Nigerian public figure campaignsAs a public figure in Nigeria, whether a political office holder, activist, futuristic or opinion leader. AdHang has creative professionals to help you influence, persuade, educate and inform millions of Nigerians via online; achieve your objectives and goals quicker and easier in Nigeria.

AdHang’s public figure digital approach seeks to change Nigerians’ perception or behaviors via online. And will enhance or consolidate your reputation around the nation, which can be seen as basis of trust. In building or repairing public opinions online in Nigeria; AdHang has different tactical and effective strategies, and innovative online digital technologies to engage millions of Nigeria’s populace via array of online platforms and tools.


Below are steps to start your online digital campaigns and the AdHang’s public figure’s working approach:


A. Select suitable a plan (or let’s know your choices through your brief; will work with them instead). “Click here to download a brief template

B. Email us copy of your brief document (your brief document details every thing to know about your online digital campaigns) which will include the target audiences, objectives e.g create awareness, educate the masses, build or repair public opinions etc.



That is all needed on your part for your digital public enlightenment s creative works to begin. Your brief document will be studied and we will contact you if we any need further information.


Teams below will use 10 working days to plan all the online tactical approaches and strategies for the online digital campaigns:



Number 1 Team: Situation analysis team employs AdHang’s array of technologies to study:

  • Target audience/populace (to know who are they, what is their online activities, common platforms etc).
  • Oppositions (to know who are they, what is their digital campaigns strategy, online activities, how effective is their strategy compared to).
  • Perform a PESTLE (political, economic, social, technological, legal and environment factors) analysis to determine the whole status quo at the moment.
  • Core competencies, common public belief, pattern etc.



Then all the information gathered from the above studies will be compiled and forward to the following teams to start the online digital campaigns preparation.



Number 2 Team: AdHang’s copy-writing gurus write digital banner headlines, campaign articles, press release, digital campaigns presentations and educative video script.



Number 3 Team: Digital campaigns design team designs online digital media presentations, arts and attractive online banners in different formats, selection/designing of images that exemplify the campaigns messages of end result benefits.



Number 4 Team: AdHang’s Ad-copy creation gurus creates advert ads copies, research and select ads triggers, generate campaign keywords, call to actions text lines and educative demonstrative video creation, and all the works strictly adhering to digital platforms specifications, international best practice and standards.



-Online campaign administrator will email all the creative works and materials to further confirm by you and they all consistent with the brief document. Once gets a “go ahead” response, campaign administrator pays all the online digital media channels.



– Account manager will publish your campaigns messages on numerous places around the web such as Google, Yahoo and its partners websites, Face book sponsor section, Microsoft Adcenter networks, Linkedin, Cokoyes and its partners websites etc and all the campaigns will start running immediately, i.e. your message will be deployed in all the online platforms listed in the plan you choose and your banners messages start to pop out in numerous web pages all over internet and can be viewed in all the internet enable devices used by millions of Nigerians such as smart phones, feature phones, tablets, palm-tops etc.



Number 5 Team: Campaign content marketing and publishing team will forward a copy of the created campaigns articles, educative campaign video and press releases to you before sending to various digital publishing media and online sharing portals.



Depends on the plan selected or content of the “brief” the following campaigns professionals will be dedicated to the online digital campaigns success: Account manager, online digital environment researcher, internet campaign content specialist, social media display ads expert, mobile campaign strategist, online influencer profesional, analytic metrics expert, online display ads guru, search engine display expert and AdHang’s online campaign administrator. These experts will pull all their weight towards the campaigns and awareness all over the internet to ensure instant and widest internet coverage in Nigeria with focus on the objectives and goals.

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