Arguably the biggest leveler of small and medium businesses, digital marketing has provided businesses with an unrivaled opportunity to engage directly with their prospective and current customers, by building communities and followership around the products and services they offer.

Today, there are several marketing options for businesses. The list is endless but we’ll list a few; social media platforms like Facebook, Cokoye, Twitter, Instagram, websites/blogs and of course, advertising agencies whose job specifications include maximizing all of the above listed.

If you are a business owner hoping to take advantage of the digital landscape, you may not have the followership or even the experience to gain new customers for your brand and now, you are caught between two options; going directly to website owners with good followership/readership or having marketing agencies take up the task of advertising for you.

Advertising agencies or………

While it would not be denied that advertising directly on websites and other platforms come with their own advantages, e.g., a huge fanbase and followership to promote your brand, (a niche audience, maybe), full-service advertising agencies provide complete and significant value to large, medium and small businesses. They have to their name, track records of building effective and cohesive brands, putting organizations right in front of their customers and audience,and driving lasting sales through far-reaching awareness.

Below, are some of the reasons you should hire an advertising agency instead of going directly to website owners.

Unmatched Experience

A good advertising agency has specific and in-depth knowledge in varieties of industries and markets, alongside valuable experience from a diverse range of challenges and scenarios. This as you already know, cannot be offered by any website.

What could possibly beat having a knowledgeable and experienced staff working tirelessly to produce quick results,all to make the most of your marketing efforts?

BroadSkill Set

With advertising agencies, you get more for less. Compared with going directly to have website owners run ads on their platforms for you, you get an entire team of specialized, experienced professionals; SEO experts, social media account managers, developers etc.all working on your project for less than you would have spent hiring each professional separately.

Again, not one website comes even close!

Fresh Perspective

Another reason you should hire an advertising agency than going over to have your ad slapped on a website is the new perspective you enjoy. A sound marketing team will definitely inject new blood into your marketing efforts. It’s an integral part of their services. Once hired, the agency helps you identify and utilize hitherto unseen opportunities and improve current campaigns.

Also, the agency enhances the brand’s overall approach to social media, and how well they’re perceived by the public.  By the way we’re recognized as a top Ad Agency on DesignRush.

Larger Network And Cutting-Edge Tools

Agencies work with multiple clients and several channels that can lead to more partnerships for your brand. That is only half of it; they have access to a wide range of tools and resources that are often exclusive to industry professionals and expectedly, these tools are far from being available to individual website owners.

Also, agencies exhibit jobs done and are frequently featured in major publications, offering your business extra visibility in addition to the partnerships it would enjoy.

Speed, Consistency, And Efficiency

Like virtually every small and medium scale business owner, you’ll have to take up several roles especially at the initial stages. This could include tackling aspects of the business you may be unfamiliar with such as digital marketing and branding. With so much to do and so little time to do it, delegating these duties to agencies will greatly lessen the burden.

Agencies are paid for results and would stop at nothing to ensure they provide value in form of speed, efficiency, and consistency. You can’t count on one website to provide all of that, can you?

Ultimately, the choice remains yours

Want to build a brand that stands out? Here’s some news; meeting website owners directly offers you only so much. The web sphere continues to evolve and for even tech-savvy individuals, keeping up can be challenging.

So, what’s next? Go with one that is only a part of the process or a marketing agency ready to make sense of everything as it drops/evolve and curate a cohesive strategy wholly based on user experience and actual researches, and also enable you reach the most people for your budget? You’ll have to decide that.