Commercial Real Estate Digital Marketing Agency in Africa

Do you have commercial properties you want to market in Abuja, Lagos, Port Harcourt, or anywhere in Africa? Hire AdHang today to help your commercial real estate Company create online marketing and generate the needed leads and sales.  AdHang is the No.1 commercial property digital marketing agency in Nigeria with 15+ years of experience in digital marketing.

Digital marketing for commercial properties in Nigeria differs from residential properties marketing because commercial properties are targeted at companies, institutions, etc., therefore requires database marketing, high profile targeting, and advanced digital marketing strategies.

5 Benefits of Hiring AdHang as your Commercial Property Marketing Agency in Nigeria

  1. Awareness of the commercial properties will be created to reach decision-makers.
  2. AdHang has over 100, 000 contacts and data of businesses across Nigeria for the online ads targeting.
  3. Over 15 years of experience in business to business digital marketing, means high ROI for your commercial real estate marketing in Nigeria.
  4. AdHang will generate leads and sales for your commercial properties anywhere in Africa or Nigeria – Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, etc.
  5. AdHang will educate buyers, renters, etc., in such a way that fosters trust for your commercial property company.

Commercial Properties Digital Marketing Strategies

digital marketing for commercial properties in Nigeria

AdHang’s Commercial Properties Marketing Strategies involves database marketing and an advanced combination of Content Marketing, SEO, Social Media Marketing, Google Nigeria Advertising, Youtube Advertising and Internet Banner Advertising and Real Estate Blog, etc.  It depends on how quickly you want responses, your marketing budget, timeframe, and the aggressiveness you need in your commercial property marketing. Then AdHang will tailor your marketing to achieve the objectives and goals faster.

Commercial Properties Digital Marketing Packages

Based on the above Commercial Properties Marketing Strategies, AdHang created bundles of digital marketing packages.  For the packages click here.

Whether your commercial property company is looking forward to renting offices, lease buildings/land, or sell properties for commercial purposes in Nigeria, AdHang’s commercial real estate marketing is the perfect solution.