AdHang online marketing elements

In marketing there are eight elements of marketing: product, place, price, promotion, people, process, physical evidence and partnership.

In AdHang, there are six elements of AdHang. AdHang when hired can use its expertise on these six digital marketing elements to achieve your entity’s objectives. Some of the objectives are: awareness creation, increasing demand for products or services and stimulating sales, online public relation, public enlightenment, building or repairing public opinion, and reminder.

Below are the six elements of AdHang:



adhang display digital marketing NigeriaElement 1.  Online Display Ads

AdHang’s online display advert helps you display your advert or messages all over the internet in thousands of online platforms and opens new opportunities for your brand. The display ads can be for yearly continuity or just short term advertising such as for up coming sales, political campaigns, etc.  AdHang’s online display adverts strategy will spread your tentacles all over the internet through relevant websites where your target audiences visit online, at the right time, in the chosen city/state and to the people who are to benefit from your display messages.

AdHang will create, design and contextually feature online banners using innovative technologies, internet positions, and make the online display compatible with different gadgets and devices used by Nigerians such as mobile phones, laptops, desktops, tablets, etc.  The major reason AdHang’s ads displays element is important is that it builds brand awareness quickly and gets information across faster, since people are more likely to remember what they see than what they read or hear. Therefore, AdHang’s display ads help your company/organization’s objectives progress from unawareness to “top-of-mind” awareness, making the right impacts to the target audiences and building recognition both in state and national level in Nigeria.



adhang content digital marketing NigeriaElement 2.  Online Content Marketing

Without online content marketing there is nothing to read by the target audience, nothing to optimize and nothing to share on social media websites. will evaluate and study your objectives and employs content marketing types that best suit your situation, because AdHang’s content marketing element involves numerous tools such as articles, info-graph, video, news letter, case studies, testimonies, reviews, interviews, white papers, sales copies and so on; depends on your target audiences.

AdHang’s online content marketing element helps companies, organizations, institutions and businesses achieve their objectives online.

It will help you do or accomplish the following:

  • Develops lasting relationships with target audience
  • Creates loyalty and trust, with target audience
  • Helps to build authority and credibility in Nigeria
  • Positions you or your business or organization as an expert in your industry or in a given issue
  • Generates internet visitors to your website or office offline
  • Opens a channel of communication through social media shares and comments
  • Helps your customers move through the purchase decision more quickly and easily as everything needed to know will be explained to them through various content types
  • Provides value with no strings attached, this helps target audience make decisions themselves
  • Informing and educating your target audience online and much more

AdHang’s online digital marketing content element is important for visibility and building a connection with your customers or potential customers or buyers online



Adhang Mobile digital marketing NigeriaElement 3. Mobile Marketing

Most Nigerians use mobile phones and keep them handy throughout the day. This means you can reach target Nigerian audience or potential customers wherever they go around Nigeria. Mobile online marketing AdHang’s element targets and follows people wherever they are, and does not depend on any single location.

AdHang designs numerous mobile friendly advertising tools that integrate into various mobile devices such as tablets, feature phones, smart phones, etc. With AdHang’s online digital marketing element information is reduced to one on one basis. Thus, your advertising or public enlightenment messages get to Nigerians as they access internet with their mobile devices.

AdHang’s mobile online digital marketing element leads to higher target audience response rate online and engaging to customers or potential buyers since Nigerians are generally very attached to their mobile phones.



AdHang social media digital marketing NigeriaElement 4. Social Media Marketing

This AdHang’s online digital marketing element helps advertisers take advantage of the users’ demographic information and target their advertisement appropriately.’s social media targeting combines targeting options like behavioral targetinggeo-targeting, socio-psychographic targeting among others to make adequate target group identification possible in Nigeria for you.

With this AdHang’s element of digital marketing: you can target people’s online networks;  know what type of audience you’re going to reach; have the ability to target Nigerians based on their distinct interests or people based on their job titles or business experience. This is an incredible advertising asset for businesses and organizations to utilize to reach their perfect audience online in Nigeria. has the needed expertise in social media marketing in Nigeria, and professionals that will ensure your messages reach Nigerians through numerous social media categories such as Online forums, News aggregators, Social networking websites, Photo sharing websites, File sharing websites, Wikis and Video sharing websites.



Adhang SEM digital marketing NigeriaElement 5. Search Engine Marketing

This AdHang’s online digital marketing element tends to understand internet user intent and optimizes towards the type of keyword that will be searched on search engine( SEO in Nigeria) and then creates exact and related target keywords for that particular search term and display adverts that talk to your target audience as they type keywords in search engines such as Yahoo, Google, Bing, etc.

