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Every day potential students use the internet to compare and select schools to attend, the question is “can your school be found?” Having a website is not enough because virtually all schools have it. Currently, to lure students into their schools your competitors are aggressively using different internet fronts to advertise their programs online – from search engines, web banners, and content marketing to social media advertising. 

Here is the proposal: AdHang offers digital marketing in Nigeria for universities, polytechnics, college of education, and advanced educational programs.  Therefore, the agency will help your university plan, create awareness, get registrations, sell forms, and get students into the school using 14+ years of internet marketing experience.

Why hire AdHang as your university digital marketing agency in Nigeria

Reasons to hire AdHang include but not limited to the following:

  • AdHang is the best and most advanced digital marketing agency in Nigeria
  • Over 15 years of experience in digital marketing in Nigeria
  • AdHang is a goal-orientated digital marketing agency
  • AdHang will work around the clock to get students admitted into the school
  • AdHang is armed with the most comprehensive and robust set of technologies and digital marketing tools
  • AdHang consists of international standards digital marketing experts

Your University will be promoted in Nigeria by AdHang in such a way that is accurate, clear, and complete to foster trust and credibility.

Higher Education Digital Marketing Agency in Nigeria

6 Objectives AdHang’s Higher Education Digital Marketing in Nigeria Will Achieve

  1. Awareness about the school nationwide to recruit prospective students in Nigeria.
  2. Top ranking of the university in search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing.
  3. Get potential students to register.
  4. Sell the School’s forms.
  5. Get information about the school’s courses, programs, and services circulated and published in hundreds of places online permanently.
  6. Get the target audiences to enroll in the School’s programs.

What are the processes of the University Digital Marketing from AdHang?

  1. The agency will ask and understand your objectives of digital marketing, e.g., awareness, educate the populace, get leads, sell forms, etc.
  2. Carry out situation analysis (this includes SWOT analysis), e.g., is it a new school, who are the competitors, the target audiences, demographics, etc.
  3. Determine public communication needs, e.g., message strategies, creative strategies, etc.
  4. Choose components of digital marketing to use for the campaigns and achieve the school’s digital marketing objectives in Nigeria.
  5. Create all the online marketing works, e.g., internet banners, headlines, contextual ads, PR, commercial videos, etc.
  6. Select online platforms to deploy the creative works and the online marketing of the university in Nigeria will begin.
University marketing strategies in Nigeria

University digital marketing strategies used by the agency

To achieve your university digital marketing aims in Nigeria, AdHang employs divergent and combinations of strategies:

  • Search Engine Marketing – this includes organic search engine ranking of the school in search engines, and sponsored ads in Google, Yahoo and Bing
  • Internet Display Advertising – this includes headlines, and internet banners display on Nigeria’s websites such as,, blogs, etc.
  • Social Media Marketing – this includes awareness and engagement through social sites like Facebook, Twitter,, Instagram; Nigerian online forums, etc.
  • Mobile Marketing – this ensures that the school’s advertising is seamlessly viewed in mobile devices such as tablets, smartphones, feature phones, etc.
  • Content Marketing – this includes creating online news media about the university, design infographic, produce video ads, etc., and link the university site and circulate all these to hundreds of places online, e.g., news sites, external blog posts, online communities, etc.
As the No.1 higher education digital marketing agency in Africa, AdHang will help your school achieve its objectives and goals faster and easier in Nigeria.

How to get started with the digital marketing of the school

  1. Tell AdHang your digital marketing objectives, budget, and timeframe, the agency will list works and digital marketing campaigns that can be done for approval.
  2. Or select already made digital marketing packages, click here to see the packages.
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