App Social Media Marketing Services In Africa

Are you looking for the best way to use social media to launch your mobile application in Africa, or generate installation in droves? AdHang has the right expertise and experience to make your marketing a huge success.

For Africans of every age, social media websites are now the major source of news and information, and automatically becomes where they spend much of their time. With social media being a world of its own, users know they can come across products to buy or applications they’d like to install.

Two hours, 24 minutes – that’s how long your average customer spends surfing social media channels each day. Let’s bring your brand to them exactly where they spend their time.

Hire a Team of Specialists

Whether you’re trying to reach business owners or direct consumers in Africa, our social media marketing specialists can help you get started on a winning note. Our team members will bring decade-long experience in implementing successful social media marketing campaigns for applications.

Expertise across Major Social Media Channels

Your ideal customers are on social media, but a successful campaign requires identifying them. Working with the AdHang team, we make the audience research phase seamless – providing you an easy way to connect with customers, where they are.

We have experience working with Facebook,, Instagram, Twitter,, and more, to establish brand recognition, capture customers’ attention and connect brands with a broader, more diverse audience segment. We’ll be excited to do the same for your application in Africa.

Experience a dynamic and data-driven approach to social media marketing that not only races to bring in massive app adoption in Africa, but also utilises growth levers to ignite brand advocacy.

Launching an App? AdHang is Your Bridge to Africa’s Bubbling Market

App Social Media Marketing Agency In South Africa

For us at AdHang, social media marketing for apps isn’t basic. We want to smash those installation numbers, and beat your expectations with user acquisition. Experience how AdHang’s app social media marketing services in Africa can transform customer engagement, improve brand loyalty, and do a lot more

●     Gain Rapid Exposure

Our team works to increase exposure and interest in your application. We deploy a highly effective content marketing strategy to start positive conversation around your application, while also driving direct engagements and interactions in online communities. Our approach to content also impacts search visibility for your brand.

●     Laser Targeting

We’re deliberate about ensuring the content we share, and our marketing communications reach the right audience. Social media already makes that easy with demographic, interest and location targeting. Our team knows just the right way to use this to your advantage, based on your choice of buyer persona. Our team does in-depth audience analysis and competitor benchmarking to determine the most appropriate and profitable social media marketing platforms for your business.

●     You Retain Your Control

Your app social media marketing is outsourced to us, but we keep you in the loop – enabling you to retain significant input on branding, budget, and content marketing strategy.

●     Building Thought Leadership

We’re promoting your app, for installation or any purpose, but our strategy goes beyond that surface goal. Our team works on marketing initiatives that build thought leadership and create deep, meaningful connections with your followers. It’s about keeping a pulse on your target market, and we have hands dedicated to that throughout your campaign

●     Increase Profitability Cost-Effectively

Social media provides a cost-effective way to reach your ideal customers, without breaking the bank. Our social media marketing services for apps bring the results you need at a low cost. Let’s reach those unlimited numbers of prospects, right now.

Let’s get your app marketing in Africa started. Click here to choose packages.