Social Networking Advertising Case Study


Mabwe, operated by Mabwe LLC, is a social networking website recently launched in Africa. It is an African space carved out of the need to not only connect Africans but also promote African idea-generation and curation in a unique way. And according to its about page, Mabwe is not reinventing the wheel but merely utilizing the World Wide Web in a better and more nuanced way for Africa, Africans, and its Diaspora.


Mabwe wanted to increase traffic to its site.

With its well-defined goals and awesome features, Mabwe could not break into the “most important social networks in Africa” bracket. Mabwe was like the new kid in school, trying to get into the “cool kids” clique. Of course, the new kid would have to dress up and look the part to get accepted. Not to mention, the fact that he might need a fan base to help his course.

Case study of marketing social networking site

Mabwe’s website was not user friendly (did not look the part), it couldn’t get visitors to the site. And the few visitors that the site got ended up living without taking any action. This was a worry for the company because it meant, it was almost impossible to rank on search engines (Google).

In searching for solutions and progress points, Mabwe’s CEO discovered Adhang. An agency that met the high standards they were seeking.


On contacting our support, we set the whole process in motion. We began by addressing a very important aspect of the Mabwe brand, which is its website. To make it user friendly, we started by recommending changes to contents and UX design on the site.

Our recommendations went from optimizing website content and UX design to suit its target audience.

We set up social media marketing strategies, using Facebook and Instagram. As well as designed social media fan pages and executed online forum marketing.

Additionally, we developed the perfect promotional piece, and press release content for Mabwe distributed these content across hundreds of news portals and platforms. And further increasing traffic to the website through bulk email sending.


After a few weeks of developing Mabwe’s website messages and implementing various strategies, Mabwe began to notice positive changes. The website is now userfriendly compared to what it was and experienced a notable increase in website traffic.

Mabwe reported the following results:

  • Top search engine ranking
  • Awareness across Africa’s continent and beyond
  • Good online presence
  • Saturation of contents about Mabwe across the internet from different sources
  • Estimated 2, 000, 000+ people reached
Mabwe promoter
Social media promotion case study