AdHang?

Below are the online platforms, tools, sites, and sources for campaign communications; i.e., the outline of the primary channels for every minute awareness, persuasion, call to action, reminder, and the general campaigns.

Section A:

• Facebook (sponsored ads)

• Instagram (sponsored ads)

• Nigeriaonnews.com (sponsored ads)

• Politicaltalktoday.com (sponsored ads)

• Twitter (sponsored ads)

• Africatopforum.com (sponsored ads)

• Linkedin (sponsored ads)

• Google (sponsored ads)

• 247healthblog.com (sponsored banner advert and content)

• Bing.com (sponsored ads)

• Yahoo (sponsored ads)

• AOL.com (sponsored ads)

• Cokoye.com (sponsored ads)

• Vanguard newspaper Nigeria online (sponsored banner advert and content)

Section B:

Further political marketing to establish your brand, foster name recall and recognition in voters’ minds; accelerate campaigns domination, and promises reinforcement:

• Dedicated Political Social media fan pages with professional designs (if none)
• Online press release writing and publication on 200+ big and popular news portals across the internet (weekly)
• A promotional campaign writing and posting on top online discussion forums (weekly)
• 2 political blog contents writing and publications (weekly)
• A video production and publication across strategic 80+ video sites (weekly)
• The political seat and candidate’s full name search engines optimizations
• 2 Cartoons and info-graphics creation and distributions on 50+ top online platforms (weekly)
• Aggressive daily video campaign using a combination of pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll ads on Youtube

During the campaigns, we will report to you on a weekly basis what we have done, what results we are getting, and what we plan to work on next, etc. We will keep you involved in every step of the campaign. Reports to be generated from monitoring electorates’ online reactions, campaign views, clicks, and other election campaign metrics.


What are the costs of online political campaigns?

The cost of political campaigns depends on many factors such as opponents’ stronghold, campaign duration, seat campaigning for, situation analysis insights, etc. Most importantly, AdHang can work WITH JUST ANY BUDGET big or small. However, the full-blown(full option) elections campaigns costs are as follows:

  • Presidential or its equivalent: $277 daily per state.
  • State Governorship or its equivalent: $554 daily.
  • National Assembly, House of Commons or its equivalent: $275 daily.
  • State House of Assembly or its equivalent: $132 daily.

This is the only campaigns charge to carry out all the election’s campaigns duties that will ensure victory, which are as follows:

1. Situation analysis, studies, and winning strategies development.
2. Producing all the election campaigns works (online banners, videos, info-graphs, headlines, fan pages, cartoons, internet news releases, contents curation, etc).
3. Paying platforms’ owners (thousands of sites) for running the campaigns, election campaigners(influencers), political content marketers, and publications: social media sites, search engines, news portals, blogs, premium websites, etc. See “Platforms/Sites” in the previous tab, for all the sites that will be used.
4. Consultations fees, logistics, and all the necessary routine work.
5. Managing all the online media owners’ relations and online PR.
6. The full election’s campaign management: campaigns ads setting, monitoring, evaluations, optimizations, and reporting and ensuring constant campaigns all over the place.

Any person who has run a campaign before knows there are a lot of jobs that go into successful political campaigns, AdHang’s political campaign organization does not hold back anything that will make electorates have you in mind going to the polling unit. Our experts will work around the clock: tactically, strategically, and holistically to ensure victory.


What are the requirements to hire AdHang for a political campaign?

The requirements are as follows:
1. Your manifesto and biography.
2. Your political campaign pictures.
3. Indicate how many days you want the election campaigns to run.
4. Make the payment of the total campaign running days to AdHang’s Nigerian bank account, and notify the agency.
5. The date you want to launch the campaign.
6. Phone number and email for communications between you and the agency only.
7. Forward all the above details using the form below. You can type on Microsoft Word then use Ctrl+C to copy it and Ctrl+V to paste it into the form.

AdHang team will review your manifesto, carry out situation/SWOT analysis, map out strategies, and set the campaign types; choose campaigns components, and prepare all the election campaigns works, and then forward all the prepared campaigns communications’ works to you (online banners, headlines, political marketing contents, contextual ads, etc.) for review and approval before they go live and the campaigns will start.
These preparations will take 5 working days to complete. We can move faster if there’s a tight deadline, however, this accelerated process will also depend on your timely feedback.

Why Us

Why hire the new media political campaign agency?

The reasons are as follows:
• Commitment to the political party/ideology by the team
• Commitment to your candidacy by campaigners
• AdHang is a top political advertising agency with over 15 years experience in new media campaigns and can lead you to the election’s victory
• Despite your supporters’ hard work and dedication, they are not experts; AdHang team will plan, strategize, and push campaign contents and mass political marketing they can leverage on and use. E.g. what to share on social media, blog about, report on news media, text to families, talk about, etc
• While a team of volunteers can provide some support to your campaign; running a successful political campaign requires new media campaigns experts – new media has reduced political campaign to one on one basis. AdHang’s campaigners are trusted specialists who will direct your new media campaigns and motivate undecided voters, persuade swing voters and build a broad movement of support for your candidacy
• AdHang offers sophisticated, full-blown and fierce political campaigns strategies for influencing masses, enlightening supporters, persuading voters and selling a candidate; creating awareness and reinforcing political promises
• AdHang helps politicians secure the highest votes and win elections. No more, no less!


Who are AdHang’s online political campaigners?

AdHang team comprises world-class online political campaign experts across the world – from the USA(15%), UK(10%), Nigeria(70%), and others(5%). These experts represent divergent strategic political campaign’s fronts and will join forces using digital sciences to help you dominate opponents and win an election in any part of the world.

Traditional Media

In addition to the new media, our political party will like to include one or two traditional media campaigns like TV, Radio, Poster, Handbills, etc. Can AdHang include traditional media campaigns?.

Yes, on-demand (in Nigeria only), AdHang can include traditional media costs, create the strategies, and help your campaign using its strategic traditional media partners. We will help you do the following.

• TV: create and run your election campaign TV commercials.
• Radio: produce and manage your radio political campaigns.
• Poster: design and print political posters in Nigeria.
• Handbill: design, print and share your handbills across constituencies.
• Cap: put your name, the party logo, or slogan in caps.
• Polo/Shirt: put the party logo, your name, and slogan in polos/shirts.

TV commercials and Posters distributions

Note: In politics, it is never too early to start public enlightenment; hire AdHang now to start today! This will give you an edge over opponents. For incumbent click here for pre-campaign, for non-incumbent click here for off-season campaign.

To get started use the form below to reach AdHang. Also, if you wish, you can speak with Mr. Chris the agency’s chief operating officer on Telegram or WhatsApp (+2348034283159). Please note that costs and requirements have been covered above.

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In the digital age, either a politician adopts political digital marketing or fails in his/her political career. Old ways of political advertising are no longer effective and too expensive compare to the results of the new media; AdHang is the solution, the sooner the realization of this hard fact the better.

In politics today is all about branding using the right communication elements and skillful professionals: AdHang’s political mass marketing experts use digital sciences to brand a candidate as the solution to voters’ problems and install the candidate in their minds as they go to polling units. The agency’s election-winning formula is straightforward: research, plan, target, reach, and win.

Political marketing expenditure is a measurement of a candidate’s confidence and value.

AdHang is a world’s top Political Campaign Organization in Nigeria

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