Video Production Cost in Nigeria

Video production in Nigeria has transformed over the years, evidence is the quality of videos that are now key components of such transformation. In the early rising in Nigeria– the people of old don’t really pay rapt attention to video production, because the ‘black and white’ television doesn’t really set any visible attraction to the eyes as it is today. Technology has greatly evolved in the area of visuality and graphic work and it’s continuously taking domination.

Types of Video Production

We can’t go talking about video production pricing in Nigeria without hitting the nail to the head on the types of video productions we have. It’s noteworthy for you to know the price of your video. You must know what kind of video you want and not living in the generality of just producing a “video”. The following are the types of videos we have;

  • Promotional Videos:  This type of video instructional and informative with a targeted audience. Towards the beginning, middle or end of the video their is a call to action, it could be multiple or one off call to action.
  • Educational Video:  This concept of video production simplifies technical topics or ambiguous pages of books and compress it visually so it can appeal to the senses of hearing and sight, whereby making it easy to be retained in the memory.
  • Informational Videos: A good example of purely informational video is journalism. News and information videos give you the sounds and sights of the news events as if you were right there on location.
  • Documentary Videos: These are fact given videos about historical happenings and also an adventure of different places of the world.
  • Entertainment Videos: It’s needful to say all the types of videos also play the role of entertaining viewers. Entertaining videos varies in scope, genre and purpose.
Costs of producing videos in Nigeria

Cost Per Video Productions in Nigeria

The cost of video production is a subjective thing that needs to be logically backed up. In the industry the cost of producing videos in Nigeria is dependent on who is producing (entry level, intermediate and professional producer),through what are you producing it(medium of conveyance) and to whom are you producing it to(the targeted audience). Putting all this into consideration would let you know that a lot of calculation needs to go into place before thinking of producing a video in Nigeria. The article would focus on cost per skit/short video and full video production in Nigeria.

  • Promotional video: A promotional video depending on the duration of whether 30 seconds to 1 minute would need the budget of 250, 000 naira to start with. It subjectively depends on what kind of content you want in the video and with a call to action.
  • Educational Video: An educational video on the length of 45 minutes to 1 plus would need a rough budget of 1, 000, 000 naira, if it’s a tutorial kind of Video you might not need to spend much, maybe less 500, 000 naira. Part of educational video we also have animation video production this is very expensive as you will need to have about 500, 000 naira and above.
  • Informational Video: An informational Video might not cost much, because it has everything to do with news production most especially. Howbeit an estimate of 270, 000 naira should be made for miscellaneous expenses of where you want to cover the news story and the likes.
  • Documentary Video: To make a documentary Video a lot of things and measure needs to be in place.  A team of people needs to be involved to effectively carry out the given project. At least anyone considering a documentary video must prepare for at least 7, 000, 000 naira and at most there is no fixated price on what you can spend. As brief as some documentary video can be a lot of research is made and as such miscellaneous expenses go into that.
  • Entertainment Video: To produce an entertainment video whether comedy, movie and other scopes. At least a budget of 5, 000, 000 naira and above can would go into that. One has to put into consideration the cost of transportation of the team, equipment, and many more.
Commercial video making costs in Nigeria

In Video Making Everyone Has A Size

AdHang gives you your preferred size in Nigeria

AdHang is a commercial video production company in Lagos.  When you insightfully look at the resources, time and money expended on producing a video outcome, you will realize there is a size for everyone. A professional can charge you double or triple of the price stated above. They do this because they consider the stress of shooting the video and time spent producing it.

Basically, they are paid for their time and effort which is unquestionably worth it. Nobody wants to trust a novice or an entry level producer. This is why AdHang gives a cost-effective video production in Nigeria as their empathetic way of considering the pains and fears many encounter. If producing a quality and cost-effective video adverts in Nigeria bothers click here to see how Adhang can help you produce commercial video in Nigeria.