This is one of AdHang’s elements that takes internet users with more focus and real intent to your website or landing page you want internet users to go and read your message in totality what you want them know about your company, offer, institution, organization or you. With AdHang’s professional search engine ads display optimization, it’s so easy to attract qualify and well targeted clicks on an ad.



Adhang influencers digital marketing NigeriaElement 6. Affiliates/Influencers Marketing

This AdHang’s online digital marketing element brings brand ambassador to deliver on-point messaging over a window of time to your target audience online. Influencers will invest the necessary time turning, spreading and building trust for the brand or promoting your message to their audiences and internet users at large. connects your organization, brand or business with right influencers online that will become evangelists of your product, service or enlighten the populace about your messages or what you stand for. uses mostly value added influencers such as journalists, analyst, academics, opinion leaders and experts to pass messages and spread clients’ tentacles all over the internet within short period of time.

Without any work on your part, AdHang’s influencers will adequately take your campaign to the next level, the influencers have blogs readers, listeners, audiences and social media followers to share your brand, information or contents and tie it to a specific call to action that will direct traffic to desire online/offline destination.



Some of online platforms & digital marketing tools that are used by AdHang




Digital marketing in Nigeria using Google

Digital Marketing in LagosGoogle: Google has millions of Nigerian users that use their various services – from gmail, youtube to search engine. Your advert will appear in the Google’s search engine when  Nigerian people search for your products, message, event, and service, or any thing else you want to expose to Nigerian masses. Google has millions of partners’ pages where it serves adverts, as well as thousands of Nigerian website partners across Nigeria. Your advert will be displayed on these Nigerian websites. Within 2 hours of running your advert in Google, you can gain your first visitors, viewers, and buyers.




Digital marketing in Nigeria using Bing

digital marketing in nigeriaBing search engine: when it comes to digital marketing in Nigeria, and online advertising, Microsoft empire, is much more than Bing.  AdHang will place your advert on Microsoft Adcenter, the advert will be displaying on search partners’ websites, content network, geo-targeting, and much more. You can reach tens of thousands Nigerians that use Bing search engine, and Microsoft services for their day to day internet activities across Nigeria and entire Africa.




Digital marketing in Nigeria using Yahoo

digital marketing in NigeriaYahoo: in online advertising in Nigeria, putting your advert in Yahoo by is one of strategic ways to engage Nigerians. Millions of Nigerians across the nation use Yahoo services daily, such as Yahoo email account, search engine, Yahoo groups, Yahoo answers, etc. As a Nigerian advertiser, your advertising will not only appear in Yahoo, it will appear in its Nigerian partners’ websites, and this will make it possible to reach millions of Nigerians.




Online Advertising in Nigeria using Cokoye

online advertising agency in nigeriaCokoye: is an African leading online community with tens of thousands of discussions going on the community, mostly by Nigerians. will place your advert on Cokoye to leverage on a good number of Nigerians that visit the online forum for various activities, such as posting articles, discussing trending topics, and life issues, etc. Adverts on Cokoye are displayed in forum boards, categories, under the menu, on homepages, and inside discussions; forum website networks, etc. positions companies’ advert to target users visiting from Nigeria.




Digital marketing in Nigeria using Linkedin

social media management in nigeriaLinkedin: Linkedin is a great website. As an internet advertising company based in Nigeria, with years of experience in digital marketing in Nigeria, we can tell you that Linkedin is by far the most professional social networking website. will position your advert with highest customization to reach your target Nigerians using the website. Your advert will be displayed to decision makers, companies’ owners, professionals, etc.




Digital marketing in Nigeria using Facebook

Facebook social media management companies in NigeriaFacebook: Facebook with over one billion users, and millions of Nigerians using Facebook on daily basis, it has become a good online advertising site to reach Nigerians. AdHang being a digital marketing company in Nigeria with years of experience in facebook advertising, will place your advert in Facebook sponsored section to reach millions of Nigerians for whatever you want to advertise to Nigerians.

Note: This is different from having a Facebook account, or page. This is called “Facebook sponsored advert” and displays in all Facebook users’ walls. Facebook sponsored advert does not require Facebook users to like your page, or to be your friend to view your advert. You do not need a Facebook account. pays Facebook to run online promotions.


Online Advertising in Nigeria using

best marketing companies in is an African social media website, under social networking category of social media. is a social networking website with a lot of users, and tens of thousands of bloggers using it to network, and share contents daily. It receives hundreds of blogging on various topics by users/companies daily. AdHang’s digital marketers will place your advert on the website homepage, visitors section, members profiles, and  photos section, blogs, etc. Tens of articles are posted on everyday by professionals, journalists, bloggers, educators, writers, and companies, etc. Your internet advertisement will be displaying on these fresh articles, and its users’ profiles.




