It’s no longer news that the internet as a medium has come to stay, and enhances our lives by enabling us to do various things conveniently including buying and selling.

In this digital marketing for business in Nigeria, you will learn how to market a business online to Nigerians.

To market your business to Nigerians online you need to have an objective of what you want to accomplish with your business digital marketing.  This will enable you to concentrate your online business marketing efforts on what matters to you at a given stage of your business cycle. Your digital marketing objective(s) for your business can be to create awareness, increase sales, establish your business as an expert in the industry, etc.

Then you need to set a business digital marketing goal, it helps you to benchmark your digital marketing’s activities. Your goal can be to make X percentage of sales in 90 days, have X percentage number of users fill forms online in 30 days, etc. You choose what your key performance indicators are. It’s important you set reasonable goals especially if you’re just starting your digital marketing for your business in Nigeria, or have aggressive competitors.

When you’re certain on what you want to achieve with your digital marketing effort, next is to choose whether to use a digital marketing agency or if you don’t have competitors you can do it yourself if you have the expertise, time, and tools.  Because, if you have competitors chances they’re using an agency which will definitely outshine you.

Let say you choose to market your business online in Nigeria for yourself, you need to have a digital marketing strategy.  This is to achieve the objectives you set above for your business’s digital marketing. For effective digital marketing, the digital marketing for your business should incorporate at least five components of digital marketing, such as Content Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Online display advertising, Social media marketing, and Mobile marketing. AdHang’s plans have all these components in them.

Having set up your digital marketing strategy for the business, what to look at in business digital marketing are tactics to use for the strategy above to reach Nigerians, i.e., your customers, clients, or target users of your product, or service.  In using online digital marketing components above, tactics to employ are:

Content marketing: This can be a sales article, this will be posted on tens of Nigerian forums that allow marketing articles at their advert section, e.g.,  (just post it at the advert section, otherwise moderators will delete it).

  • Your business review by bloggers.
  • Educative article about the industry in general, and publish it on hundreds of article directories, blogs, and wikis (put 1 or 2 of your business’s website link in the article before publishing).
  • Press release about your Nigerian business, and have PR distributed to hundreds of online press release publishing platforms.
  • Design a slide presentation of your business with pictures, and post it in tens of slide sharing websites.
  • Video creation using spokesperson as sales person in the video, and distribute it in tens of video sharing platforms.

Search Engine Marketing:  This will be in form of contextual ads. Search engine marketing will be displaying your advert by the side of searches Nigerian people make in various search engines across Nigeria. Your display search engine ads will appear whenever people type keywords related to your business, service, or product you offer. You need good ad copywriting skills to write an effective, and call-to-action ads message that people can click, whenever it displays on the search engine.

Online display advertising:  This can be in form of:

  • Banners in different sizes.
  • Text ads.
  • image ads and
  • Pay to display them in thousands of websites in Nigeria to give your business a great coverage. E.g. allows you to pay for banners that will be displaying all over the site.  You can also use display adverting networks, this advert displaying networks do have in their networks thousands of web pages targeted at Nigerian internet users. This will be great for your business to reach maximum number of people for your business in Nigeria.

Mobile marketing: this will be in form of mini banners, apps,  and optimizing your landing page for mobile-friendly devices and having a responsive web design, and building ads banners, displaying adverts targeted at mobile phone users, etc.

Social media marketing: this will be in form of sponsored content, and social networking display,  where your contents and banners will be displayed to millions of Nigerians in social media websites. Again, remember that can help you do all these, and many more, as it’s included in the plans here.

Choose your channels and platforms that will suit your goals, and tactics, there’re many of them out there. It is important to mention that being an online popular platform doesn’t mean that it will be an effective medium.

Monitor:  monitor your digital marketing for your business, you need not seat with your laptop, or desktop open to monitor it.  There’re a lot of analytical tools out there that you can set up and face your other side of the business, this will enable you time to time to know what is happening in your digital marketing spending.

Analyze: you gather data in your monitoring tool above, and analyze the digital marketing activities and ensure the digital marketing activities are consistent with the objectives, and goals you set for your business in Nigeria.

Evaluate and measure: finally, you evaluate and measure your results; this will tell you if you’re progressing or regressing, then know if you need to increase or decrease your digital marketing budget.

This is the digital marketing for business in Nigeria and how to market a business online.