Online advert rates in Nigeria

Each of the online advertising plans is designed to achieve your aims, depending on the nature of your products, services, solutions, or business, and what your entity considers as the objectives. Some objectives to achieve from AdHang’s plan are increase in sales, enquiries, impressions, brand recognitions, name recall, top search engine ranking, leads, awareness, public enlightenment, downloads (app, brochure, form, e-book, music, etc), mentioning across the internet, popularity, intermediaries’ recruitments (developers, resellers, wholesalers, agents, etc), applicants, subscriptions, and traffics. It all depends on objectives that are important to you, then AdHang will focus the PLAN on them. And reach your target audience in all over 36 states in Nigeria + Abuja, or at a particular region, or entire Africa’s continent and beyond. Whether they use personal computers, smartphones, tablets, feature phones or laptops… at the workplace, on the street, at home…we reach them. All plans ensure the widest internet coverage, instant exposure, and high results.
Below are the plans, works included, frequent asked questions and benefits (if you are using mobile phone to browse this page, you may scroll left or right to see the prices on the plans’ tab).


Works Included


Works included in the online advertising plans


A to Z creation of online advertising creative works

• Online advert/headline copy writing.

• Informative and educative strategic content copy writing.

• Create attractive online banners. Sizes: 728×90, 160×600, 468×60, 300X300, and 300X600.

• Commercial video production. From script writing, video footage, voice over talent, special effects to a full professional video.

Complete advertising management

• Over 30 seasoned professionals to dedicate to the online advert success around the clock.

• Develop awareness formats, configure advert links, and place online ads.

• Take care of all the online media owners’ requirements, terms and conditions.

• Apply most advanced, comprehensive, and robust set of online advertising technologies.

• Awareness article circulation, presentation publication, press release distribution, and video sharing around the internet.

• Hire and manage advertisement model.

• Hire bloggers/influencers, and ensure conveying of right messages to the target audience.

• Manage and run the online advertising campaigns every minute all over the internet.


• AdHang team will report to you on a weekly basis what we have done, what results we are getting, and what we plan to work on next, etc. AdHang will keep you involved every step of the online advertising.

See the next tab for the plans.


The Plans


To get started, below are three plans to choose from:

Google: search engine and network of websites YesYes Yes
Facebook's sponsored ads YesYesYes's banner ads and its network of websites Yes Yes Yes's sponsored banner adverts Yes YesYes
Microsoft ads: Bing search engine and network of search platforms Yes Yes Yes
Instagram's sponsored ads Yes Yes Yes
Yahoo: search engine ads YesYesYes
LinkedIn's sponsored ads Yes Yes No
Twitter's sponsored adsYes No No
Vanguard newspaper online NigeriaYes No No
Guardian newspaper online Nigeria Yes No No
Bloggers' reviews and recommendations 10 blogs 2 blogs 1 blog
Web video creation (includes script writing) 30-59 seconds duration Yes YesNo
Video publication to video sharing websites 85 video sites 40 video sites No
E-mail writing and bulk sending 40,000 recipients 20,000 recipients 9,000 recipients
Informative post creation on internet forums30 forums 20 forums10 forums
Online slide show/presentation creation
and publication on world's popular presentation
sites: slideshare, slideboom, authorstream and
Influencers Yes NoNo
Press release writing and publication on news media sites Yes NoNo
Price per day (daily cost) NGN 249,900 $690 NGN 99, 900 $276NGN 49,900 $138
Aside platforms ads display, all contents remain permanent online, e.g. forum posts, videos, press releases, infographs, blog publications, etc

Note: The above online advert rates, which are Premium N249,900 ($690), Enterprise N99,900 ($276), and Economy N49,900 ($138) are standard plans. The money will be used to pay all the platforms and sites for sponsored Ads and produce all the adverts, creative works and contents, and distribute all the online marketing materials all over the internet through the sites listed on the plan. While these standard plans can fulfill most needs; AdHang can adjust to a different budget, or further customize a plan to serve you: a project can cost $400,000 daily, or as low as $30 daily. It depends on SWOT analysis insights, rivals activities and strong hold, goals, and time frame, aggressive mechanism; awareness level, target audience disposition, reminder campaign routine, persuasive nature, reinforcement metrics, and so on. If any of the above plans is okay for your entity, to get us started, provide the following information and send them to us through the form below.

