Nigerian full service digital marketing agency AdHang, with an expertise in market penetration strategy, will strategically handle your business’s digital marketing in Nigeria, and drive your business forward across Nigeria. AdHang will help identify where your business are leaking digital marketing opportunities, and help fix them. This will be achieved through meticulous insights, attracting, engaging, and converting target Nigeria’s prospects to buyers.

When the agency is hired, AdHang will get your online digital marketing off to a flying start, hit the ground running to engage potential buyers, and manage your digital marketing every minute all over the internet.

Below are steps to start your digital marketing with AdHang, and what the process entails:


1. Choose a plan (or let us know your selected media channels; budget through your brief and AdHang will work with it). “Click here to download a brief template“.

2. Email us a copy of your brief (your brief will tell AdHang team everything to know) which will contain the target customer, brand name, what to market, target audience location, and objectives. The objectives can be to increase sales, create awareness, educate customers, establishing your expertise, reinforce in the marketplace, etc.

These are all needed on your part for your digital marketing strategies to be developed and creative works created . Your brief will be reviewed by AdHang and you will be contacted if there is need of anything in the process.

AdHang uses 7-10 working days for the following teams to strategize and prepare your online marketing:


-Team 1: Situation analysis team will use our technologies to analyse your:

• Potential customers/buyers/clients (to know who are they, what is their online behavior and preferences).

• Competitors ( to know who are they, what is their digital marketing strategy, how effective is their strategy compared to).

• Market, conduct a PESTLE (political, economic, social, technological, legal and environment factors) analysis to determine your industry’s status quo.

• Core competencies which you must have included in your brief above.

The critical areas above tell AdHang where your brand stands, how and where your brand should go. Then the digital marketing strategies will be formulated. All the strategies and information will be passed to the following teams to continue.


-Team 2: Copy-writing team will write sales and educative articles, banner advert-headlines, press releases, video scripts and online presentation: to build relationship and connect with your customers—informing (raising awareness of your brand & products, establishing a competitive advantage), persuading (generating an instant response to drive sales) and engaging potential buyers as a superior alternative over competitors.


-Team 3: Designer team will design online media presentation, creative and attractive online banners in various sizes – adhering to channel specifications, international standard and best practices.


-Team 4: Ad copy creation team will create advert copies, generate ads keywords, select a model and do a video creation.


-Online campaign administrator will hire on-screen video personal, a model; and you will be emailed all the creative works and materials to further confirm they’re consistent with the brief. Once we get a “go ahead” campaign administrator pays all platforms and media.


– Account manager will deploy your advert on platforms such as Google, Yahoo, Microsoft Adcenter, Linkedin, Cokoye, etc. And all the adverts will start running immediately, i.e., under one contract your adverts will be deployed in all the online platforms listed in the plan you choose, and your banners start to pop-out in tens of thousands of online places – above, below, alongside and even in the middle of web-page contents, and will be found across every imaginable style and type of online sources.


-Team 5: Content marketing and publishing team will forward a copy of prepared emails/articles, a web video and a press release to you before sending to various media and sharing websites. Because, once they’re sent out to all the hundreds of places online, AdHang can no longer have control over them, the contents can go viral.


Depends on “the brief” or/and “plan” you choose. Following experts will be 100% dedicates to your success: account manager, online digital environment researcher, content marketer, social media marketer, mobile marketer, influencers specialist,  data analyst, online display strategist, search engine marketer and campaign administrator. All will manage the digital marketing all over the internet with focus on achieving your objectives and goals. In addition, AdHang will track all online marketing activities such as online users’ reactions, views, clicks, location of viewers, users’ duration on site, time of visits, platforms’s  performances, awareness coverage, among others. At the end of every week/month a report will be sent to you.
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