Digital marketing in Nigeria using Instagram


Best social media marketing in NigeriaInstagram: Instagram is an online social media platform in photo sharing category of social media. As visual social media becomes one of the key tools to capture attention of Nigerians on internet. AdHang will plan, design, and develop a display social media campaign for your business, organization, or institution to communicate to fans, followers, customers, and potential buyers, or any audience in Nigeria. In photo sharing category of social media, Instagram is one of the most-used photo sharing platforms in Nigeria. As the leading digital marketing agency in Nigeria, AdHang will help you increase engagement, build trust, reach a target market and new audiences, and create a massive brand awareness in Nigeria using points-of-parity and points-of-different social media marketing campaigns.




Online Advertising in Nigeria using Vanguard

Digital marketing agents in LagosVanguard newspaper: Vanguard newspaper Nigeria is one of the leading Nigerian newspapers that is read nationwide. It has an online news portal where many Nigerians read stories, news, tropical topics, etc. AdHang will put your advert on their website to target Nigeria’s audience. Your advert will appear on the top right corner of the homepage, and all pages of the website. Your banner will be placed on the Vanguard’s website, and it will be rotating with other banners currently on display.




Online Advertising in Nigeria using Guardian

Digital marketing agent in LagosGuardian newspaper: Guardian Newspaper Nigeria is a popular Nigerian newspaper that is read nationwide by Nigerians. The online version of Nigerian news media allows to place adverts on the portal, targeting Nigerians that visit the website for their daily news reading.




Online Advertising in Nigeria using banners

best digital marketing agencies in nigeriaOnline banner: online banner is one of digital marketing tools used by the agency to promote businesses in Nigeria for different objectives, such as brand exposure, short run sales impact stimulation, and long run branding. Also, banner is used to display political campaign messages, and public awareness for institutions such as government, schools, churches, etc. AdHang employs innovative technologies, tools, and different types of online banners that can be viewed on mobile phones and desktop which will ensure widest digital campaign in Nigeria.




Digital marketing in Nigeria using video

best video marketing agencies in nigeriaOnline video: video is emotive, engaging, and can connect your audience to your message. Video advertising will lead to trust, curiosity to listen, and know more, confidence, amusement and effectively deliver message. AdHang’s video creation comes in many forms, such as enlightenment, testimonial, product demo, about us, and explainer with elements of humor. Video production at AdHang can be in form of an animation, a whiteboard, or a live spokesman/women, etc. In addition, AdHang can publish and market videos across internet to ensure massive awareness. AdHang has over 80 selected video sharing, and promotion platforms to publish videos.

News Media


Digital marketing in Nigeria using News Media

best internet media marketing agencies in nigeriaPress release: press release has changed a lot since online digital marketers have realized the importance of online content marketing. Press release expands public knowledge about particular interests, and can help introduce new products, or services, improve brand image, and digital viral possibility; because people can start sharing it on their social networks. Online press release creates buzz that was never possible with a traditional press release. With AdHang’s press release creation, distribution channels, and networks; your press release will be written and sent to hundreds of journalists, and internet digital publication’s sources that will publish it on their websites. This will lead to an instant worldwide exposure of your message.




Digital marketing in Nigeria using Article

Content marketers in NigeriaArticle marketing: article marketing is recognized as a way for names, organizations, businesses, and brands to reach out to millions of Nigerians through online article directories, blogs and forums. As Nigerians learn, share, and read an article, it will lead to great awareness, reputation building, and increasing traffic to the brand. Article will help educate your readers – assisting them to decide the right action, products/services to buy, knowing what is expected from them, benefits, features, etc. AdHang as the No.1 digital marketing agency in Nigeria, and expert in awareness campaigns, will write an informative and educative article, and circulate it to hundreds of article directories, social networking sites and forums around the internet for sharing and publication.  Any article published by AdHang will remain permanent in the respective online platforms, i.e., articles will never be removed the agency, even if you cancel your subscription.




Digital marketing in Nigeria using Presentation

Lagos new media marketersOnline presentation: Online presentation will enable your company or organization, product, or message to reach a target audience through digital slide presentation sources across the internet. Online presentation by AdHang combines visual, aural, and written elements, and will be providing you with an extra medium to promote and create awareness. AdHang’s professional presentation team will create dynamic, attention-grabbing, and effective slide presentation your target viewer will read online, comment, and share. This will make them to easily remember your business, institution, or brand.


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