The music industry is always evolving, which is especially true in this digital era. Not long ago, major companies would sign musicians and then oversee their music marketing strategy and promotional operations. However, this is no longer the case. The growth of independent musicians coincides with the rise of independent music marketing. Creating a brand… Read More

For many Nigerian artists, marketing contradicts who they are and what they do. Because producing music is profoundly personal and emotional, thinking about a music marketing plan to promote their work may appear strange, phony, or forced. This is where a record label like yours comes in. The job of the record label is to… Read More

How to market a movie in Nigeria is a guide to help movie producers to market their movies in Nigeria, Africa, and across the world.  You have to identify the target audience you want to market the movie to; they could be men, women, all adults, or a particular tribe, etc.  Where is this target… Read More