1. What service or product does the company/organization deal on, or what do you want to advertise, promote or publicize?
2. Who are the target audience, and the region or country they are located?
3. Your organization’s website if any.
4. What are your objectives? E.g. to create awareness, increase sales, subscribers, educate potential customers, public enlightenment, establish the entity as an expert in the field, etc.
5. The plan you choose, and timeframe.

The answers from the above will help AdHang team on the following:

i. Situation analysis ( this includes SWOT analysis)
ii. Determine the communication needs: message strategy and creative strategy, e.g., problems solution advert, demonstration ads, etc
iii. Setting the channel objectives, e.g., search engine marketing, influencers marketing, social media marketing, mobile marketing, online display advertising, and content marketing
iv. Establish platforms’ objectives

Welcome Package

If you do not have a big budget, and need a digital marketing package in Nigeria that is cheaper to test AdHang’s digital marketing service and involves only onetime fee. AdHang has digital marketing welcome package below that will expose whatever you want to market/advertise across Nigeria/Africa.

Things included in The digital marketing welcome package

• Online press release writing and publication on big 300 news sites
• Share the PR on 10 active Nigerian Facebook groups with a combined 200, 000+ members
• Promotional content writing and publication on 14 Nigerian forums
• Educative write up and permanent blog post on a blog in your niche, e.g. (health and wellness), estate), etc.
• AdHang team will run sponsored ads on Google, Instagram and Facebook for 28 days.
• 5 Headlines writing and 5 professional online banners design

The internet banners will display for 28 days in the below sites:

• African/Nigerian social networking site.
• African/Nigerian marketplace.
• African/Nigerian online discussion forum.
• Nigeria’s online news site.

The cost of all these is N899, 000 ($2,750). However, to encourage and welcome you to the agency, pay only N499, 000 ($1, 373). This is to demonstrate the AdHang’s ability to give value for money, and enable your company to test AdHang’s digital marketing services in Nigeria and give you more reasons to go for the daily plans when your digital marketing budget increases.

Note that this digital marketing package can market/advertise anything; help your entity for awareness, educating a target audience, getting traffics to a site, or to get people take actions like sales, attend event, acquire leads, download something, etc.

6 Things to achieve with this digital marketing package

1• These internet marketing contents will be permanent in these platforms for life
2• You will be coming up in search engine for your product/service
3• Awareness will be created about your brand and its product/service in Nigeria
4• Nigerians will be educated about your brand and its product/service
5• Getting enquiries
6• Customers/users/clients will be stimulated as your product/service will be permanently published in 315+ sites, and these advertising will keep on benefiting you in a long run.

To get started with this digital marketing welcome package: request for the AdHang’s bank account detail through the form below, and pay the fee to the agency’s bank, then send to us the product’s details or link to the product’s page or whatever you want to advertise. Next the digital marketing creative works will be done: internet banners, online press release, educative content, contextual ads, etc. These digital marketing creative works will take 5 working days to be completed, all the creative works will be emailed to you for review and approval before the advertising will begin.



Frequent Asked Questions


Our budget is higher/lower than the default plans

AdHang can go higher or lower on a marketing budget and give your entity fully customized strategies. Let the agency know your online advertising budget, as a result a different online advertising package will be emailed to you for reviews and an approval, and then the online marketing will begin.

Already we have online advertising in Nigeria running on a platform in the plan, can you exclude/replace it?

Yes, if you have online advertising in Nigeria running in any platform included in the plan, AdHang can replace that platform with another or exclude it and deduct its cost on the plan.

What are digital marketing performance indicators we can achieve?

There are lots of performance indicators you can get from AdHang’s online advertising, depending on the nature of your products, services, or business, and what your entity considers as objectives/goals for the digital advertising in Nigeria. Some performance indicators you get from AdHang’s digital marketing are increase in sales, enquiries, impressions, likes, followers, brand recognitions, name recall, top search engine ranking, leads, awareness, public enlightenment, download of apps, intermediaries’ recruitments (developers, resellers, wholesalers, agents, etc), subscriptions, traffics, etc. It all depends on what is important to the company at a given time – AdHang’s online marketing plans can help you achieve all these and more.

Minimum of how days would I start getting orders/sales for my product/service?

It depends on many FACTORS such as awareness level before now, product life cycle, brand trust, nature of the service/product, price tag, target personas, and ability to attend to prospects, etc. In addition, judging by 10+years experience marketing to get sales, the typical funnel goes like this: 1. Awareness >> 2. Evaluations >> 3. Considerations >> 4. Decisions >> and 5. Subscriptions/Purchases. All these will influence what happen and determine whether the sales will start instantly or later.

