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Medical Doctor online marketing agency in Nigeria AdHang will help you achieve your objectives to create awareness of your services and get patients across Nigeria. Are you a medical doctor or medical director from any part of the world that is interested in Nigeria’s patients? Hire AdHang to help you reach millions of Nigerians who seek medical tourism outside Nigeria to countries such as India, Dubai, the UK, the USA, France, Germany, etc.

Note: AdHang follows MDCN’s Code of Medical Ethics in Nigeria as much as possible in its online informative campaign approaches. Therefore, the agency simply does public enlightenment that informs the public about their health using your name, enlightens them on benefits, dangers, signs, implications, etc; educate them on the services they can get from your medical center, also will include your location address, contact, and how to benefit from your healthcare services now and wherever the need arises, etc.

Your medical practice location does not matter

Also, AdHang has you covered if you practice and base in Nigeria; it does not matter where you are located though,  whether Ghana, Egypt, South Africa, or outside Africa, the marketing goals are the same and simple: make you popular, fill your waiting rooms with patients, boost your revenue and medical career.

A Doctor digital marketing package designed for you

AdHang has different medical doctor online marketing methods it can use to engage potential Nigerian patients for you. However, the cheapest and long-lasting for your type of services are as follows:

  1. AdHang team will write promotional content about you and your medical services that will resonate with Nigerians and post them in selected 6 Nigerian online forums (social media) nationwide.
  2. AdHang will create advertising listings in 5 classified listing sites in Nigeria/Africa.
  3. There will be news-oriented, but informative piece of content about your medical services written and published on 300 selected online news portals for Nigeria.
  4. Share to 50 selected Nigeria’s public groups on Facebook twice, with a combined 2 million+ members.
  5. Publish a permanent healthcare blog post about you in Nigeria using
  6. Professional medical website development (if you do not have a website), includes web design, Google map integration, web hosting, web address registration for 1 year, and search engine optimization of the website for a month. If you have a website already, your current website will be optimized to rank No.1 on Google and Yahoo for your field of medical services in Nigeria.

The Things these digital marketing will achieve

  • This internet awareness will remain permanent in these platforms for years
  • You will be coming up in search engines for your medical services in Nigeria and across Africa
  • Awareness will be created about you and your medical services in Nigeria
  • Nigerians will be educated about you and your medical services
  • Top search engine ranking of your website in Nigeria
  • Getting patients over time as your name and the medical services you offer will remain in these 300+ platforms across the internet targeting Nigeria’s patients, and this public awareness will keep on benefiting you in the long run in Nigeria, and entire Africa

The digital marketing fee

All these cost only $1, 999 (one thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine dollars), a one-time fee. It will take the agency 7 working days to complete. A report on all the advertising works done will be sent to you as links to verify them all.

Internet awareness display for 28 days included

In addition, there will be an attractive and well-designed internet banner that will run for 28 days on the following websites and platforms:

  • Nigerian medical blog.
  • Google: search engine and display ads network
  •  Nigerian news site.
  • Instagram: Photo social media site.
  • African/Nigerian marketplace.
  •  African/Nigerian online discussion forum.
  • Facebook: Social networking site.

Case Study

Doctor Name:  Dr. Nader Salti

How Dr. Nader Salti Reaches Thousands Of Potential Patients In Nigeria, For His Medical Services, Ranks Number One In Nigerian Search Engine Results, At The Same time Follows Medical Advertising Ethics

The digital marketing aims: to make you popular, fill your waiting rooms with patients, and boost your revenue and medical career.

How to get started

  1. Send to AdHang the representative piece about you, profile details, services in general, how patients can contact you, and all information you want Nigeria’s prospects to know.
  2. Send to AdHang website address you want to register for your site, if you already have a site, your website address, or link to your profile page in your hospital’s website (this may be used as the landing page for the advertising, and some Nigerians may need that to validate advertising claim that they are dealing with the doctor the advert is talking about).
  3. Pay the advertising fee using Moneygram or Western, or make a wire transfer to a bank account the agency will send to you.

These are all needed for the agency to start the preparation of the creative works (internet banners, promotional contents, and headlines). Once all the digital marketing creative works are already done, AdHang will forward them to you, before they go live online to Nigeria’s public.

Use the form below to contact AdHang for any questions you have.


AdHang is based in Nigeria, most of the marketers are from Nigeria and reside in Nigeria, over a decade experience marketing in Nigeria, and promoting healthcare and wellness in Nigeria; therefore, nobody understands Nigerians than AdHang team.

Medical Doctor Online Advertising Agency in Nigeria

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