FX digital marketing agency in Africa

With the advent of the internet, forex traders in Nigeria these days do not want to look far to see forex companies to patronize for trading.  This means your forex company needs serious online visibility, which shows that it means business in Nigeria; the solution to this is AdHang, a top forex digital marketing agency in Nigeria. 

 There are many forex businesses in Nigeria that are there to eat up your business or if you are a new FX company in Nigeria to hamper your FX platform from succeeding in the forex market in Nigeria, Africa.  Again this is the main reason AdHang is created to help forex companies like you to be visible to FX traders in Nigeria, expand and dominate the forex market through advanced and strategic forex digital marketing in  Nigeria, Africa

Why Hire AdHang as Your Forex Company Digital Marketing Agency in Nigeria

•             Over 15 years of experience in digital marketing of B2C and B2B services in Africa

•             AdHang offers the best  digital marketing for foreign exchange companies

•             AdHang’s forex trading digital marketing’s customer care is the best in Africa

•             Seasoned experts in FX digital marketing in Nigeria will work for your forex platform in Nigeria

•             AdHang with its 15+ years of digital marketing  experience will achieve your forex online marketing objectives faster and easier

The key to your FX brand success here is partnering with AdHang, the best forex digital marketing agency in Nigeria, Africa.

Results Adhang’s FX Digital Marketing Services in Nigeria Will Help You Achieve

Forex digital marketing services in Nigeria

At AdHang, we help create effective FX digital marketing campaigns in Africa with unparalleled results such as:

  •            Top awareness about FX services and educating forex traders everything there to know about your FX services
  •            Improved leads and sales of your forex services in Nigeria
  •            Improved FX brand recall across all audiences
  •            Increase in customer loyalty
  •            Increased new lead generating channels
  •           Top SEO ranking  for your forex services in Nigeria

What Exactly Can AdHang’s Digital Marketing for Forex Help You Do in Nigeria, Africa?

AdHang’s as the leading forex digital marketing agency in Africa, will help your forex company to plan digital marketing (SWOT analysis, tactics, strategies, etc), select component of digital marketing ( content marketing, influencer marketing,  FX SEO, etc), create the digital advertising (Internet banners, headlines, PR, etc), deploy your FX campaign across the internet (social media, search engines, classified sites, news sites, etc), manage your digital marketing all over the internet (advert evaluations, ads monitoring, campaign optimization and reporting), and achieve your FX digital marketing objectives in Nigeria (awareness, leads, sales, etc).

The Forex Digital Marketing Packages

AdHang offers different forex digital marketing services in Nigeria to meet divergent FX marketing requirements. However, the agency has three packages.

  1.      Tell the agency your marketing budget and duration, then there will be a list of FX marketing works that will be done and websites for the ads display listed for you.
  2.        List the marketing works your FX company needs, e.g., influencers marketing, press release writing and distribution in Africa, online forum posting, etc, then a quote will be sent to you.
  3.      Use our standard plan. Below is the monthly standard plan and all it entails:


  • 1.            Vanguard Nigeria Newspaper website (sponsored ads).
  • 2.            Africatopforum.com (sponsored banner advert), i.e., every minute.
  • 3.            Sportsgoal.com.ng (sponsored banner advert), i.e., every minute.
  • 4.            365technoblog.com (sponsored ads), i.e., every minute.
  • 5.            Guardian Nigeria Newspaper website.
  • 6. Nigeriaonnews.com online (sponsored banner advert), i.e., every minute.


Twice in a month write informative and educative blog posts about the industry, your FX services, etc, and publish on different platforms with links pointing to the company’s platforms such as website, app, blog, and social media pages.


  • •             Socialwider.com (sponsored internet banners), i.e., every minute
  • •             Cokoye (sponsored internet banners), i.e., every minute
  • •             Post Advert (ads contents’ links) on 50 Facebook groups, with combined over 3, 000, 000 members


•             Twice in month send 50, 000 emails to prospects in Nigeria/Africa promoting your forex site and services


•    Three African influencers to recommend/post your FX services in Nigeria to their thousands of friends/followers twice a month


  • •             Once a month write a promotional forex article as it regards your brand and shares it on 10 Nigeria/African forums
  • •             Once a month write your forex platform online press release and publish it on 250 news websites
  • •             2 times a month write services/brand reviews, recommending your forex services in Nigeria/Africa, and post on blogs
  • •             Produce 1 commercial video a month targeted at a particular FX service
  • •             Share the video (video marketing) on 80+ video platforms such as Vimeo, Youtube, Livejournal.com, Screencast.Com, Newvideos.Com, Videobash.Com, Storeboard.com, and so on.
  • •             Post the all three contents above (blog post links and video ad) on a total of  50 Facebook groups, with a combined over 3, 000, 000 members ( covered under social media)
  • •             Advice on all possible optimization where any marketing element under-optimization is noticed


$ 3, 999 monthly; i.e., every 30 days.

Note: you can cancel any time you wish; in short your company is free to run the FX marketing for only a month.

During the FX adverts and marketing, we will report to you on a monthly basis what we have done, what results in we are achieving, and what we plan to work on next. We will keep you involved every step of the marketing and answer to you any day (Monday to Friday) from Nigeria, Africa.

Getting Started With the FX Standard Plan

1.            Review of the proposal, ask a question (if any), and approval.

2.            Make the FX marketing payment.

3.            AdHang team will create all the FX digital marketing works (14 working days to complete) and forward them to the company for approval. Once the agency gets the approval feedback, all the media owners will be paid and the marketing will begin within 24 hours.