Besides the sale of Accurate Fuel Testing devices and provision of Drilling and Completion Fluid services, Zone Petroleum Limited offers the following Fuel & Storage Maintenance services:

  • Fuel Monitoring (real-time on the web via Mobile Devices & Computers).
  • Fuel Sterilization (using a mobile or permanently-installed machine).
  • Fuel Tank Washing (using Steam Pressure of up to 200°C).

Zone Petroleum Limited was founded in 2006, to become the premier Oil Service and Facilities Operations Support Company in Nigeria.

Its product lines are differentiated primarily along two segments:

1. Fuel Maintenance Systems

2. Oil Service Operations.


Zone Petroleum wanted to build an online presence.

While Zone has been around for some time now, it was yet to build a market presence online. In a very competitive sector like oil and gas, having a website alone is not enough.

The only form of contact between Zone and its online audience was via its website. Content about Zone Petroleum could only be found on its website.

Zone was in the process of launching a new promo that would generate leads and sales as well as increase its brand awareness.

Lacking in online presence and searching for ways to communicate its new promo, Zone came across AdHang.


“We scoured the net for the best marketing agency in Nigeria, had conversions with other digital marketing agencies and we had settled with Adhang.”  According to the company’s MD.

As soon as Zone got to our support, we set their project in motion.

We started by creating advert copies communicating the company’s solutions to the target audience. We went on to designing internet banners and placing them on local sites.

To ensure that we cover all aspects possible, we posted news releases and publications on eleven portals: news site, social networking, and blogs.

We also placed classified adverts on online marketplaces and published sales pieces on a popular and active external blog.


Within 30 days of putting the strategy in motion, Zone Petroleum Limited could boast several results:

  • Awareness across states in Nigeria and beyond.
  • 1.261 million Impressions/hits.
  • Contents about the company and services it provides were placed on lots of places online permanently, thus promoting the brand around the clock.
  • Backlinks to the company’s website.
  • Educating the prospects/clients now and in the future through many contents online.
  • A promotional piece about the services from multiple sources permanently.
  • Foster potential clients’ confidence as they search online and the different positive contents about the name and services are online.