In other words, if your product/service is the type that can be purchased/subscribed on impulse or an emergency solution (candy, bottled water, magazine, newspaper, drink, recharge card, betting, handwashing liquid, etc), you may get sales immediately the online advertising starts; in the other hand, If your product/service is new in the market, or has high price tag, technical in nature, requires assessment/planning before purchase/subscription; like car, computer, school admission form, house, etc. It may need at least a month to start achieving subscriptions/sales. Of course, prospects will be reached instantly AdHang commences the online advertising.

Do you accept after sales payment?

AdHang is an online advertising agency representing entities across the world and help them to professionally plan, create ads, pay platform owners, and manage digital marketing and market online to accomplish objectives and goals. Therefore, internet advertisements are prepaid to owners of these platforms used, both local and international sites.

Our product is a platform’s censored product could you market it?

Yes, AdHang can help you market in Nigeria your platforms’ censored product such as adult product, betting service, cryptocurrency, prescription medicine, etc. AdHang has a different package for it and can help your company 100% market the product online. In this case, contact AdHang and tell the agency the product, marketing objectives (sales, educate users/consumers, awareness, etc), timeframe, target audience and the budget. With these, a unique package and online advertising strategies will be emailed to you for reviews and an approval, and then the online marketing will begin.
Note: AdHang does not circumvent law or ethical conduct of an industry; a product/service is being marketed online by AdHang following best practices and standard governing any industry. For example, a prescription medicine will not be promoted to consumers but physicians such as doctors, medical directors, pharmacists, etc.

What is the difference between economy and other plans aside from the cost?

1. Premium and Enterprise plans have LinkedIn’s sponsored ads.
2. Premium has 10 blogs to be used, Enterprise 2 blogs while Economy has 1.
3. Premium has bulk email sending to 40, 000 recipients, Enterprise 20,000, while Economy is 9,000 recipients.
4. Premium has video production 30 -59 sec (includes voice-over, script writing, graphics, special effect, etc) and the commercial video will be published on 80 video sites, while Enterprise is 40 sites.
5. Premium has an informative post creation on Nigerian/African internet forums on 30 forums, Enterprise 20 forums, while Economy has 10 forums.
6. Only the Premium plan has the following:
• Sponsored ads display on Twitter, Vanguard news website, and Guardian newspaper website
• Nigerian Influencers marketing
• Product Infograph/presentation creation and circulation on 30+ file sharing sites
• Press release creation and circulation on 300+ news sites


As a marketer, what marketing strategies can AdHang carry out?

For a brand, product, or service; AdHang’s digital marketing components, creatives, expertise and selection of sites can accomplish virtually all marketing strategies. Using over a decade of experience in the industry, the strategies AdHang can help your company in Nigeria are as follows:
• Market penetration strategy
• Brand positioning strategy
• Push marketing strategy
• Pull marketing strategy
• Brand activation
• Points-of-parity and Points-of-difference strategy
• Brand category establishment
• And many more


How many days would each advertising plan run?

The cost of each plan is per day. For example, if you want your online advertising in Nigeria to run for 30 days, and chose enterprise plan: the cost will be N99,900 X 30 days = N2, 997, 000 (two million, nine hundred and ninety seven thousand Naira).

How cheap is AdHang Premium Plan compare to TV Advert Rates in Nigeria

Average 60 seconds TV advert rates in Nigeria cost N61, 000, while AdHang premium plan costs about N10, 412 in the same duration. In addition, AdHang employs multiple advertising platforms and your promotion’s contents (like articles, info graphics, online press releases, videos, etc) will remain online forever promoting you.

How cheap is AdHang Enterprise Plan compare to Advert Rates in Nigerian newspapers?

Average full-page colored advert rates in Nigerian newspapers cost N600, 000 daily, while AdHang Enterprise plan costs only N99, 900 daily. In addition, AdHang employs multiple advertising platforms and your promotion’s contents (like articles, info graphics, online press releases, videos, etc) will remain online forever promoting whatever you advertise.


Is there a limit on what AdHang can advertise, promote or publicize?

