Bakery Equipment SEO Agency in Africa

15+ years of experience in marketing products has reviewed that getting ahead and establishing solid marketing in Africa for your bakery equipment, the first marketing approach is SEO & Content Marketing.  Because the internet comprises content, ranging from press releases, articles, infographics to videos being consumed by prospects on daily basis, then SEO is required to rank them at the top of search engines for visibility. These make it mandatory for any serious bakery equipment company in Africa or interested in Africa’s marketplace to have SEO & Content Marketing going first before any other form of digital marketing strategies such as online banner advertising, mobile marketing, influencers marketing, etc.

Not just any SEO and content marketing but the ones that are effectively carried out by professional bakery equipment SEO and content marketing agency in Africa such as AdHang. With over 15 years of experience, AdHang has been planning, creating, and executing SEO & Content Marketing campaigns in Africa for local and international companies in Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, etc.

Therefore hire AdHang, the leading bakery equipment SEO & Content Marketing agency in Africa, to help your bakery equipment company to plan, create and execute SEO and content marketing campaigns to rank your company to no. 1 on search engines, get product visibilities, leads, sales, and increase revenue in Africa.

Bakery Equipment SEO & Content Marketing Works AdHang Will Help Your Company Do

On SEO & Content Marketing contract, AdHang includes the following:

  1. Situation analysis (competitors, Keywords, links, etc).
  2. SEO & Content Marketing planning.
  3. SEO back link building in Africa and beyond.
  4. Bakery Equipment content development such as press release, marketing article writing, infographics, etc.
  5. Bakery Equipment SEO & Content marketing execution and monthly reporting to the company.

AdHang’s bakery equipment SEO & Content marketing services are handled by digital professionals with decades of experience in Africa and its marketplace – Ghana, South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, etc.

The Bakery Equipment SEO & Content Marketing Package in Africa

Bakery Equipment content marketing services in Africa

The marketing works include:

  1. Number one ranking of your website in Google, Yahoo and Bing in Africa.
  2. Write press release and publish it on 300 news sites and portals, all linking back to your website and product pages permanently.
  3. Write 4 promotional contents about your company and its bakery equipment products, and publish on a total of 14 Africa’s online forums permanently.
  4. Search engine optimization (SEO) to rank your bakery equipment internal website’s pages on top 10 in search engines – up to 6 pages and about 30 keywords/phrases on strategic Africa-based search queries , e.g., bakery equipment supplier in Africa, bakery equipment company in South Africa, etc .
  5. Write SEO titles and descriptions on these internal 6 pages where necessary.
  6. Write your industry-related 8 blog posts on your blog or external blogs with links to your pages permanently.
  7. Write and recommend your company in 15 articles from, and permanently.
  8. Build strategic 3, 000 backlinks from across the internet linking back to articles above, your website hompage and its internal 6 pages.
  9. Manage the content marketing and SEO campaigns in Nigeria all over the place.

Cost and & Timeframe

Cost: $2, 999.

Campaign Timeframe: 30 days.

Objectives to Achieve With Bakery Equipment SEO & Content Marketing in Africa

  1. All the created contents, articles, and press release in the 300+ sites , and thousands of back links  will be online permanently working for your bakery equipment in Africa  for life.
  2. Online publicity of your bakery equipment across Africa’s countries, e.g., South Africa, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, etc.
  3. Promotion of your bakery equipment websites, brand name, and products (Mixers, Oven, Dough proofer, Bakeware, Dough sheeter, Bread slicer, Sheet pan racks, etc).
  4. Two in one marketing campaigns (SEO and Content marketing).
  5. Link to your bakery equipment’s brand, website, social media pages and products across the internet.
  6. Increase leads, sales and brand equity in Africa.
  7. Better online presence, no.1 ranking in big search engines (Google, Yahoo, and Bing).
  8. After at least two months of this campaign, our agency guarantees that traffic to your site and business enquires will double and will continue like this for a long time.

Radio Advert Vs. AdHang’s SEO/Content Marketing in Africa

Bakery Equipment SEO & Content Marketing agencies in South Africa

Comparing Radio advert and SEO/content marketing, the gap is totally wide apart both the cost in the long run and ROI. Below are just comparisons in brief:

1. Radio targets the general public while the SEO/content targets your real prospects and buyers on search results for relevant keywords, e.g., bakery equipment supplier, bakery oven companies in South Africa, etc.

2. Radio stops running your ads once you stop paying, while in SEO/content you pay only once and your marketing remains online forever marketing your products in hundreds of places.

3. Radio covers two or three states in a country like Ghana or Nigeria., while SEO/content marketing cover all 54 continent in Africa and hundreds of states. For example, Nigeria as just one of the 54 countries has 36 states plus Abuja the federal capital.

4.  There are hundreds of millions of active Africans online in Africa. In Nigeria alone according to National Communications Commission, “there are active 122, 000,000+ Nigerians online”. No radio station can reach 2% of these people. But internet marketing will.

5. Radio advertising usually refers to one-way communication; while SEO/content marketing can refer to two-way communication, like discussions on social media, blogs, filling forms on your site — anywhere a potential customer can respond immediately, not just hear what you are saying.

6. Radio advertising is not sure who is listening or if they are listening at all, while the SEO/content is designed to reach customers already interested in your products, or even your company.

7. Radio advert works best for Mass oriented products like recharge cards, beverages, candy, etc., that masses can buy on impulse or without investigation/expert, while SEO/content marketing works best for business to business like bakery equipment, etc. that requires buyers reading/studying the product before purchasing.

8. In short AdHang team 15+ years of experience in the advertising industry in Africa has reviewed that many people can hear your radio advert then go and search the products through search engines and end up buying from the competitors because you didn’t show up in the top of the search engines. This means your radio advert is increasing sales for competitors; we call this marketing error ”promotion tragedy”.