Real estate event seminar


Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum City, District One, is an exclusive high-end residential destination situated in the heart of Dubai on Al Khail Road. With its luxurious Villas, palatial mansions and exquisite landscape, not to mention its strategic location at the city’s centre, this residential area was designed for the creme de la creme of Dubai as well as the foreigner, willing to part with some substantial cash to enjoy the best of what Dubai has to offer.

In order to create awareness of this classy location to Nigerian investors, the AdHang team was hired by the consulting firm in charge of launching the real estate property -Sulfman consulting Limited, to help create awareness of a three-day event being organized to showcase the Dubai properties to strategic investors, at the Hilton Hotel Abuja, Nigeria.

The challenges

There were a number of challenges(chief among them being targeting the right prospects) that the property developers realized would have to be overcome to make for good success at the event, and give the real estate commensurate returns on their investments. The homes in this district were huge investments and not something an investor or homeowner would buy on an impulse; as such it would be an exercise in futility to design campaigns that would focus on just reaching the masses in Nigeria.

Situational+SWOT analysis

When it became clear to the consulting firm that in order for the real estate awareness event to be successful in Nigeria, strategic marketing campaigns were necessary; they reached out to the AdHang team for help in developing effective and highly targeted campaigns focused on ideal prospects.

After a thorough situational and SWOT analysis of the current challenges, the AdHang team came up with three key performance indicators (KPIs) that needed to be achieved in order to record good success for the program.

-Creating awareness to the right people and in more than adequate numbers, to guarantee a good turnout
– Educating investors and buyers about the properties and stimulate interest in hearing more about it
-Fostering buyers confidence even before the event, making it easy to close sales on the D-day

What AdHang did?

AdHang developed real estate marketing strategies using the right content marketing tools and careful selection of digital marketing components, to achieve a targeted and highly impactful marketing campaign.
-Bulk emails were sent to over 50,000 CEOS, business owners, and potential investors and buyers
-Real estate blog banner ads and evocative posts were published on
-The event PR was written and published on Nigerian blogs and news portals like
-The Real estates and events’ posts were also shared on Facebook groups and internet market places

The results…

Dubai Real estate marketing case study in Nigeria

1. A good number of investors, agents and buyers turned up for the program and a lot of them visited the event stand in Hilton Hotel Abuja.
2. Several leads were generated.
3. Business connections were made between the investors and the promoters.
4. Permanent awareness of the brand through blog, online news and internet forum publications about the properties.

At the end of the program, the client who was immensely thrilled with the turnout and awareness level, expressed his gratitude to AdHang’s COO, with these words, ’I thank God and most especially your team for the success of my program.’

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