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Dynamo Delay is a U.S.-based personal products company, poised to launch its products in the African nation of Nigeria.

The Challenges

The Dynamo Delay team was looking for a high-quality promotional campaign for the launch of its product in Nigeria. The problem was, the company’s current website was not Africa-focused at all, and didn’t speak to the local audience. What’s more, the company didn’t yet have a presence on the social networking sites dedicated to Nigeria and the African continent.

The company had been searching for local professionals in Nigeria — and later throughout the continent — who had at least 10 years experience of social media services for an African audience, with no luck.

In addition, they’d been contacting many agencies and IT professionals to help with the website and back-end development, but none of the local companies had the high international standards the Dynamo Delay team was seeking.

How AdHang Helped

dynamodelay Africa website

After much searching, the Dynamo Delay team found AdHang, choosing the agency for the quality of service and its global code of conduct — as well as its global standards.

We began with the design and development of an e-commerce website that incorporated elements of the African experience, thereby attracting the local audience. We also created social media fan pages on sites including Socialwider.com, a popular social networking site in Africa, as well as Facebook.

In terms of content, we developed a series of articles that addressed the issues target audiences were facing and customers challenges with using the product. We also created different online videos such as the one posted here that addressed users’ needs and encouraged sales conversion.

The End Result

With our strategy, design, and website and social media support, Dynamo Delay’s company leaders felt good about the image it was projecting to the local — and global — community. Today, DynamoDelay Africa is well-positioned to compete in the target marketplace.

Two of the creatives

Adult product advertising case study in Nigeria

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