Social media management pricing in Nigeria is determined by many factors such as the account size, industry, objectives, target audience, tools, and whether the social media will be managed in house or outsourced, and then the experience of the agency and works that are included in the management package should be considered in the pricing. These are some of the factors considered in social media management pricing in Nigeria.

I will briefly explain some factors that influence social media management prices.


Account size: works on social media marketing in Nigeria or an account management needs for provision stores down the street will be different from public liability companies, manufacturers, and government agencies. Because, public liability company or government agency will have high demand of account management needs.


Industry: some industry is free to market and promote to public as they wish, e.g. fashion, technology, etc. Some industry must maintain certain legal requirements, this makes managing the social media account to involve serious routines. For example, health care has what should be said and what should not be said, medicine has over-the-counter and non prescription drugs, and each has different social media needs and routines as a result cannot be managed the same way.


Objectives: social media management differs in the aims, therefore, it is not meant to achieve same objective as a result the pricing will differ – what a particular organization needs to achieve might be different from the other. This will absolutely determine pricing of the social media account management. Some of objectives that can be attained using social media are awareness, audience enlightenment, reminder, and reinforcement, etc.


Target audience: target audience is one of factors in social media management pricing in Nigeria. An organization whose target audience is in Lagos only and organization that targets people world-wide pricing will be different.  While the former is relative easy, the later involves communicating to large audience with different backgrounds, beliefs, political systems, and reactions to issues.


Tools: there are thousands of social media management tools out there, designed to fulfill different needs: from name mentioning monitoring, automatic daily posting to statistics collection. Depending on the daily routines needs, tools will be factored in social media management pricing. Apart from application side, social media engaging tools such as banners, images, videos, articles, info-graphs, and so on, should be factored in as well.


In-house or agency management: would the social media be managed in house or outsourced? If your organization chooses to mange it in house, your organization needs to employ professionals who are good in many aspects of social media management.  If your organization prefers outsourcing to an agency (this will save your organization time and stress; because agencies have experts, dedicated professionals, tools, and technologies to manage social media account).  In this case, to see social media management cost in Nigeria by AdHang click here.


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