Cost of Music Promotion in Nigeria

The cost of music promotion in Nigeria is determined by many factors such as how aggressive you want the promotion to be, the number of platforms to use, would you do the music promotion yourself or hire a music promotion agency in Nigeria? etc.

A number of things can frustrate a person particularly when you've done all you think you can do in your power. Before getting deep I know a young guy who's vocal dexterity and vocal strength is remarkably enviable both old and young want to listen to his melodious voice. Though he's averagely not where he wants to be musically, he's sure not where he used to be. He narrated a story expressing his frustration of how he and his cousin were scammed by some set of people who called themselves a music producer. This set of scammers promised both to sign them, disguising themselves as a reputable Record Label. I'm never to blame any of them, because in the naivety of their heart and in their search for greener pasture musically they went as far as trusting the fraudsters with a huge amount of money.
Scamming of them is just one over ten of the main issue, as a matter of fact, it's the slightest expression of frustration of many aspiring Nigerian artists in various genres. The main frustration is in the cost of music production and this consequently allows musicians to settle for substandard studio production. We all can resonate with "soup wey sweet na money kill am".A pidgin translated to be quality service is highly money deserving and cost-intensive.

But this article is not about music production and the challenges artists face to get to the top, but about the cost of music promotion in Nigeria.

According to NCC, Nigeria has about active 130 million internet users.  10% of this, listening, buying, and downloading your music is enough to make you the latest big artist in Nigeria.  So our music promotion costs in Nigeria will focus on promoting music online in Nigeria.  Let’s begin.

Music online advertising costs in Nigeria

Cost of music promotion in Nigeria

 The cost of music promotion in Nigeria is roughly estimated as low as ten thousand naira and five million naira, which subjectively depends on who you approach and also base on how well known they could be. By implication, you can’t put a definite price tag on how you want to promote your music in Nigeria.  For example, if you want to hire an online music promotion agency in Nigeria like AdHang, you can tell the agency your promotion budget, the agency will give you’re a custom music promotion plan in Nigeria based on your budget.

How to Promote Your Music in Nigeria yourself

As an upcoming artist who doesn’t have enough money for mega promo, it’s very easy to slide into the default mode of inaction and self pity. Try do self-promotion. By so doing you are giving your music a uniqueness and identity. You must strive to the point where you bring your music out of the fore walls of a studio to the limelight where the real deal is. The following are the few ways you can promote your music in Nigeria yourself;

Use Hashtags on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook

For every music you produce be sure to use #tags depending on whatever music choice or genre you are singing. The cost here is your time and browsing data plan to constantly promote the music on these social media websites.


Blogs are a good place to consider for posting i.e., there are many blogs out there that can accept posting about your music, but you need to write at least 500 words of an article about yourself and the music before any blogger can consider accepting to post it. In other words, provide valuable content like PR message bloggers will likely accept it and post on their blogs because they often look for content. The cost of promoting the music here is the cost of writing the PR message

Online Forum

Nigerian online forums help you promote your music yourself. There are many Nigerian forums where you can post your music promotion. For example,, again you need to write contents people can read. The cost of music promotion here is your time and data plan.

Paid Adverts

Paid music promotion is the best and fastest way to promote your music in Nigeria. At a relatively affordable price, you can advertise your music with Google Ads, Facebook Ads, YouTube, Ads,, Twitter Ads.  The cost of music promotion in Nigeria using these paid methods bothers on how aggressive you want to promote your music in Nigeria.  To have your music advertised in Nigeria using all these platforms at least will cost N50, 000 daily.  Again, you will need to create the ads and manage the campaigns.

Music Promotion Cost in Nigeria

Hire Music Promotion Agency AdHang

The best and cost-effective way (in terms of getting results) is to hire an online music promotion agency in Nigeria. AdHang is the leading music promotion agency to hire; the agency will help you plan, create adverts, and manage your music promotion all over the internet. Click here to read details of promoting music across the globe using AdHang.


The actual cost of music promotion isn’t possible, because there are lots of factors that need to be put into consideration that go into budgeting. In order to determine the cost of your music promotion in Nigeria. You have to find the kind of promotional services you want for your music and then find the cost price for each service to give you the total amount of money you may likely spend.