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Online media planning agency in Nigeria (AdHang) using over ten years of experience in digital marketing in Nigeria will certainly write media planning that will give your organization a great return on investment.  AdHang can help your entity to write a strategic, and an advanced online media planning in Nigeria on the following: social media marketing, content marketing, influencers marketing, online display advertising, search engine marketing and mobile marketing. Also, AdHang has expertise in market research in Africa, and traditional media planning and buying in Nigeria.

Who can hire AdHang for online media planning in Nigeria?

Among those AdHang’s online media planning is meant for are business selling or about to sell a product or render service in Nigeria, or around Africa, event organizer for an event’s promotion, a public figure for political campaigns in Nigeria, or around Africa, an institution such as school, church, and government for an effective public awareness and enlightenment, etc.


Online Media planning by AdHang is broken down into 6 stages:

  1. Situation analysis.
  2. Establishment of media objectives.
  3. Media strategy development.
  4. Selection of effective media platforms for the goals and objectives.
  5. Amount to spend on each platform/site in relation to the total budget, using factors such as goal relevance, media buying type, and effectiveness.
  6. Implementation recommendations and evaluation.


Media planning cost starts from $8,399.

Media planning duration:  9 – 14 working days.

After the online media planning is done and submitted. To ensure success, AdHang will give you 3 months support free of charge in case there are needs to answer questions, guide the organization, and  to ensure adequate implementations of all the strategies.  This is a demonstration of confidence in our media planning and ensuring your organization gets the best.


Example of AdHang’s online media planning.

A company wants to launch e-marketplace targeted at the Nigerian market; the e-marketplace is called “BuyingMediaNigeria” (name disguised). The e-marketplace has many attractive and unique features and a business model that never existed in the e-commerce space in Nigeria. The company’s marketing budget is $1, 000, 000 annually. AdHang was hired to write an effective online media planning that will help BuyingMediaNigeria to establish its name in Nigeria, make profits, and dominate the e-marketplace in Nigeria.

AdHang team wrote the media marketing plan for BuyingMediaNigeria. But, for obvious reasons, we cannot list the whole media planning stages here.  Therefore, we can show the situation analysis, and leave the other five stages.

After extensive works, below are the results of the situation analysis:

  1. BuyingMediaNigeria’s marketplace category has to be established in Nigeria.
  2. Market size: loosely 91.6 as an internet platform (being active Nigerians online according to data from Nigerian communications commission, as of the time of this planning).
  3. TOTAL SET (about over 4,000 are e-marketplace sites targeting Nigeria)>>>AWARE (about 90)>>>CHOICE (about 10: the popular players are Jumia, Olx, Konga, vconnect, Jiji, Efritin, etc.)>>> USE (it could be any of the 10 sites). Digital marketers’ primary duty here is to move the BuyingMediaNigeria to “USE stage” by millions of Nigerians as quickly as possible.
  4. Positioning:  can be positioned as making buying and selling easier; affordable, professionalism in service delivery, by place, country of origin, people behind the e-marketplace, etc.
  5. Must go viral online in the next 30 days of starting the marketing to accelerate brand recognition across Nigeria and create a sense of uniqueness, and to call millions of Nigerians’ attention on a big thing that entered e-commerce space in Nigeria.
  6. Brand activation: fostering Nigerians actions, and bringing the brand to life via experiences and forming long-term emotional connections.
  7. Points-of-parity and points-of-difference: what are things BuyingMediaNigeria has in common with other e-marketplaces? Connecting sellers and buyers, targeting Nigeria, e-commerce apps, payment systems, etc.  And what are things that differentiate BuyingMediaNigeria from other e-marketplace sites in Nigeria? (All omitted).
  8. Apart from internet, would there be a need for “above the line advertising or below the line” advertising”? Being an internet platform, internet is the core. However, after 12 months in which competitors must have been coming into the niche, there can be complementary “above the line” and some elements of “below the line advertising” approach.
  9. SWOT Analysis
  • Strengths: unique, simple to use, owners ready to market it, free, relatively first in the niche, etc.
  • Weaknesses:  online based only, good marketing investment required, users need at least basic internet browsing skills to use it, etc.
  • Opportunities:  91.6 market size, first-mover advantages, can become a household name in this niche in Nigeria, etc.
  • Threats: Competitors move, the possibility of government making laws to control e-marketplace activities, internet fraudsters using the platform, customers’ bad experience and negative comments, users’ frustration emanating from selective attention, etc.
  1. Product life cycle: Introduction, growth, maturity and decline stage.  (BuyingMediaNigeria is in the introduction stage).
  2. Because of its stage in Nigeria (introduction), it needs to achieve four general objectives of advertising below.
  • Informative advertising: awareness creation, extensive education of users and establishing the brand.
  • Persuasive advertising: to increase signups and sales.
  • Reminder advertising:  to encourage repeat purchase/usage, create its sense of activeness in the industry, etc.
  • Reinforcement advertising: to foster benefits, give reasons to use the platform for those who are yet to, depicts positive features of the platforms, guarantees, etc.
  1. Must employ below 6 components of internet digital marketing:
  • Online display advertising (below and above the folder banner display).
  • Search engine marketing (organic and sponsored display methods).
  • Social media marketing( using different categories such as Forums like Cokoye, etc;  Photo sharing sites like Instagram, etc; Video publication like youtube, Vimeo, etc; News aggregators like Reddit, Feedly, etc; Presentation publication sites like,, etc, wikis like, Wikia, etc, and social networking sites like Facebook,, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc).
  • Mobile marketing (ads to be showing in smartphones, tablets, feature phones, etc).
  • Content marketing ( posting positive reviews, storytelling, case studies, testimonies, info graphs, promotional articles, newsletters, internet press releases, etc).
  • Influencers marketing (connecting industry analysts and journalists, they will write/post about BuyingMediaNigeria on their blogs, news portals, etc).
  1. BuyingMediaNigeria’s brand association: authentic, original, innovative, leader, effective, strong, trust, etc.
  2. Result estimate/pyramid

