B2B Digital Marketing Agency in Africa

As experts in Business to Business digital marketing in Nigeria, our agency noticed something interesting while going through B2B digital marketing campaigns other agencies and some prospects run.   Obviously, what many digital marketers do not know is that B2C digital marketing approach is different from B2B digital marketing approach.  Virtually all digital marketing agencies in Nigeria can run B2C digital marketing because it generally targets masses with few demographics here and there like location, age, sex, keywords, etc. But when it comes to B2B digital marketing in Nigeria, AdHang is the right B2B digital marketing to talk to.

With 15+ years of experience helping brands across the globe to excel; AdHang will help your company to create the best B2B digital marketing tactical and strategic approach to create awareness, generate leads and sales.

Chances you have used Google marketing in Nigeria, Facebook advertising, Instagram, etc., to promote your business in the past, but, your business did not seem to generate lead let alone sales and profits.  Now, AdHang team believes it is time to try AdHang,  the agency’s expertise in B2B digital marketing in Africa can help your company achieve the following:

  • Create Awareness To The Right Decision Makers
  • Generate Online Visibility And Tractions That Beat Competitors
  • Educate Prospects About Your Business
  • Increase Buying Intent Organic Traffic Significantly
  • Get The Leads And Sales To Justify Your Marketing Investment
B2B Digital marketing services in Nigeria

Why Choose AdHang as Your B2B Digital Marketing Agency in Nigeria

  1. Over 15 years of experience in B2B marketing in Africa, and Nigeria in particular.
  2. AdHang understands that B2B digital marketing is far different from any other marketing segmentation, therefore will maximize your company’s marketing investment.
  3. The agency is familiar with the fact that unlike B2C, B2B involves complex decision making, coupled with internal and external factors prospects consider before the final decision.
  4. AdHang will ensure that your B2B marketing objectives and goals are achieved faster and easier, e.g., leads, sales, etc.
  5. Business to Business products/offers/services are often based on a complicated range of features, benefits, and outcomes, therefore, AdHang team is set to create a holistic digital marketing approach that will address different prospects objections both now and in a long run.
  6. AdHang guarantees you will see a drastic change in your search ranking, leads, and traffic to your business.

B2B Digital Marketing Strategies Employed by AdHang

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AdHang as the No.1 business-to-business digital marketing agency in Africa employs an array of digital marketing strategies – depending on your industry, target audience, marketing budget, the timeframe of the marketing, competitors, and so on.

Generally, AdHang will perform digital marketing situation analysis (SWOT analysis inclusive) to know where your brand stands and the direction it should go.  Then we use our 100, 000+ business profiles in our database for the marketing setup, and employed a combination of advanced methods of the following and more:

SEO – AdHang believes you would like to come top on searches for keywords related to your company and its products and services. AdHang employs Barnacle SEO and looks for a number of SEO issues such as broken links, page speed issues, HTML validation errors, and images with no ALT text on your website that is stopping you from getting needed traffic.

Content Marketing – AdHang produces creatives for different levels of prospect journeys like unaware, aware, warm, and hot prospects, through engaging content on relevant places on the web (news sites, blogs, social media, etc).

Social Media Marketing   –  AdHang uses social media advertising to target buyers by demographics and psychographics. Essentially it works well at different phases such as awareness (the prospects never knew your product exist but might be interested), interest (prospects may have thought this but now interested), evaluate (prospects chooses to consider and study the offer), and even decide on the offer. No matter the phase, AdHang has a strategic approach to convert prospects to clients for your company.

B2B Digital Marketing Packages

At AdHang, we bundle our digital marketing packages to get you faster and the best results as indicated above, for the marketing packages click here.