Cost of Printing Posters In Nigeria

Posters have long been one of the most effective and productive medium to share, advertise or promote an event or product for wider reach and mass consumption in Nigeria respectively. As a developing country, while access to information technology is easy, not everyone is able to afford or get access due to location and many other factors. These situations make poster one of the best medium to provide information concerning any event or product.

This is why many businesses, churches, events in Nigeria adopt the use of these posters to help advertise and promote their products or services. To get these posters, businesses would have to employ the services of professional printing companies in Nigeria which provide quality posters with updated designs that are eye-catching and informative through its graphic and textual elements. In this article, the different costs of printing posters will be discussed. Before that, we will briefly analyze the different factors that affect the cost of printing posters in Nigeria.

Poster printing costs in Lagos

Factors Affecting Printing Posters in Nigeria

Different factors affect the overall cost of printing posters in Nigeria. Some of these factors include the paper thickness, paper, paper stock and paper size of choice. Each of these factors influences different types of products and services which can be advertised or promoted by a flier. For example, the A3 sized paper is usually considered the best option to promote businesses while the A2 and A1 sized posters are best considered by churches or events in Nigeria due to the number of people who can access the information on it at the same time.

Posters Sizes and their Prices


Like said earlier, the A3 sized posters are medium-sized posters best suited to advertise or promote businesses or indoor placement. The A3 sized papers come in different types and thicknesses. With a size of 11.7 inches by 16.5 inches, this poster is well sized to convey information concerning your business. This paper size is also considered to be usually personalized and best for a low budget printing work. Of all the paper sizes, A3 is the cheapest poster option you can get in Nigeria, with prices starting as low as N8,000 for 50 copies.


These are posters that are usually one-sided prints with a dimension of 16 inches by 24 inches. The obvious reason why they are one-sided prints is obviously due to the size and the costs which will be incurred in the process of printing on both sides. They obviously have more impact by reaching more people at a time due to its size than when compared with the A3-sized posters. Another advantage of this poster size is better information accommodation on the poster. A2 posters are available in 250gsm silk paper, or the weatherproof 220 micron and 400 micron PVCwhich are best suited for public spaces. Though different poster type come with a range of prices, the average cost of printing A2 posters in Nigeria start at ₦15,000 for 50 copies.


The A1 posters are wide-sized with dimensions reaching 23.39 inches by 33.11 inches. This wide size ensures that the contents of the poster visible from a distance, thereby allowing more people access to the information about your church conventions, seminars or political events like campaigns. The average cost of printing 50 copies of posters start from N40,000 on the 250gsm silk paper to weatherproof 220 and 400 micron PVC.


This is the largest size of posters available for printing in Nigeria. It has a wide dimension of 33.1 inches by 46.8 inches which allows audiences a clear view of contents being promoted on the poster from far off. This type of poster is most widely used in political campaigns and Church conventions which involves a whole lot of people. For 50 copies of posters of this size, the average cost starts from ₦80,000.

poster printing price list in Nigeria


The average cost of printing posters analyzed in this article aside from AdHang,  is calculated from different, prominent printing companies in Nigeria. Many of these printing companies provide the best printing services in terms of quality of products and prints. These prices outlined here will help different businesses, Churches and Political parties have an idea of how much it would cost to acquire posters of different types and sizes, in order to promote their events.

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