With its marketing budget of $1, 000, 000 in 12 months (approximately N370, 000, 000) AdHang estimated 3 to 15 million users at the end of the year. All things being equal:  marketing plan implementation, customer care, service delivery, competitors’ reactions, industry activities, etc.

The illustration below is the summary of how AdHang arrived at an estimated figure to achieve the goal of 3 to 10, 000, 000 users at end of 12 months.

  • 3, 000, 000 to 10, 000, 000 views/impression per day x at least 30 days = 90, 000, 000 to 300, 000, 000 views/impressions x 12 months = 1,800, 000, 000 to 3,600, 000,000 views/impressions

Projected result analysis using above figure:

  • Reach/Awareness: 91, 600, 000 (one person can see the advert more than a time. The 91.6 million reach is the market size, being online active Nigerians according to NCC data as of the time of this project).
  • Interest: 70, 000, 000 (those who will develop interest about BuyingMediaNigeria).
  • Evaluation: 35, 000, 000 (those who will study and want to know how the BuyingMediaNigeria works).
  • Decision to use: 30, 000, 000 (those who will decide to be using BuyingMediaNigeria).
  • End-users: 3, 000, 000 to 15,000, 000 (those who will eventually be the users).

With branding effects at the top of the funnel and other factors, the end-users will increase over time.

  1. How about offline: there is always this temptation to get just everybody in (which is ideal). However, spending the marketing budget on everybody, unfortunately, leads to frustration, waste of resources, and failure. Because all persons are not the prime site’s users, and marketing era does not work this way. Having done SWOT analysis, BuyingMediaNigeria niche market size is loosely 91, 600, 000 active internet users in Nigeria, which are covered in the marketing plan (the 3 million result estimated is approximately 2.74% and 15 million results estimated is approximately 13.7% of the 91,600, 000 active internet users). Meaning, BuyingMediaNigeria has a lot of ground it has not captured here yet.For the other people who are not active online yet, they have divergent reasons, their common reasons are as follows: not computer literate (BuyingMediaNigeria may have to teach them how to operate a computer), do not have an internet-enabled device, fear of mistakes, feeling of being too old to learn technology, do not trust anything internet, etc.

    To get these people active online will take time, and require huge marketing expenditure – probably from various internet players such as Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Jumia, Konga, OLX, Microsoft, Institutions, Telecommunication companies, Governments, Banks, etc.  Many internet companies who tried this due to lack of experienced marketers are either pulling back now, have totally stopped or out of marketplace due to a waste of marketing resources that eventually lead to the failure of the venture.

It will be unwise for BuyingMediaNigeria at this stage to burn marketing expenditure on these inactive Nigerians alone, when its real active market has not been fully captured.  Only the 2% to 13% active Nigerian online users will be captured at the end of 12 months (using the estimates above).

  1. After 12 months, at this stage, competitors must have been gradually entering into the niche (especially latent competitors); then, there will be a need to strategically, slowly, and selectively incorporate other advertising media types to complement efforts – Radio, Newspaper, TV, etc.

This is the end of situation analysis results for BuyingMediaNigeria. Remember, a situation analysis is one stage, out of 6 stages in online media planning, and its length varies depending on the product/service, organization’s size, industry,  marketing budget, business’s objectives, media goals, duration of the campaign, etc.

Research Service

Apart from online media planning, AdHang can help your business to carry out research works.

A complete Business and full Market analysis, these include SWOT analysis, target audience, drivers, industry growth, future trends, demand, size, market stats, competitors analysis, and custom marketing techniques.

Research Methods

Most of our research information is from our paid and reliable sources like IBIS, Statista, Business dynamic statistics, Survey monkey, Fed stats, Survata, Userlytics, and other reliable and trusted resource to find the exact data and information required for comprehensive researches, discoveries, accurate presentations, and perfect business decisions.

Other information gathering Methods

In addition, with years of experience in the field, AdHang also employs observation methods and uses over a decade of experience in the digital marketing industry in Nigeria/Africa.

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Media Buying

Are you looking for a media buying agency in Nigeria?

With strategic traditional agencies’ and media houses’ partnership in Nigeria, AdHang can assist your company in media buying in Nigeria.

Media buying services such as selecting the best media for your objectives and running commercials in the Nigerian media such as Television, Radio, and newspapers. Also, AdHang can help your entity design and print posters in Nigeria, it does not matter your state in Nigeria: Lagos, Abuja, Kano, Anambra, Portharcourt, etc.

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AdHang team using over ten years of experience in the digital marketing industry will save your organization from losing out in Nigeria; waste of money, time, and digital marketing failure. Therefore, hiring the agency today for media planning, buying, or market research in Nigeria Africa will be the wisest decision to make.

Do you have questions? Use the form below to reach AdHang.

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