AdHang’s expertise saves entities time, money and stress to reach millions of people via internet. Adhang’s standard plans make it possible to reach a target audience in a particular region, location, across Nigeria, or entire Africa’s continent; whether they use personal computers, smartphones, cellphones, tablets, feature phone or laptops. AdHang ensures widest internet coverage, and instant massive awareness.


What Are Included


Works listed below are included in the plans:
A to Z creation of online communication tools

• Advert/Headline message copy writing.

• Informative and educative strategic content copy writing.

• Creative internet’s banner sizes: 728×90, 160×600, 468×60, 250X250, 300X250, 318X106 and 300X600.

• Enlightenment web video production.

Complete management

• Over 30 seasoned professionals to dedicate to campaigns success around the clock.

• Developing awareness formats, configuring advert links, and placing online ads.

• Taking care of all the online media owners’ requirements, terms and conditions.

•  Applying most advanced, comprehensive, and robust set of online technologies.

• Awareness article circulation, presentation publication, press release distribution, and video sharing around the internet.

• Hiring and managing advertisement model.

• Hiring bloggers, and ensuring conveying of right messages to target audience.

• Managing and running the online campaigns every minute all over the internet.

Around the web monitoring

• If applicable – top 3 rivals’ activity tracking and analysis, and monthly report.
• Targeted audience behavior, promotion metrics, and report.


The Plans


To start, below are three plans to choose from:

Platforms| Premium| Enterprise| Economy
Google: its search engine and network of websites Yes Yes Yes
Facebook's sponsored ads Yes Yes Yes
Cokoye's banner ads and its network of websites Yes Yes Yes
Cokoyes's social networking sponsored ads Yes Yes Yes
Microsoft:, Bing and AOL Yes Yes Yes
Yahoo: its search engine and partners' sites Yes Yes Yes
Instagram's sponsored ads Yes Yes No
LinkedIn's sponsored ads Yes Yes No
Twitter's sponsored ads Yes No No
Vanguard newspaper online Nigeria Yes No No
Guardian newspaper online Nigeria Yes No No
Online slide show/presentation creation
and publication on world's popular presentation
sites such as slideshare, slideboom, authorstream and
Video publication to video sharing websites 80 video sites 25 video sites No
Web video creation (includes script writing) 30-59 seconds duration Yes Yes No
Web's model Yes No No
Bloggers reviews and recommendations 10 bloggers 2 1
E-mail writing and bulk sending 40,000 recipients 20,000 recipients 9,000 recipients
Informative post creation on internet forums30 forums 20 forums10 forums
Press release writing and publication on internet media sites Yes No No
Price per day NGN 249,900 $690 NGN 99, 900 $276 NGN 49, 900 $138
Aside platforms ads display, all contents remain permanent online, e.g. forum posts, video, press release, etc

Note: The above three plans, which are Premium N249,900 ($690), Enterprise N99,900 ($276), and Economy N49,900 ($138) are default plans. While these standard plans can fulfill most needs; AdHang can adjust to a different budget, or further customize a plan to serve you: a project can cost $1,000,000 daily, or as low as $30 daily. It depends on SWOT analysis insights, rivals activities and strong hold, goals, and time frame, aggressive mechanism; awareness level, target audience disposition, reminder campaign routine, persuasive nature, reinforcement metrics, and so on. If any of the above plans is okay for your entity click here to provide details to get us started.

However, If you don’t have a big budget and need a marketing that is cheap to test our marketing and involves only onetime fee. AdHang’s welcome package is for you(see the detail in the next tab).


Welcome Package

If you don’t have a big budget and need marketing that is cheaper to test our marketing and involves only onetime fee. We have below welcome package that will expose whatever you want to advertise across Nigeria/Africa.

The digital marketing welcome package details are as follows:

• Online Press release writing and publication to big 270+ news sites
• Sale’s content writing and publishing to 14 Nigerian forums
• Promotional write up and permanent blog post on blog in your niche, e.g. (health and wellness), estate), etc.
• Share all the above on 20 active Nigerian facebook groups with combined 300, 000+ members
• 5 Headlines writing and 5 professional online banners design

The internet banners will display for 60 days in the below sites:

• African/Nigerian social networking site.
• African/Nigerian marketplace.
• African/Nigerian online discussion forum.
• Nigeria’s online news site.

The cost of all these is N899, 000 ($2,480). However, to encourage and welcome you to AdHang, pay only N399, 000 ($1,099). This is to demonstrate the agency’s ability to give value, and enable your company to test our marketing services and give you more reasons to go for our daily plans when your marketing budget increases.

Things to achieve with these:
• These internet marketing contents will be permanent in these platforms for life
• You will be coming up in search engine for your product/service
• Awareness will be created about your brand and its product/service in Nigeria
• Nigerians will be educated about your brand and its product/service
• Customers/clients will be stimulated as your product/service remain in these over 300 sites permanent, and these advertising will keep on benefiting you in a long run.

To get started with our welcome package: request for the AdHang’s bank account detail through the form below, pay the fee to the agency’s bank, send to us the product’s details or link to the product’s page or whatever you want to advertise, then the creative works (banners, online press release, sale’s content, etc) will be done. They will take 5 working days to complete, all the creative works will be sent to you for review and approval before they go to the public, then the advertising will begin.




• Online advert rates in Nigeria by AdHang include multiple online platforms

One website/platform is not enough to reach a good number of people, as nobody visits only a site. Multiple online platforms mean more coverage and reach.  

• Cost of online advertising in Nigeria by AdHang is cheap compare to going directly to these platforms’ owners, and amount of advertising works involve

Going directly to sites’ owners means paying higher (or the costs listed in the media’s websites), also they do not produce advertising creatives; agency’s advertising prices are cheap, advertising creatives will be done for you: online banners, headlines, videos, press release, info-graph, etc.

• In the cost of advertising in Nigeria by AdHang many strategic marketing jobs are incorporated to achieve successes

All advertising works from planning to execution of the advertising are done to achieve objectives and goals.

• Digital marketing packages in Nigeria by AdHang include social media, search engine, influencers, internet display, mobile and content marketing

Digital marketing comprises 6 components, and all these components will be seamlessly employed to get results faster and easier for your entity.

• AdHang provides complete solutions on how to advertise online in Nigeria

All things you need for an online marketing success on Earth are factored in and used strategically: data, situation analysis(SWOT analysis), planning, media negotiations, websites selections, creative works productions, years of experience, multiple professionals, advertising management, etc.

Digital marketing packages in Nigeria advertising rates