Hotel Digital Marketing Services in Nigeria, Africa

Digital marketing for hotel services being high contact services needs uncommon marketing skills simply not available for all digital marketing agencies.  AdHang has hotel digital marketing professionals in Nigeria, Africa that will dedicate to your hotel success and ensure your hotel marketing aims are accomplished.

Whether your hotel is located in Nigeria, Africa seeking local and foreign travelers, or situated outside Africa looking for guests/visitors, AdHang’s hotel digital marketing is created just for your hotel marketing needs.

Hotel Digital Marketing Objectives AdHang Can Help Your Hotel Achieve

Hotel Social Media Marketing Agency in Nigeria, Africa
  1. To Inform – creating awareness about your hotel to the public.
  2.  To Persuade – increase the hotel booking and stimulating demand for your hotel brand in Nigeria, Africa.
  3. To Remind – remind target travelers about the hotel’s existence in a particular location.
  4. To Reinforce – foster the benefits that made travelers use your hotel.
  5. To Dominate Online – rank your website and hotel name to number one across the internet through SEO, PR, reviews, news sites, social media, blogs, etc.
Note: if your hotel does not have a website yet, AdHang’s hotel website designers in Nigeria will help you design responsive website for your hotel in Nigeria, Africa or anywhere in the globe.

Hotel Digital Marketing Strategies in Nigeria by AdHang

AdHang is not your typical hotel marketing agency in Africa; therefore AdHang has layers of hotel marketing strategies and tactical approaches for different classes of hotel. The best AdHang’s strategic hotel digital marketing to employ depends on the content of your hotel advertising brief – objectives, marketing timeframe, advertising budget, competitors, whether a popular name or new hotel, hotel booking price tag, etc. and of course the target class of people for the hotel.

Generally, AdHang’s digital marketing for hotel can target masses or high net worth audiences in Nigeria or both.

Let us assume your hotel targets high net worth audiences, therefore the online marketing strategies will include but not limited to the following:

  • AdHang will employ hotel digital marketing that filters most general masses and strictly target the high net worth audiences/clients that not only meet the criteria but more likely to be responsive.  For example, our agency has 100, 000+ database that consists of business executives, representatives, travelers and Nigerian senators, etc
  • Our agency will plug in all these contacts/databases of these high net worth audiences/clients in the systems of Facebook, Instagram, Google Nigeria, Youtube advertising, etc to advertise your hotel,  services and offers to them and people like them across 36 states in Nigeria, cities + Abuja, or at a particular region/state in Nigeria, for example, Lagos only.
  • We will also employ the use of Content Marketing and SEO for high net worth audiences/clients who seek your class of hotel in the region/state/city where your hotel is located and are searching for hotel recommendations through news sites, Nigerian online forums, blogs, and local search engines

Hotels Digital Marketing Packages

To get your hotel digital marketing started in Nigeria, choose AdHang’s digital marketing packages by clicking here which cover all the above.

Hotel Online Marketing Company in Africa

Four Reasons to use AdHang’s Hotel Digital Marketing Services in Nigeria, Africa

  1. Over 15 years of experience in digital marketing services in Nigeria, Africa.
  2. Hotel digital marketing solutions in Nigeria, Africa from AdHang will make your hotel popular among travelers.
  3. Adhang’s digital marketing services for hotels will get your hotel bookings and beat competitors.
  4. AdHang’s hotel digital marketing experts in Nigeria, Africa will serve as your hotel online marketing personnel, while the agency serves as your new media marketing department.