Digital Marketing Techniques for Your Health Insurance Package in Nigeria

Health is very important. When quantified into tangible products like drugs and medical devices or services like medical and laboratory tests, it is always in demand, especially in Nigeria and little wonder, as phrases like “health is wealth” and “an Apple a day keeps the Doctor away” are taken as biblical around here.

However, just like every other developing country, the approach to caring for this much-vaunted health is unfortunately reactive and not proactive. While the focus is on healthcare provision and acquisition, the smarter way of spending less on health which is health security provided by obtaining quality Healthcare Insurance is plain waved aside, even sneered at as unnecessary luxury by most people in Nigeria.

This is the challenge facing Health Insurance Companies in Nigeria. However, we are going to assist Health Insurance Companies through the common obstacles they face as they strive to achieve their goals of greater publicity and an improved public perception of the invaluable service they offer to the health sector in Nigeria.

No one plans on getting sick, however, when it inevitably happens, people are reminded that they must take action to secure their health and hence the gravitation towards healthcare. This explains the disparity in demand between healthcare and Health Insurance in Nigeria.

But how can your Health Insurance Company in Nigeria recommend its position in providing health security in Nigeria without coming across as unnecessarily patronizing or wishing anyone ill health?

 The answer is simple; health insurance digital marketing strategies in Nigeria.

Benefits of Digital Marketing Strategies for Health Insurance Companies

Apart from the obvious advantage of creating awareness and encouraging more patronage for health insurance services, Digital Marketing will also help your Health Insurance Company achieve the following specific objectives:

  • Identify your target audience
  • Change negative perceptions of Health Insurance in Nigeria
  • Present your insurance to people and companies in Nigeria
  • Improve the reputation of your Health Insurance Company

In achieving these above-listed objectives, Digital Marketing strategies have become very important. This becomes all the more so as the target audience in Nigeria for Health Insurance is considerably enormous.

According to a 2012 study published to the National Library of Medicine;

“Only 1.0% of households had a family member that was enrolled in the Government National Health Insurance Scheme.(NHIS)”

That study also revealed that such enrollment was only because one of such a member of the family was a Government worker.

This damming statistic indicates the dire state of government-funded Health Insurance in Nigeria. Rising to this challenge would be Health Insurance Companies in  Nigeria that can alleviate people from the uncertainty and the escalating price of uninsured healthcare costs.

This apparently uninsured 99% of people in Nigeria are the potential target of your Health Insurance Company. Within this group are specific niches of potential clients; perhaps Young Children, Pregnant women, Healthy adults, Geriatrics, People with comorbidity and the list goes on. Whatever your exclusion criteria, these potential clients must first be identified, then sold Health Insurance.

Tools for selling Health Insurance Packages Online in Nigeria

Unlike healthcare where the need to purchase is imminent, a great limitation of marketing Health Insurance is that people and companies will only procure Healthcare Insurance if they have been thoroughly convinced of the benefits of it. Urgency is not a selling point. To this end, any Digital Marketing strategy attempted to promote Health Insurance must be carefully planned and executed to ensure potential clients are contacted at a point and in a way convenient and persuasive enough to encourage the procurement of Health Insurance. In doing this, the following tools are utilized:

Content Marketing

Most of the information we receive either through the news or social media are sponsored messages. The more overtones are quickly discerned as ads. However, the covert messages written by content marketers are taken as informative News.

When it comes to selling online, people will respond more to subtleties than over-the-topness. Expert Digital Marketing agencies in Nigeria understand this and so they create web content that presents valuable information that can be taken as impartial news or harmless facts but in reality, they are actually advertisements designed to bask your Health Insurance Company in the most favorable light.

Articles that are medically sound and passionately helpful would be a powerful selling tool as it paints your Health Insurance Company as a solution to healthcare problems in Nigeria.

Search Engine Sponsored Ads

The internet journey for most people starts with a simple online search. An especially common practice in Nigeria is people surfing the internet to “diagnose” their symptoms. These individuals who make health-related queries are a solid target for Health Insurance. They can be targeted by using sponsored ads on popular search engines. Digital marketing agencies carry out research on the most related keywords and sponsor targeted ads that appear in the search when these related words are queried. This is a very deliberate attempt to bring your health insurance company to the notice of people who are seeking health care in Nigeria.

Internet Display Marketing

This is an extension of the Sponsored search ads. Only the targeted ads are not displayed when someone seeks them out in search. In this case, ads leading to Health Insurance Company are prominently displayed on blogs or health websites that provide health information and are frequented by potential clients seeking health advice. This is very effective in Nigeria as many in the country admit to getting their health information from health blogs and healthcare websites. 247healthblog.con for example is an online health consultant for many in Nigeria. A well-placed ad in a very health-relevant high traffic area like that will bring much-needed publicity and credibility to your Health Insurance Company.

Social Media Advertising

As more and more health information is curated on Social Media, a social media advertising campaign can be the publicity your Health Insurance Company needs to create awareness of the importance of Health Insurance especially in Nigeria where awareness of the benefits of insured health is low.

Also, social media interactions enhanced by social media advertising campaigns create more organic searches for your Health Insurance Company and this adds to the credibility of your company and services.

The way and manner healthcare services are provided has been going increasingly social the last few years. The Covid-19 pandemic ravaging the world with its effects also felt in Nigeria has only expedited this migration of health provision online.  More healthcare providers now utilize social media to forge stronger relationships with clients.

Influencers Marketing

The more followers the merrier right? Not when it comes to Influencer marketing for health insurance companies. Healthcare is a very serious business and opinions that really influence public perception are those of Healthcare professionals which in Nigeria is someone wearing a ward coat.

A Digital Marketing agency can get Influencer marketing right by recruiting individuals in Nigeria with the necessary popularity and credibility to promote the purchase of Health Insurance.

Take action

Digital Marketing for Your Health Insurance in Nigeria

Promoting Health Insurance in Nigeria may appear daunting but hopefully, the strategies discussed above would go a long way in helping your health insurance Company see that it is very much achievable.

These strategies are better executed by experts. Does the thought of looking for these “experts” bother you? Well, it shouldn’t.

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