Paid Search Display Advertising agency in Nigeria

Search Advertising in Nigeria is one of the very few cost-effective ways that can generate you more traffic and leads. Albeit by showing your ads on search engines result pages, as well as on websites and digital platforms where your target audience is most likely present in Nigeria and beyond.

Most successful Nigerian companies invest in search engines advertising because of how effective it has proven to be. There are statistics to back it up:

  • 97% of the world’s population prefers to search for local products and services online
  • According to 75% of people that took part in a marketing survey, search ads make it easier for them to find products online
  • And 63% of organic searchers say they click on search ads

So there you have it, if you were having second thoughts about investing in search ad services from a top Google advertising agency in Nigeria like AdHang, you should debunk such doubts.

Real-Time Search Ad Services Driving Real Business Results

AdHang is online marketing, as well as, a Google advertising agency in Nigeria, with experienced search ad specialists to help you through your marketing campaigns on platforms like Google search ads, Yahoo search ads, and Bing search ads. Companies globally trust AdHang as their preferred search ad company in Nigeria.

To honor such trust AdHang puts in every effort possible to ensure its clients enjoy:

  • The optimization of existing ad campaigns
  • The elimination of overpriced ads and ad spend on expensive keywords.
  • The generation of leads and conversion from search engines
  • High ranking on search engine result pages.

To get a high return on investment (ROI), you need to invest in an experienced search ad company in Nigeria. Not only are we experienced in search ad campaigns, but we also make data-driven decisions to optimize your campaigns and convert leads.

Google Advertising agency in Nigeria

Keep reading to find out more about why AdHang is the best fit to run your search ad campaign in Nigeria and how we reach these heights. To effectively run your search ad campaigns, we lay out the following strategy.

1). A Digital Competitor Analysis

Here at AdHang, the first step to your successful campaign will be to carry out an analysis of your market and that of your competitors in Nigeria. As well as setting goals for revenue and cost per lead.

2). Custom, Data-driven Ads

AdHang researches the best keywords for your business, and how your target audiences search for your services in Nigeria. As well as creating and split testing ad copy and creatives.

3). Search Ad Tracking and Analytics

To effectively manage your search ad campaign in Nigeria, AdHang keeps track of everything, from click-through rate, cost per click, leads, calls, and sales.

4). Search Ad Campaign Management

We will manage bids for each campaign, monitor keyword search results, click-through rate, and cost per click. All in a bid to optimize and improve your campaign.

5). Search Advertising On Multiple Platforms

At AdHang, we are interested in solving your every search advertising need in Nigeria. These needs will most likely include search display campaigns on popular search engine platforms like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Google Sponsored Ads Costs in Nigeria

Search Sponsored Ads Cost in Nigeria

The sponsored ad starts from USD28 daily per platform, e.g, Google. This includes:

  • Display advertising strategy formulation
  • Creation of six advert copies
  • Search advert setup
  • Displaying your adverts in the search engine when prospects search related keywords
  • Display the adverts in a state/region or across Nigeria
  • Advertising to new prospects and those have visited your website
  • Manage the search display ads daily
  • 3000 to 5000 impressions daily (number of times your advert will display to users)

Contact us for more information on how your sponsored ads in Nigeria can display on the first pages of Google, Bing, and Yahoo, with AdHang’s search ad services in Nigeria.