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AdHang provides uncommon effective digital marketing solutions in South Africa, helping companies to reach their target prospects, buyers, and consumers, therefore, achieving their objectives and goals in the market. AdHang has expertise in creating online adverts, generating leads, and accelerating brand recognition across South Africa more rapidly.

 With over 15 years in digital marketing in Africa, AdHang provides new media engagement through:

  • Strategic multi-channel digital marketing solutions using thousands of sites
  • Employing assorted digital marketing tools and strategies
  • Keywords that are related or match the product/service your company in South Africa is selling or marketing
  • Contents circulated across the internet – press releases, forum posts, blog posts, etc
  •  Ensuring that South African customers are engaged irrespective where they are and device they use to consume information online –  on their computers in Johannesburg, phablet or on their smartphones in Bloemfontein, or on laptops in coffee shops in Pretoria, on the road, at work or at the weekend soccer game, etc

AdHang follows international digital marketing best practices and standards and will ensure that South African regulatory bodies in your industry their terms and conditions are completely observed.

Digital Marketing Strategies in South Africa

Digital marketing services in south Africa

In offering effective digital marketing in South Africa, AdHang uses combinations of the digital marketing strategies below:

  1. Search engine marketing: search engine is a popular strategy of boosting brand recognition in South Africa.  This will be made possible through brand messages, search adverts, and organic content displaying on search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, and AOL.
  2. Online banner display: online display is a banner advertisement. There are thousands of sites out there that AdHang uses that will accept your company’s internet banners to be displaying in their sites. In addition, your brand banners will be displayed on sites that allow running of contextual ads.
  3. Content marketing: content marketing in South Africa is one of the major ways to bring about brand popularity and establish your name in South Africa as an authority using the internet.
  4. Social media marketing: social media marketing will promote your company’s brand visibility, loyalty, popularity, and can also grow the company’s sales in any region in South Africa. There are thousands of social media sites that AdHang uses, the agency employs sponsored ads and content sharing.
  5. Mobile marketing: mobile marketing is one of the great strategies to boost your business popularity in South Africa. An over half of the traffics of the internet comes from mobile. As a result, increase your business awareness in South Africa. AdHang uses assorted mobile brand advertising formats that will completely integrate into mobile devices such as tablets, smartphones, feature phones, palmtops, iPhones, and numerous mini gadgets.
Being South Africa top digital marketing agency with advanced online marketing strategists and over a decade of digital marketing experience – the professionals here understand that digital marketing strategies that work for company A might not work for company B.  Therefore, before formulating digital marketing strategies for your company, the agency will look into different factors – the objectives, goals, marketing budget, industry, competitors, duration of the advertising, types of product/service, etc.

Digital Marketing in South Africa – The Works the Agency Included

South Africa Online Advertising Company and marketing works

As the leading South Africa digital marketing agency, AdHang offers all digital marketing services in South Africa that can make your company’s online marketing successful under one contract, these include, but not limited to the following:

  • Online marketing SWOT analysis
  • Digital marketing planning
  • Online platform selection
  •  Creation of the adverts – headlines, internet banners, etc
  • Produce all the digital marketing contents – videos, sales articles, infographics, etc
  • Deployment of advertising campaigns across all platforms and channels
  • Monitoring and optimization of digital marketing campaigns
  • Reporting digital marketing performances

Certainly, digital marketing will be professionally planned, created, and run in South Africa in such a way that it is accurate, complete, and clear and design to promote credibility and trust by the prospects, customers, and South African general public.

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