Top Natural Healthcare Digital Marketing Case Study

AdHang, helped Top Natural Healthcare create customers for its herbal medicine for shrinking and eliminating fibroids. The client had a very tight budget and had no effective marketing campaign to attract customers to its natural medicine.

The Problem

Top Natural Healthcare suffered from lack of sufficient customers, or even awareness of its natural herbal fibroid medicine. The company also was plagued by a low budget and a deficient marketing campaign that did not complement its product in its price range.

Top Natural Healthcare contacted AdHang, using AdHang’s template that helps the client identifies its mission and target audience throughout the African continent. This template also outlines the client’s marketing objectives, which helps AdHang professionals understand the client’s goals while assisting the client to express their objectives accurately.

Our Solutions

AdHang performed a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) analysis to become more intimately familiar with the real, total problem. The SWOT evaluation also identified some potential solutions. AdHang then designed some headlines and effective advertising message plans. We designed some original banners that will appeal to target prospects and the Top Natural Healthcare audience. The client believed a one-day marketing blast campaign would be sufficient to get the message out to the target audience; their severely limited marketing budget contributed to the brevity of this strategy. To counteract the short life of the marketing campaign, our professionals published an informative article in thousands of websites to better stimulate traffic within 24-hours. Our marketing message efforts included search engine ads, social networking posts, contextual ads, and online forums.

Our professionals published educational articles on thousands of websites to ensure high-level saturation of the Top Natural Healthcare brand of natural medicines.  Most people in the world were not even aware of Top Natural Healthcare and its natural solutions to troubling health issues. The product we promoted was a proven natural approach to rid women of the often painful fibroids in or around the uterus. This growth often inhibits a female’s fertility, particularly disturbing the appearance of fibroids when women hope to become pregnant and bear children. This non-invasive approach rids the female body of fibroids without any surgical procedures.

We also highlighted a report that explained the natural solution offered by Top Natural Healthcare. All that was necessary for visitors to do was to fill out a simple (three lines) form to gain instant access to the information in the report. To categorize this as a “marketing blitzkrieg” is accurate. We had to accomplish goals that normally take weeks or months to become fruitful in 24 hours.

The Results

The 24-hour internet marketing campaign resulted in 111 sign ups. There now was permanent quality content about the Top Natural Healthcare site and its service level on literally thousands of platforms around the world. The Top Natural Healthcare brand was enhanced. Its trust and recognition level increased significantly. If we could do this for this client in 24-hour campaign, you can comfortably infer what AdHang could do for you to reach brand enhancement and increased revenue.

The creatives

digital promotion banners

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