Exception of fake or illegal thing; AdHang can promote, advertise, or publicize virtually anything on earth. This includes Product, Service, Experience, Person (politician, artist, activist, lawyer, etc), Event (crusade, carnival, festival, etc), Information (book, research, etc), Place (city, state, museum, tourism center, etc), Organization’s image, Properties, and so on. AdHang’s digital advertising in Nigeria is for all.


Can AdHang work as our digital marketing department?

Yes, AdHang can work 100% as your digital marketing department. The agency will take care of all the company’s digital marketing needs in Nigeria; these include consultation, internet publicity advice, online marketing strategies, ads tactical approach formulation, advertising management, web promotion planning, social media marketing administration, advert creative development, etc, and ensures that objectives of the company are accomplished around the clock. Also, the agency prepares monthly digital marketing reports, and answer to the company anytime there is the need (Monday to Friday).

Does AdHang advertise outside Nigeria?

Yes, AdHang can help you advertise outside Nigeria; as a world’s premier digital marketing agency, AdHang can market online across African continent and world at large.

What advertising report does AdHang provide?

When AdHang is hired, creative works done, and the online advertising begins. The agency provides three reports below:

i. notification of adverts display in all the listed online platforms/sites within 48 hours (the adverts can be seen across Nigeria, and world at large)
ii. notification of all the contents’ publications in all the listed online sources within 7 days (with active publications’ links which the publications can be viewed across Nigeria, and world at large)
iii. the online advertising/marketing performances on weekly or monthly basis, or at the end of the contract period

We are ready to hire AdHang, how could we start?

1. Click on plans, or welcome package’s tab to get started; or if you have platform’s censored product or a unique budget, request for a customized offer, through the form on this page, and the agency will get back to you.
2. Make the marketing payment, and the receipt will be sent within 24 hours.
3. AdHang team will create all the digital marketing creative’s works (internet banners, headlines, press release, contextual text ads, promotional piece, etc) and forward them to the company for approval. Once the agency gets the approval feedback, all the media owners will be paid and the marketing will begin within 24 hours.



6 benefits of AdHang’s online advert rates in Nigeria


1• Online advert rates in Nigeria by AdHang include multiple online platforms

One website/platform is not enough to reach a good number of people, because nobody visits only a site. Multiple online platforms mean more coverage and reach.  

2• Cost of online advertising in Nigeria by AdHang is cheaper compare to going directly to these platforms’ owners, and amount of advertising works involve

Going directly to sites’ owners means paying higher (or the costs listed in the media’s websites), also they do not produce advertising creatives; agency’s advertising prices are cheaper, advertising creatives will be done for you: online banners, headlines, videos, press release, info-graph, etc.

3• In the cost of advertising in Nigeria by AdHang many strategic marketing jobs are incorporated to achieve successes

All the advertising works from planning, message strategy, creative strategy to execution of the digital advertising in Nigeria will be done for your entity to achieve its objectives and goals.

4• Digital marketing packages in Nigeria by AdHang include social media, search engine, influencers, internet display, mobile and content marketing

Digital marketing comprises 6 components, and all these components will be seamlessly employed to get results faster and easier for your entity.

5• AdHang provides complete solutions on how to advertise online in Nigeria

All things you need for an online marketing success on Earth are factored in and used strategically: data, situation analysis(SWOT analysis), planning, media negotiations, websites selections, creative works productions, 10+ years experience, multiple professionals, advertising management, etc.


6• AdHang’s Advert rates are cheaper compare to traditional media adverts rates in Nigeria

Average 60 seconds TV advert rates in Nigeria cost N61, 000, while AdHang premium plan costs about N10, 412 in the same duration; average full-page colored advert rates in Nigerian newspapers cost N600, 000 daily, while AdHang Enterprise plan costs N99, 900. In addition, AdHang uses multiple online sources and your promotion’s contents (like articles, info graphics, online press releases, videos, etc) will remain online forever promoting whatever you advertise all over the internet in Nigeria.



AdHang delivered on the works in the package, and effectively managed the online ads and achieved all the stated objectives of the advertisement.

Femi Akinseloyin

Femi Akinseloyin

Developer – Nigeria Map Jigsaw

AdHang helped our organization to run online publicity for an event and generated over 60 thousands participants. After this event that held in 30th September, 2016 at National Stadium Abuja, since then our organization has been using the agency to create awareness and generate huge online publicity for events.

Moses John

Moses John

Pastor – Deeper Life Bible Church





“AdHang has The Cheapest Online Advert Rates in Nigeria in terms of value”

Cost of online advertising in Nigeria


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