Social Media Marketing Packages in Africa

With over 15 years of experience in social media marketing in Africa, these social media marketing packages in Africa from AdHang are designed to meet two main categories of social media marketing needs. The Social Media Package 1 helps you proactively engage your target audience via social media anywhere in Africa like Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya, etc; while the Package 2 is to maintain social media activeness, it works well if you already have social media followers. Of course, you can go for the two packages.

 Listed below are the social media marketing packages in Africa, what each entails, and costs:


Social media ads promotion and engagement campaign cost $1, 697 a month. These include:

  • Social media banners creation and sponsored campaign management
  • Paying multiple social media sites and running sponsored promotion on the following social media platforms and their places:


  • Facebook news feed (mobile)
  • Facebook news feed (desktop)
  • Facebook right column (desktop)
  • Etc


  • Instagram feed
  • Instagram stories
  • Etc

SOCIALWIDER.COM (Africa’s social networking site with over one million members)

In the sponsored banner will be rotating on:

  • On top of the Photo sharing section socialwider
  • On top of the Blog sharing section
  • On top of all Blog write-up made on the social site
  • Etc

COKOYE.COM (Africa’s online forum with over 450, 000 members)

In the sponsored banner will be rotating on:

  • Forum home page
  • All categories/sections of the forum
  • At the end and bottom of every thread
  • Forum messsage index
  • Etc

Also, this package includes the following:

  1. Situation/SWOT Analysis.
  2. Social Media Marketing Planning.
  3. Social Media Marketing Strategies.
  4. Social Media Advertising Setup.
  5. Your Fanpage Integration in the Social Media Marketing Campaign.
  6. Social Media Promotion Administration.
  7. The Social Media Marketing Campaign Performance Reporting.

Objectives to achieve with this package at the end of each month:

Creating awareness for your products/brands/offers/company, stimulating sales, getting leads, visitors to your website and social media accounts. And 3,000 000 to 5, 000, 000 impressions (impressions are the number of times social media users see the sponsored promotion).


Social media account management and content generation cost $272 monthly. These include:

  1. Managing up to two social media accounts (e.g., Facebook Handle and Instagram Handle).
  2. Monitoring the two social media accounts.
  3. Deleting spam.
  4. Editing contents on the pages.
  5. Writing relevant different 100 words 8 times in a month and publishing accordingly.
  6. Full social media accounts’ optimizations with all the necessary social media marketing features.
  7. Ensure that the social media accounts are well secured 247 from hacker.
  8. The Social Media management campaign performance reporting.

Objectives to achieve with package:

Fresh posts, activeness of your social media accounts and maintaining good social media presence in Africa.

Social Media Marketing Pricing Packages in Africa Summary


How to get the social media marketing started

  1. Go for the two packages or choose one that you need, and forward your products/services and social media account handles.
  2. Request for the agency’s bank account details and make the total payment of how many months/years to manage the social media presence, and a receipt will be emailed to you. We accept Naira (Nigeria’s currency) and Dollar.
  3. If you choose both or the First package, AdHang uses 3 working days to produce all the social media advertising materials (e.g., social media banners, ads copies, headlines, etc), and forward them to you to look at before the marketing will begin.
  4. After your feedback, the social media marketing campaigns will commence within 24 hours.
social media marketing pricing packages in Africa

Why choose AdHang and its social media marketing packages in Africa

  1. AdHang is African based agency and has 15+ years of experience in offering social media marketing packages in Africa.
  2. The social media marketing packages are strategically packaged to address needs.
  3. Most transparent social media marketing pricing in Africa.
  4. You know the results you will get before the social media marketing.
  5. Well trained social media marketers in Africa will work on your social media campaign.
  6. The only objectives orientated social media marketing packages in Africa.
  7. Good customer care through phone, site chat, WhatsApp and email.

AdHang’s social media marketing packages in Africa get you covered whether for awareness, leads, sales, and activeness in social media or traffics to your website and offline shop.

Social Media Marketing Prices in Africa- Things to Know

social media management pricing packages south Africa, Ghana and Kenya

With the advent of lots of local social media sites like, social media marketing in Africa has come to stay and AdHang with 15+ years of experience in digital marketing in Africa has been at the forefront of social media marketing strategies in the continent of Africa – from Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya to South Africa. Therefore, AdHang knows in and out of what happens in the continent in terms of social media marketing than other social media agencies.  While social media marketing is one of the components of digital marketing (SEM, content marketing, influencer marketing, etc) it is most common among all the components of digital marketing in Africa to be done wrongly.

While the social media packages and costs are designed to get your social media marketing in Africa or any country in Africa such as South Africa, Ghana, Uganda, Liberia, etc., up and running, the executions of the social media marketing strategies behind them are where AdHang’s social media experts thrive. Yes, other social media agencies in Africa can list prices or packages of social media marketing in Africa but not getting you results.

When it comes to social media marketing in Africa and its packages, AdHang understands that there are many variables that go into social media marketing in Africa, not just the charges and listing prices.   For example, social media marketing strategies in Africa for awareness creation are different from strategies for educating the target audience, yet different from social media campaigns for getting leads and sales, etc. It does not stop here, social media marketing campaigns for B2B are different from B2C, yet differ from industries as different industries in Africa have different rules of engagement when it comes to social media marketing.

These different social media marketing strategies among other reasons tell why companies across the globe choose AdHang’s social media marketing packages in Africa and use AdHang as their social media marketing agency in Africa.

Select AdHang’s social media marketing packages in Africa above to get the agency started, of course, you can go for the two packages depending on your social media marketing objectives and goals in Africa.

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