PR tips  for  blockchain companies

Recently, blockchain companies are rapidly excelling, cutting through the world’s overcrowded billions of volatility-driven market structures with solid campaigns that distinguish few smart clients who take advantage of this much more effective magic wand blockchain technology innovation.

•What is PR

•What is Blockchain PR

•Forms Of PR

•Here’s How


What Is PR?

PR simply means Public Relations.

What is Blockchain PR?

Blockchain PR is the application of advanced advertising as a strategy, utilizing the decentralized nature of the Blockchain to build trusted credibility for blockchain companies as well as support their blockchain projects within targeted links and crypto communities.

For better comprehension of what blockchain public relations addresses, let’s briefly examine its different structures and afterward, we’ll continue on how PR is helping blockchain companies tremendously today.

Forms Of Block PR

Blockchain PR is actually nothing new but has emerged over the years. PR is something you see everywhere around you and have probably seen it so much that at some point, you stopped paying attention to it. But just like the Sunlight, that you’re indoors doesn’t mean it isn’t shining.

There are basically two major forms of Blockchain PR. They include:

•Traditional Blockchain PR

•Digital Blockchain PR

1.    Traditional Blockchain PR:

Traditional PR focuses mostly on traditional channels ranging from the TV, Radio, billboards, printed media, etc.

2.    Digital Blockchain PR:

Digital PR has become the most common, with the widest global coverage, readily available and the most affordable marketing channel for smarter blockchain companies today especially with the emergence and rise of giant tech companies like Google, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. covers digital blockchain PR and focuses on different forms of social media, blogs, online news sites, influencers, and more.

Organizing PR campaigns in the ever-emerging blockchain space require certain technique and expedient to master such art. Blockchain companies are receiving massive assistance from the likes of to build brand awareness and trust around certain blockchain projects as they employ creative methods and strategies that are effective, faster and pocket friendly too.

Here’s How

Most Blockchain Companies have probably tried everything, read all the guides, hired the best PR agency, and still did not get results. Why? It’s because there’s something they’re not doing right. But there’s good news!

How Does PR Help Blockchain Companies?

We’ll show you how strategically utilizes the power of Blockchain PR to help blockchain companies succeed.

1. Targets The Right Audience:

When it comes to digital audience targeting, most blockchain projects commit the same blunder trying hard to reach everyone instead rather than a specific group of people with a relative interest in their product or service.

For instance, a certain blockchain company hired crypto PR agency to launch a campaign for their GameFi project. Adhang simply focused on gaming and developers’ news sites as well to reach their clients’ targeted audience.

2. Innovative-Creativity:

That we have the opportunity to write, doesn’t mean we know more than everyone else. However, we have a distinction.

People are exhausted of reading boring articles about HOW BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY IS TAKING OVER THE WORLD.

Adhang digital marketing firm understands how to render creative twists for blockchain companies’ PR campaigns to maximize as much potential media coverage as can reach.

3. Relationship-Building:

Building relationships with journalists, bloggers, and influencers is key. If you don’t have a good relationship with them, they are not going to write about your project. In any PR campaign or project, relationship building is one of the most important things Adhang helps Blockchain Companies achieve.

4. Building Confidence And Transparency:

The crypto community is a savvy one. Adhang has helped PR campaigns of several blockchain companies succeed by inculcating transparency about their clients projects and the people behind them; thereby building confidence amongst targeted community members.

Such enhanced transparency fit were achieved by creating a Crunchbase page that lists all the blockchain company’s founders: CEO, CMO, CTO, etc, with added Linkedin profile where their entire team could be seen.


PR helps blockchain companies to reach and engage their target audience for business. Plan building your own blockchain company or aim to launch PR campaign for your existing company? You may face different unexpected challenges. Proper guide from seasoned experts is key towards great campaigns in the blockchain world.