how to market a movie in Nigeria

How to market a movie in Nigeria is a guide to help movie producers to market their movies in Nigeria, Africa, and across the world.  You have to identify the target audience you want to market the movie to; they could be men, women, all adults, or a particular tribe, etc.  Where is this target audience for this movie located? Are they people of a particular region in Nigeria, or Nigeria in general? This is to enable you to know where to concentrate efforts in your movie marketing in Nigeria.

This next question on how to market a movie in Nigeria is what is your objective of marketing this movie? Your movie marketing objective in Nigeria can be to create awareness, educate the target audience about the movie, make sales, remind (if awareness has been done before), secure distributions’ services from intermediaries (wholesalers, retailers, etc), promote the producer’s name, etc. Of course, you can have multiple movie’s marketing objectives.

At this stage, you need to determine the marketing communications’ needs: message strategy (what do you want to tell the world about this movie) and creative strategy (how do you want to convey it to them: solution ads, news release, film’s trailer, banners, headlines, infographic, online presentations, etc ). If you do not know how to go about these, you can hire AdHang, Nigerian No.1 movie online marketing agency in Nigeria.

Media: there are traditional media and new media (Internet).

This guide will focus on the internet – marketing a movie on the Internet in Nigeria has the following benefits:

  1. Internet movie marketing is the cheapest compare to traditional channels: TV, Radio, Billboard, and Newspaper.
  2. Marketing a movie online has more coverage.
  3. Online movie marketing can be tracked.
  4.  The Internet is the fastest way on how to market a movie in Nigeria.
  5. The movie marketing contents can be online forever, therefore making you sales non-stop.
  6. Online marketing can easily result in online viral activities.
  7. The advent of the internet has reduced information one on one basis (smartphones, tablets, feature phones, personal computers, etc).
  8. There are over 120 million active Nigerians on the internet according to NCC’s data.

Now, how to market a movie in Nigeria online: there are various ways to market movies via the internet in Nigeria; generally, there are search engine marketing, online display advertising, social media marketing, content marketing, and influencers marketing.

In this guide, I will briefly explain each of them.

Films marketing strategy in Africa
  • Search engine marketing:  your movie can be marketed in Nigeria via search engines. You can use sponsored ads, or organic display (through SEO) where Nigerians who are searching for movies, issues and entertainment orientated things will be coming across the movie.
  • Online display advertising: online display mostly involves creating headlines and designing banners, then pay websites’ owners to place the movie’s adverts in their Nigerian websites and websites Nigerians visit.
  • Social media marketing: there are many ways social media marketing can be used to market your movie in Nigeria, such as fan page, joining marketplace groups and posting adverts there, your social media timeline, writing adverts, and running sponsored ads.  Note: there are different categories of social media which are forums, social networking, wikis, news aggregators, presentations/files sharing, images/photos, and videos.
  • Content marketing: this is one of the great ways on how to market a movie in Nigeria. With content marketing, you can create the movie’s press release, infographic, newsletter, promotional articles, and circulate them on hundreds of places online. AdHang has a package for this and can help you circulate your PR all over the internet targeting millions of Nigerians.
  • Influencers marketing: influencers marketing in Nigeria is one huge strategy on how to market a movie in Nigeria. Influencers are opinion leaders, journalists, industry analysts, etc.  Influencers can help you through various online platforms (blogs, news portals, social media, etc) to recommend, promote, and sell your movie to millions of Nigerians.

Combination of the above movie online marketing will expose your movie to millions of Nigerians.

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