Digital Marketing for Leads and Sales

AdHang has different online marketing approaches whether for creating awareness, getting app download, online popularity or making sales, etc. But approaches here are for making sales, getting enquiries, leads, or subscribers.

While AdHang may use social media, search engines, influencers, internet banners, etc., the truth is that all these are means to the end and not the end themselves. Meaning, you can use all the aforementioned channels and fail to accomplish your marketing goals.  Just like most businesses that contact AdHang, you need sales, getting enquiries, leads, or subscribers.

So AdHang is here to tell you the approaches that will be used by the agency to accomplish these goals for you when you hire the agency.  Is this understood? Not just about impressions, getting traffics, PPC, etc., it is about people calling, coming for business, and buying what your company is selling.

Here they are…

If you would want to market a product/service and one of your objectives of hiring AdHang is to get sales, leads, or subscribers. Advanced digital marketing strategies will be required which the agency will categorize your target audience into levels (cold, warm and hot; or aware, interest, consideration, decision, and action), and target each of them with different online advertising messages in the journey to get them to buy, fill a form (become a lead), or subscribe.

These advanced digital marketing strategies require you send to AdHang prior customers’ database to work with. If you do not have the database, do not worry, the agency will start from scratch with the top of the funnel campaign which is “awareness” and target your audience in 4 different categories of awareness:

  1. Not aware of a problem.
  2. Aware of the problem but not aware of the solution.
  3. Aware of the solution but not yours.
  4. And then aware of your solution.

During these periods of marketing to these set of people, AdHang must have gathered enough data to move these prospects down the funnel to at least the “warm level” because they must have come across your solution this time and need no further introduction about what the product/service is all about and what you do. The agency will continue working on them (they will see divergent angles of your products/services virtually anywhere they go online) until the sales, leads, or subscriptions start pouring in. And AdHang’s experts will continue to work on these already buyers/subscribers all over the places they go online to ensure benefits reinforcement, repeat purchase, cross-sell, or upsell.

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For marketing Guru who knows how to put all the pieces together, AdHang has you covered

Guarantee good ROI online marketing in Nigeria

Are you are a digital marketing expert and know the component of digital marketing that can achieve your objectives or combinations of digital marketing components/aspects to accomplish your goals? Please choose one below by clicking on the title to read the full detail and hire the agency:


Get top ranking in big local search engine in Nigeria such as Google Nigeria, Yahoo Nigeria, Bing Nigeria. AdHang will optimize your website and product/service you offer to outrank competitors…


Email Marketing

Get your messages in the emails of millions of Nigerians using email marketing in Nigeria. AdHang can help your company to send bulk emails to target businesses (income earners) and Nigerian masses…


Content marketing

Get brand mentioning, buyers and traffics through a strategic content marketing in Nigeria. AdHang will plan and create contents that are needed to achieve your online marketing goals…


Social Media Marketing

Get your product/service across Nigeria using social media platforms. As the 2020 award winning agency, AdHang uses all types of social media, this includes social network, online forum, video, file sharing, etc…


Google Display Advertising

Get your advert displaying in Google search engine and network of websites across Nigeria. AdHang will help your company run sponsored adverts using Google to reach your target audiences…


Influencers marketing

Get Nigerians to comment, recommend and spread the news about your product/service to their friends, followers and Nigeria’s general public. AdHang has micro and Nano influencers to blast your brand across the internet…


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