Cost Of Influencer Marketing In Nigeria

Influencers marketing is one of the components of digital marketing. As a business trying to reach out to its most prized potential customers, influencer marketing in Nigeria is one of the most proven methods of doing just that. Though marketing online using the numerous social media platforms might look easy and productive, Influencer marketing gives that extra advantage and edge to reach more potential customers in Nigeria for your goods or services.

The cost of influencer marketing in Nigeria is one hot topic among business owners trying to have a more extended reach to potential customers. It is expected that any influencer of your choice that you will want to employ to advertise your business on social media platforms will expect incentives for his/her services.

The cost of influencer in Nigeria depends on a lot of factors like the popularity rating of the influencer, the number of followers, and a few others which we will discuss in this article.

Cost of influencer marketing in Nigeria

There is no specific price to employ the services of any influencer in Nigeria as most of these influencers like to keep their prices under wraps. It is however an established fact that a lot of people like to buy from people they like and also trust. This fact makes superstar musicians, artists, actors, and actresses in the entertainment industry who have a large following on the social media platforms to advertise your products.

The cost of influencer marketing in Nigeria depends on a lot of different factors. Most of these factors however depend largely on the influencer. These include:

  • Your Industry or Product

The industry where your business falls under in Nigeria matters a lot when considering how much you will have to pay to advertise your business or products. One of the most expensive industries to employ an influencer in Nigeria for is the fashion industry. Social media is where majority of the big guns in the fashion industry take their products because it can easily display all the features of the products.

Influencers in Nigeria have followers who like and trust them, so seeing any of these influencers using products will largely move them to try and get one for themselves. It is basically the more expensive your products, the higher it will cost you.

  • Volume of followers
Influenceers marketing prices in Nigeria

Aside from the industry where your business fall in, the number of followers your influencer of choice has through his/her blog or social media account will determine how much it will cost you to hire the services of the influencer. The more the number of followers the influencer has, the wider the audience and reach that your product will have. This also gives a higher percentage of click-through rates.

  • Post Engagement

Due to the possibility of buying fake followers on most of these social media platforms, influencers can also be paid based on the number of engagements like the likes, reactions, and comments each post accumulates on the social media.

  • Campaign size

Another factor that will affect the cost of influencer marketing in Nigeria is the campaign size. This is simply how big you want the campaign to be. This includes the number of posts per day by the influencer, the party responsible for content creation (which can either be you or the influencer) and more. In conclusion, the more the influencer works, the higher the cost.

The Range of Online Influencer Marketing Costs in Nigeria

Having stated all these, the price of hiring online influencer in Nigeria is between N2, 000 to N3, 000, 000.

Why did I start with N2, 000, influencers must not have millions of friends/followers to be an influencer, because, a person with active 300 friends/followers that are respected in his/her circle can be a greater influencer, than a person with millions of inactive followers and at the same time not trusted by the people for product recommendations. So these influencers with smaller amount of friends/followers tend to charge little.

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The cost of influencer marketing in Nigeria is a rampant question among business owners who want to increase the reach of their business to potential customers by taking their products or services online. However, price influencers in Nigeria charge are kept secret but they vary due to different factors present in this article.

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