The Nigeria Map Jigsaw is a game that lets players learn about Nigeria (Culture, History, politics), the game is educational and fun, suitable for all ages. There are two aspects to the game, which makes it fun for players. There are map jigsaw and general knowledge.


Creating a fun and exciting game is one thing, getting people to play your game is another. Nigeria Map Jigsaw has all the qualities of an engaging and exciting game, but sometimes that is not enough.

Being a newly developed game, Nigeria Map Jigsaw struggled to build a presence in a very competitive market. Getting game enthusiasts to patronize its hard work was proving difficult. This was due to so many factors.

The game had no online presence, and a big part of building one is by having a good SEO ranking for keywords related to the game. Nigeria Map Jigsaw had a poor SEO ranking, amongst other faults.

Nigeria Map Jigsaw knew the marketing of the game to be successful would require layers of strategies. When they came across AdHang, they jumped at the opportunity to reach a large audience.

In all the digital marketing strategies needed to make the game successful, the developer and AdHang agreed to work only on awareness, educating the target audience, searching engine ranking, and establishing trust.


Contacting our support was the turning point for Nigeria Map Jigsaw; it set the ball rolling, and we were happy to lay out a proven and tested marketing strategy that would help achieve their goals.

We started by creating headlines and designing internet banners’ adverts, which we placed on many sections and posts of five different platforms (,,,, for 30 days.

Also, we set up a content marketing strategy which involved;

  • A promotional write-up and publishing on one of the sites mentioned above
  • A press release writing and publication on 11 websites permanently consists of blogs, news sites, forums, etc


After thirty days of publishing ads and implementing a content marketing strategy, Nigeria Map Jigsaw could boast of a Number one Search engine ranking for the app’s name (Nigeria Map Jigsaw) and the top first page of Google search ranking for its play store page.

Other results recorded include:

  • Awareness (generated millions of impressions/hits)
  • Backlinks to the app’s play store page and website
  • Educating the users now and in the future
  • A permanent promotional piece about the app online from multiple sources
  • Foster potential users’ confidence as they search online, and the different positive contents about the app will be seen, etc.

Developer Name: Femi Akin.
Country: Nigeria.
Campaign Focus: Nigeria Map Game.
Works Done: ad copy, internet banners, PR writing, advertising management, etc.