Digital Marketing guide for Record Labels In Nigeria

For many Nigerian artists, marketing contradicts who they are and what they do. Because producing music is profoundly personal and emotional, thinking about a music marketing plan to promote their work may appear strange, phony, or forced. This is where a record label like yours comes in.

The job of the record label is to help promote itself and the artist and bring their songs to audiences that will connect with them while the artist keeps making good music.

Every day, an incredible volume of new music is posted to streaming services, and most of the time, how record labels are marketed in Nigeria affects whether they will connect with an audience or not.

How can you stand out in the digital music market, especially in a country like Nigeria? The irony of the internet is that, although it has never been simpler to release music, it has also never been more difficult to get recognized.

The days of a big label pouring millions into potential emerging artists are long gone. Radio exposure no longer has the same weight it once did.

That is not to say that there aren’t techniques to stand out. It just indicates that you need to think about your strategy a little more thoroughly.

If you’re not sure how to properly market your record label in Nigeria using cutting-edge digital marketing techniques, these five places should be the first sites in your arsenal to market your record label in Nigeria.

Social Networking Sites

Human nature has been hardwired to be socially active to some level by default. And some people are more physically active than others.

Nigerians, on the other hand, have always looked for methods to connect and network with one another. And, in this day and age of digitalization, Nigerians have discovered methods to be socially engaged on the internet, which is now possible thanks to the increasing number of social networking sites.

Relationships now start, flourish, and end on social media. Personal handshakes and face-to-face meetings are no longer required.

Below are some of the more popular social networking platforms that record labels in Nigeria are using today to reach millions of Nigerians.

News Sites

The news sites in Nigeria publish information about current events and activities. And these news may be published in a variety of media formats.

This variety is a combination of an online newspaper and a printed newspaper. The Internet, or going online, increased options for newspapers and independent news websites that were not tied to a printed edition. Every news outlet in Nigeria’s main objective is to publish or broadcast the most recent, breaking news first.

With internet newspapers and news sites in Nigeria, anything you submit is immediate, out there, current, fresh, and news right now.

That’s why news sites in Nigeria are a great place to market your record label. All you have to do is submit your record label to these news sites and they will be immediately seen by millions of Nigerians.

Some of the news sites in Nigeria are:

Forum Sites

Nigerian forum sites are online communities where members read and post on subjects of mutual interest.

These forums are beneficial to promoting your record label to Nigerians online, both in terms of consuming content and actively engaging in conversations.

Participation as a record label owner in Nigeria can help you in gaining awareness in the music industry and may even produce highly qualified business prospects. However, forums range in their approach to self-promotion; some prohibit any form of self-promotion, while others are specifically geared toward self-promotion, and many fall somewhere in the middle, restricting URLs to an off-the-page user profile.

It is important to read the terms and conditions of each Nigerian forum for a basic guideline of what is allowed. It is also a good idea to read older postings to see the guidelines in action. Failure to do so may result in your record labels’ reputation being tarnished and your record label being permanently banned from the community.

Some forums in Nigeria where you can promote your record label are:

Video Sites

Video sites are growing increasingly popular, owing in part to the fact that people’s demands are continuously changing. These video uploading platforms may be used to share work done by your record label to get more eyeballs on the music your record label produces.

Creating music videos can help to market your record label in Nigerian, but only if it is appealing to Nigerians. Fortunately, there are several video-sharing services and platforms. Some are popular everyday sites where large audiences visit. While others are specific sites that appeal to a certain fan base. Find a video site that caters to record labels. Whether it’s niched down to music or it is a general video site that also allows record labels to share their work.

Either way, you need the exposure for your record label.

With quicker and more reliable internet connections, online video-sharing services have grown popular, especially with an increase in active user engagement. Videos undoubtedly account for the vast majority of the information Nigerians consume online nowadays. That’s why it makes sense that you use one of these video-sharing platforms to market your record label in Nigeria.


You can use search engine optimization to grow your record label in Nigeria. How can you do this? Simple.

Start a website or blog, or record your music, and publish it on your own website, a news site, forums, or any video sharing site.

Do this consistently and if people engage with your content, the search engines will push your content in front of more people. And that’s how you can market your record label in this digital marketing economy and get your record label to millions of Nigerians every day.


Digital marketing for record labels in Nigeria can be pretty simple if you know exactly what to do. And the steps above should shine some light on what it takes to get your record label recognized in Nigeria.

But if you still need help getting your record label in front of millions of Nigerians on a consistent basis, get in touch with our representatives at AdHang and we’ll help take your record label to the top of the Nigerian music industry. Or You can choose from our online promotion packages.