Experiences, interactions, and observations have shown that when it comes to digital marketing, people often think of it in terms of marketing products or in some cases advertising services.

While different agencies have been existing to help in marketing and branding in these niches and categories from Beer Branding Agencies (product) to Law Firm Branding Agencies(service); but digital marketing goes beyond marketing products and services. Basically, there’re nine categories of things digital marketing can market.

Listed below are nine of them:

1. Products

Product is popular and the first thing that comes to mind whenever marketing or promotion is mentioned and needs no explanation. Digital marketing is used to increase demand for products. Examples of products are televisions, cars, machines, mobile phones, shoes, clothes, etc.

2. Services

Service is one of the things that digital marketing can market to get clients, subscribers, buyers, etc. Examples of services are accountancy firm jobs, consultancy, airline, hotels, internet advertising solutions, legal, maintenance, etc.

3. Events

Event can be marketed or promoted online to create awareness and attract participants, ticket buyers, and audiences. Examples of events are rallies, crusades, carnivals, anniversaries, concerts, festivals, etc.

4. Persons

Persons can be marketed in form of persuasive advertising or internet public enlightenment to maintain a public figure positive image, build or repair public opinions; to convince or attract fans, audiences, clients, supporters, interested groups, etc. Persons that can be marketed or promoted are musicians, politicians, activists, public office holders, artists, futurists, lawyers, authors, actors/actresses, CEOs, etc.

5. Experiences

Experience can be marketed, you can advertise end results to target consumers or audiences can derive from whatever solution you’re selling. It could be uniting family, saving time, making life easier, making people richer, etc.  For example, when our agency AdHang advertises a car, we depict a car owner enjoying new features of the car.

6. Organizations

Organization image can be marketed to an interested group or general public by promoting good works it has done, such as social responsibilities works: donations to charities, funding life-saving research, supporting girls’ education, and community’s works, etc.

7. Properties

Intangible right of ownership to either real estate or financial property such as stock, bond, etc.

8. Information

Information can be marketed to a given audience. Authors create books, universities and schools produce and sell information. Books are promoted to readers, while universities and schools are marketed to students and parents.

9. Places

Places can be marketed or promoted to a given audience or entire world. Places are country, state, city, tourism center, museum, etc.

Things digital marketing can market

These are nine categories of things internet digital marketing can market.  Do you have anything you want to promote online in Nigeria? Click here to see how AdHang can help you achieve your internet marketing or advertising goal: be it to create awareness, run internet public enlightenment, increase sales, carry out reminder advertisement or reinforce. Click here for AdHang’s approach.