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A big company in Accra, Ghana was planning on acquiring a new Business premise. Business was booming and more facilities were needed to ensure continuity and expansion. As the Business executives planned this new expanded premise, some things appeared amiss to naïve observers. There were neither Real estate agents, nor building contractors and crucially, no Architect with a building plan could be seen.

This was because this new premise being planned was never a physical building but a Website. Website? Yes. A Business website. So Internet centric Ghana has gone nowadays, that getting professional website design services in Accra is akin to obtaining a new Business Building in the big City.

Times inevitably have changed as so has how Businesses are now perceived. The world was already going… and as a direct consequence of this global Pandemic has gone full-blown digital.

Nowadays, the first face of a business is not usually its physical location but its online presence; Its website layout, sometimes even its social media profile.


Web designing companies in Accra

“But my Business is good offline” some may argue. But the smart businesses are investing in fully optimized website designing and social media services in Accra and can you blame them? It’s the new open secret; “A website is the first impression people have of their business”, and you know what they say about first impressions.

Do you have a business in Ghana you would like to stamp all-over with a professional appearance? If so, you must utilize website designing services in Accra like Ghana website Designers  to give your business every face-lifting advantage possible.


Sadly, some business owners approach the issue of internet integration with too much hesitation; preferring to hack the sails and continuing coasting in the old familiar waters of offline transactions.

  In such cases, the Business website which is usually poorly designed exists just to tick the box, just to appear perfunctorily internet compliant. Such models ignore the main reasons why you should get a professional website design company for your next job:

  • First impressions
  • Exposure
  • Ease of automation
  • Competition

First Impressions

Although evidence suggests that first impressions are not to be taken as the sole investigation tool, Research carried out (Kumasi and Appiah ²⁰¹⁷et. Al.) has shown that Ghanaians base their opinion of a business on their first impressions of the Business webpage.

This impression is formed less than 5 seconds into landing on the website the Research further revealed.

   When your Customers land on your page, what impression do you want to send? A sloppy unresponsive website although conveniently cheap may send the wrong first impression which is very hard to overturn.


The internet only picks up things that are put into it. By launching a professional website which can be contracted to a website design company, your business website can be SEO optimized such that it appears on search engines like Google for example. Such exposure could never harm your business.

Ease of automation

Integrating a good website design to your business could save you more time and guarantee efficiency. For example, while many business processes are managed physically, the most can be done automated and online. Payment, Pre-order, Customer information and preferences can be automated information on a professional website saving valuable time and improving customer feeling of satisfaction.


A good website takes you ahead of the game. Which game? Hello? Your business competitors are investing heavily on a good website design. Your business will have to keep up


Website development companies in Accra

A lot of professional website design services are available in Accra and a more exhaustive article will be available in the future to compare them all. For ease of convenience however, Ghana website designers is one of the more impressive Ghana website design Company.

 They create stunning and captivating web pages and they never stall on deadlines.

Website design services in Ghana use to be the exclusive privy of big companies and corporations but not anymore. As more and more businesses go online, make your business website stand out from the crowd. Contact Ghana website Designers now.