Phone Accessories Digital Marketing Agency in Africa

Is your company manufacturing phone accessories or importing phone accessories in Nigeria, Africa, or any country? Do you need digital marketing that helps you to sell not only to other businesses but phone accessory users in Nigeria and across Africa? Hire AdHang today to help your phone accessories company to plan, create online advertising and get you sales and revenues. You deserve award-winning phone accessories digital marketing agency that brings you customers and distributors, not empty promises. AdHang is based in Lagos, Nigeria, Africa with 15+ years of experience marketing world-class brands globally.  Therefore, AdHang can help your company create digital marketing for phone accessories and market your brands in Nigeria, Africa, or anywhere across the globe.

AdHang, The Seasoned Expert in Digital Marketing of All Types of Phone Accessories

Phone Accessories AdHang can help your company market online include but not limited to the following:

  • Cases & Covers
  • Power Banks
  • Screen Protector
  • The Earbud
  • On-Ear Headset
  • Bluetooth Enabled Headset
  • Mobile Phone Charger
  • Solar Charger
  • Battery
  • SIM Backup

It is not just about social media, SEO, internet banners, content promotion, video ads, etc; while all these will be used in different marketing phases; it is about achieving your company’s phone accessories digital marketing objectives and goals.

Digital marketing for phone accessories in Nigeria

5 Reasons to Hire AdHang as your Phone Accessories Digital Marketing Agency

Some of the objectives AdHang’s digital marketing for phone accessories can help your company achieve:

  1. Create awareness about your phone accessories in Nigeria, Africa, or any country.
  2. Educate phone accessories distributors, and/or millions of phone users about your brand, e.g., power bank, charger, battery, etc.
  3. Saturate your phone accessories’ products and brand names across the internet, such as in search engines, tech blogs, online forums, social networking sites, etc.
  4. Rank each phone accessory at the top of search engines in Nigeria, Africa, the USA, or any region or local city of choice.
  5. Increase traffics to your website, get your company constant leads, sales, and most importantly profits.

Process and Digital Marketing Strategies for Phone Accessories

At AdHang, after a brief, AdHang team will carry out a situation analysis to know where your brand stands and the direction it should go. With a clear understanding of your phone accessories marketing needs, depending on the marketing budget, campaign duration, type of phone accessories, etc., AdHang combines divergent phone accessories digital marketing strategies, these include but not limited to the following:

SEO – this includes on-page optimization, backlinks building, and barnacle SEO to rank different accessory pages to the top of search engines and beat other competing accessory brands.

Search Advert – this includes employing Google search advertising in Nigeria, Africa, or any country your company wants to reach and get you the needed online/offline traffic, leads and sales.

Content Marketing – this includes press releases, online reviews, infographics, etc., this saturates your phone accessories brand names across the internet permanently and help phone accessories buyers in different buying journey to compare and choose your brands over competitors.

Social Media Marketing – this covers marketing phone accessories from social networking sites like Facebook,, photo sharing sites like Instagram to online forums like, etc.

Internet Banners Display – this ranges from rotating your phone accessories advertising banners on local tech blogs, news websites to search networks across the internet.

Phone Accessories Digital Marketing Packages

In view of all the above, AdHang has bundles of packages to choose from, you can choose all or any package that can serve your company better, click here.